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Post All Male Characters Here To Be Approved.

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Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay)
│ Nᴀᴍᴇ │ Noah Ahmed
│ Nɪᴄᴋɴᴀᴍᴇ │ none
│ Aɢᴇ │ 19
│ Dᴀᴛᴇ ᴏғ Bɪʀᴛʜ │ July 13,1995
│ Tɪᴍᴇ ᴏғ Bɪʀᴛʜ │ 3:15 am
│ Pʟᴀᴄᴇ ᴏғ Bɪʀᴛʜ │Haifa, Palestine
│ Zᴏᴅɪᴀᴄ │ cancer
│ Gᴇɴᴅᴇʀ Rᴏʟᴇ │masculine
│ Bɪʀᴛʜ Gᴇɴᴅᴇʀ │ male
│ Sᴇxᴜᴀʟɪᴛʏ │ straight
│ Pʀᴇsᴇɴᴛ Sᴛᴀᴛᴜs │single
│ Pᴀsᴛ Rᴇʟᴀᴛɪᴏɴsʜɪᴘs │never dated just hooked up

│ Fᴀᴍɪʟʏ │
│ Pᴀʀᴇɴᴛs │
Taha Ahmed - Father - deceased
Maryam Ali - Mother - deceased
Arwa Saleh - step mother - alive
│ Sɪʙʟɪɴɢs │ none

│ Iᴍᴀɢᴇ │
 photo 70083415-A6D8-4C89-8C52-ABFF513F97E1_zpshzou8l2p.png

(view spoiler)

│ Hᴀɪʀ │ dark brown
│ Eʏᴇs │ brown
│ Cᴏᴍᴘʟᴇxɪᴏɴ │ medium
│ Bᴜɪʟᴅ │ broad
│ Fᴀᴄᴇ Cʟᴀɪᴍ │ Abbas Mourad

│ Iɴsᴀɴɪᴛʏ Tʏᴘᴇ │
Suicidal Sociopath
│ Cʀɪᴍᴇ │ killing his father
│ Hɪsᴛᴏʀʏ │
Noah Ahmed grew up as an only kid. He was born in Haifa, Palestine and moved at age three with both of his parents. He made friends at school even though he was different and learned with ease. His favorite parts of his life always involved his mother. Most boys he knew we're attached with their fathers, since males stuck with males. But his father worked a lot so he didn't have time to be with him and when his father came from work he would be asleep for school. Their were times when they did get to be together and he did enjoy those times too.

But after years passed, his father became more busy. Noah grew up still with his friends and mother. At age fourteen, on a day when his father had a day off, instead of going out as they usually do, his parents had an argument. He hadn't seen them fight like that before. Actually, he never really saw them in a fight ever before. At the age he was, it was a bit scary then he thought. Words were spoken aloud in a high pitch and things were being thrown and broken. In the mean while, Noah crept up the stairs to see what was going on. He moved down the hallway quietly and to his parents door. Just as he opened the door, he saw his mothers hand move to grab her chest just above her heart.

Days passed after the most important person in his life left him because of a heart attack caused by the fight, only to suffer alone. A few weeks later, his father decides to get married to another women which enrages him. He was so mad to have his mother replaced so he lost connection with his father, and also his religion. He starts to smoke which leads him to getting drunk, which is against his religion, being a Muslim. His father tries to teach him the right things, to get him back to how he was. It results in a fight that gets him to go back out getting drunk, getting a tattoo and having sex. Noah crashed at a girls house everyday for a week. Anything just to stay away from his father.

His father finds out and after all the yelling and speaking he does, he abuses him. He does this for at less five months. Hitting him every now and then. At the age of 17, without thinking noah pulls out a gun he knew his father had hidden. Nothing came to his mind as the cold metal touched his fingers as he aimed it to his father. Eyes filled with anger and fingers buzzing with energy, he pulled the trigger and his father fell. It took Noah a few seconds to realize that the growing red stain was his fathers blood. The same blood that he had flowing thing own veins right at the moment. killed him? Not believing he did such thing, Noah denied it at first.

He was left with his step mother who reports him. But from the state Noah was left in, he denies it only because he doesn't want to believe it. But deep down inside he knew what he did. He knew he took his fathers life with his own hands. So instead of being said as guilty, he is taken to an asylum as. All that Noah had left is to ask god for forgiveness for his mistakes. But going back will be hard for him.

│ Pᴇʀsᴏɴᴀʟɪᴛʏ │
Ever since his mothers death, Noah became quite. He always locked himself in his room and stayed alone at school. He didn't play much like he used to. After a few years he became violent and careless. He didn't care what anyone thought of him. He just tried to numb the pain he felt inside. But after the mistake he did, he was left confused, shocked and scared. He doesn't talk much but can get easily ticked off.

│ Lɪᴋᴇs │
☻ his mother
☻ his religion
☻ being alone
☻ the darkness
☻ the asylum
│ Dɪsʟɪᴋᴇs │
☹ his father
☹ his step mother
☹ memories
☹ the mention of guns
☹ himself
│ Sᴛʀᴇɴɢᴛʜs │
✮ standing up for hisself
✮being unknown
✮protecting things he likes
│ Wᴇᴀᴋɴᴇssᴇs │
☆ talking or thinking about his past
☆ drugs
☆ memories of his mother
☆ rude statements
☆ losing
│ Fᴇᴀʀs │
✗judgment day
✗being set free

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This Template and Character belongs to Zombie, please don't steal nor take anything from the template or character without my permission, thank you, and have a nice day.


☚☚☚Name Information☛☛☛

♔ First Name: Mason
Meaning: Worker In Stone
♔ Middle Name: Abby
Meaning: Father Rejoiced
♔Last Name: James
Meaning: That supplants, undermines, the heel.

♔ Nicknames: May, MJ, MAJ, AJ

☚☚☚Birth Information☛☛☛

♕ Age: 18
♕ Gender: Male

♕ Birthday: October 31st, 1997
♕ Time Of Birth: 12:00Am
♕ Place Of Birth: New Orleans, Lousiana

♕ Species: Human
♕ Nationality: Dutch, German, French, Italian, British, Irish
♕ Blood Type: Type -B

♕ Zodiac: Scorpio
♕ Star Sign: The Scorpion
♕ Birthstone: Tourmaline and Opal
♕ Birth Planet: Mars
♕ Birth Flower: Marigold

☚☚☚Appearance Information☛☛☛

♖ Pictures:

♖ Face Claim: Liam Payne
♖ Hair: Brown
♖ Eyes: Brown
♖ Height: 5' 9"
♖ Weight: 90 Lbs
♖ Tattoos: None
♖ Other Marks: Many self inflicted scars and wounds
♖ Dressing Style:

☚☚☚Personal Information☛☛☛

♗ Personality: Mason is a quiet and depressed guy, ever since the first grade he hasn't been that happy-go-lucky kid he used to be, Mason has that Emo kind of look now, he has a dark side. Mason is smart and dangerous, he is one who will willingly kill someone if he wanted to and he is one who will kill if he wanted to. Mason is also very charming and kind, he's sweet and romantic, he may be a psychopathic killer, but he's still a person.

♗ History: As a small child, Masons mom hated him for being born, she blamed him for everything, she blamed him for her getting pregnant again, she blamed him for God damn everything. Masons life was horrible, even when his mom married another guy, but just like his mom, the man blamed him for everything, from broken beer bottles to the dog poop on the floor. Mason grew up being beaten everyday, at school, at home, every where Masoj went he was either blamed for something or he was beaten up, one day Mason got so tired of it and he went on a rampage, he went to the school he went to and he shot up the place, only two major bullies were killed, thousands were injured, after that day Masom vowed to never speak or be reminded of that day. During this whole thing, there was one reason why everyone blamed, beaten or bullied Mason, Mason was, is, Gay.

☚☚☚Biography Information☛☛☛

♘ Likes:
- Inflicting Harm
- Self Harm
- Fire
- Romantic Guys
- 25+ Men
♘ Dislikes:
- Guns
- Death
- Bullies
- His Mom and StepDad
♘ Greatest Strengths:
♘ Greatest Weaknesses:
The Memories

♘ Fears:
His Step-Dad
His Mom
The Memories
♘ Phobias:
Hoplophobia ~ Fear of Guns
Ballistophobia ~ Fear of Bullets
Thanatophobia ~ Fear of Death
♘ Problems: He's mentally ill and will kill if he wants

☚☚☚Family Information☛☛☛

♚ Mother: Jordan James
♚ Step-Father: Kyle James
♚ Brothers: None
♚ Sister: Daniella James ( Currently Alive: Living happily with her two parents, doesn't known about her brother Mason )

♚ Pets: None

☚☚☚Love Information☛☛☛

♛ Crush: Open
♛ Sexuality: Homosexual
♛ Boyfriend: None
♛ Friends: Open
♛ Enemies: Open

☚☚☚Other Information☛☛☛

Is normally all alone


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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) First Name: Fenris
Middle Name: Asher
Last Name: Smith
Gender: Male

Birthday: 8-14
Birth Time: 10:24 at night
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Age: 16

History: Fenris grew up in Liverpool, England. His family was rather strict and always expected the best from him. When they discovered his sexual orientation, they no longer wanted him in their home. After feeling like he would never belong, he tried to commit suicide multiple times. He eventually started to self harm so that he could cope with his emotions and his thoughts. He also began to starve himself, thinking that if he were thin his parents would love him again.
Hometown: Liverpool, England
Personality: Fenris tends to be quiet since he had been raised by such strict parents. He always feels as though he'll disappoint anyone he gets close to. He is creative, but never lets that side of him show. Fenris can be a bit grumpy from time to time, but cares a lot about things even though it might not seem like it. He can be flirty, and is a hopeless romantic.
Dressing Style:

Family: Fenris is an only child. Since his parents had no one else to pressure, they pressured him more than most parents would.
Pets: He had a dog at home,
Friends: Fenris was never really able to make friends. He was always sheltered and didn't have too much of a social life. He was either studying or reading.

~ music
~ certain books, mainly ones with intellectual value
~ the colours black and white
~ feeling thin
~ bright colours
~ being told he's not good enough
~ not being able to make friends
~ being forced to eat
~ being unable to harm himself
- trying to talk to people and not sounding weird or awkward
- making it through the day without relapsing
- lying
- losing weight

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▬▬▬Sage Montgomery

▬▬ 18 ✗ Mαяcн 7тн ✗ ƤσятƖαηɗ, ƇƬ ✗
MαƖє ✗ ƁιѕєxυαƖ ✗ ƇσмρƖιcαтєɗ▬▬

Ash Stymest 154 lbs 5’8”

Sage is a Wild Card that very few people take their chance on, but once he's in your life you can't manage to let him go.Statistically shown by his one friend. But along with this he's a free spirit and he doesn't stick around for long. Most of his romantic relationships have ended in failure due to his lack of commitment to anyone but Sully. The reason so few are able to stick around is due to his illness. Nobody can handle the fact he can go from the completely loveable guy to someone that just loses their shit in seconds. Otherwise he let’s his friend do most of the talking when it comes to meeting strangers. At the same time he can be rather possessive when it comes to Sully and he has a jealous streak that he’d never admit to.

When given the chance to talk Sage likes to make up fleeting stories about the great life he lives to random people that may be found on the streets. But in all truth his mother was a drug addict, and she O.D'd when she was eight months pregnant with him. If it wasn’t for sheer luck of his aunt walking in while his mom was seizing up on the floor then the ambulance would’ve never arrived in time and the oxygen would’ve quickly left. Many were worried that he’d be a stillborn due to his mother's love for cocaine and the fact he was birthed after her body had completely shut down. For the most part he was okay and made his first little cry at 12 am on a Sunday morning. Due to his mother's abuse with drugs Sage was born with a heart defect, and he still has to take medication everyday. Often the prescription can make him bipolar, and give him awfully horrible mood swings. It also keeps him from doing average things such as playing sports. This of course made him the outcast in his elementary school gym class. One friend he did manage to make was Sully. They’ve always been incredibly close from a young age due to being complete outcasts in their first few years of education- that and they both dressed up as the characters from monsters inc for their first grade halloween celebration. Sully’s nickname stuck, but luckily Sage was never called Mike. They shared everything from a young age, so it was no surprise when they both started crushing on the same people with their minds so in-sync. They’ve always shared people in relationships, but neither of them have fallen in love. It was in their junior year of high school though that Sage’s best friend began to start pulling away. His sudden change of behavior was confusing, and for weeks there would be radio silence. Unable to handle the thought of starting over and losing his friend he went into a sort of depressive period and would just numb himself out by taking more and more pills. It was only after he almost O.D’d that Sully told him some of the story. It wasn’t the full thing, but he was glad for even the smallest of details. It was when two bodies showed up in town and his friend was pinned for the murder that things all went downhill. For a while he stayed silent unsure of what to say. When it was aired to the public that his friend would be locked up and put away he quickly made an appearance at the sheriff's office and said it was all his fault- even though he had no idea what was possibly going on. This ended with both of them in the Asylum, Sage labelled as Sully’s accomplice.

Father: Unknown
Mother: Jeannette Montgomery
Aunt: Persephone Montgomery

I·ʟʟ ᴅᴏ ᴀɴʏᴛʜɪɴɢ ʜᴜᴍᴀɴʟʏ ᴘᴏssɪʙʟᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴘʀᴏᴛᴇᴄᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ᴏɴᴇs I ʟᴏᴠᴇ

▬▬▬Bradlee "Sully" B.

▬▬ 19 ✗JυƖу 22ηɗ ✗ ƤσятƖαηɗ Ƈт ✗
MαƖє ✗ ƤαηѕєxυαƖ ✗ ƇσмρƖιcαтєɗ▬▬

Jake Hold 192 lbs 6’1”

Sully is a rather closed off person, and he truly doesn’t let anyone in unless it’s Sage. In his early years of elementary school maybe he could’ve been labelled as the optimistic kid that was ready for anything that life threw at him. But spending more time in the outside world he learned there’s a lot of liars out there. Due to this he has severe trust issues. Letting people in also isn’t an easy task for him. He does it for his friend, but sometimes he doesn’t want to be the bold one and he just wishes Sage would take lead- but he also loves being needed so it’s a win-lose situation. Since the incident in his small town he’s become a bit wary of people and he’s unsure who he can talk to with openly if no one believes him.

Compared to Sage, Sully was born into quite the little perfect family. A loving housewife for a mother and a rich hot-shot cheating father. He grew up quite oblivious to the rift between his parents as they often put smiles on their faces just for him. In their daily lives, though his father grew more distant. When his father’s affair made the cover of their small town newspaper Sully was packed up and he and his mother moved off to CT. They never got an official divorce and every now and again he’d hear from his father, but it was clear the love for him was lost. In first grade he began to talk with Sage. Their relationship was almost instant, but somewhere along the way he started developing more than friendly feelings for him. Not one to keep his thoughts from his friend he voiced them aloud and they grew even closer. Most relationships don’t manage to work for too long with them though due to Sage’s temper and Sully’s refusal to open up fully to new people. It was in the summer between his junior and senior year that things took a turn. He was being stalked and threatened by someone who simply went by the name of A. The whole thing was confusing and he began to push away his friend and focus more on the problem at hand. It didn’t end too well with two dead bodies on his hand, and the only suspecting perp being him. Landing himself in jail he protested, but the evidence seemed too obvious to ignore and he was locked up. Only after Sage started taking the fall did he refuse- it was his fault, nothing more. Now in the Asylum with his best friend he’s looking for a way to clear their names, which is hardly something achievable when you’re on watch for most of the day.

Mother: Sharon Brenton
Father: Paul Brenton

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{Theme Song} It Never Ends, Bring me the horizon
{First Name} Ajax
{Middle name} Hunter
{Last name} Rocha
{Nickname} AJ, Jax
{Alias} Nicki Cummings
{Meaning of name} Mourning, Greek

Hide your fangs all you want, you still need the blood

{Age} 16
{Birthday} July 6
{Birthplace} Weyburn, Colorado
{Birth time} 2:16
{Zodiac sign} Cancer
{Birthstone} Ruby
{Birth flower} Water lily

Take my hand, show me the way, we are the children that can't be saved

{Nationality} Russian
{Religion} none
{Languages }
Ajax's parents thought they would gain some money if they and children. So they decided to have two, Ajax's older sister, Abella, then Ajax. They received help from the government but not enough. His parents grew distant and were filled with hate. They've lived a life of poverty for years, since both dropped out if school to help their own families. Ajax's parents steered towards nightly drinking and doing heavy drugs once he and Abella were over 12. The poor kids were starving. Ajax never minded the lifestyle of his parents when he was younger, he thought it was normal. But when he opened himself up to the world, he realized some of his friends had better lives, one filled with toys and games and lots of food. At age 6, Ajax tried to not speak to his parents. He was always with Abella and she took great care of him. They often had to beg neighbors for some money or food for themselves. Ajax was ashamed of his parents. He despised them and was disgusted of what they did.

At age 14, just when Ajax finished middle school, his parents have had enough of starvation. They met a man at a bar who owned a porn site and shot all the videos himself. They made a deal with him. Ajax's parents kept Abella, thinking she'd be old enough to work and make money. So they sold Ajax to the man against his will. The man didn't care if it was illegal or child pornography, he took Ajax and handed Ajax's parents the amount of money they needed. Ajax screamed for Abella before he was drugged but Abella was at work that day and couldn't help him. The man took Ajax out of state, out into Kansas. He changed his name and age, making him older than 14.

When Ajax woke up, he was in a middle of a queen sized bed with only a collar on and red boxers. The room was dimmed, but he could still see that there was nothing in there but a tinted window to his right. Ajax looked around and found a camera. He immediately,y knew what was happening. Ajax was sold to a man who used him for his site. The man got payed a great amount of money from women and men who wanted to have sex with Ajax. Ajax was defenseless the entire time, chained to the bed.

For two years, Ajax remained with that man. He was often left alone in the empty room, so much that his mind went crazy with loneliness. Ajax cried every night for his sister, wondering where she was, what she was doing, if she was looking for him, or if she even cared. He turned to self harm and he refused to eat the little amount of food the man gave him. Ajax would often have anxiety attacks about other men rapping him or sometimes of his parents beating him. But soon enough Ajax grew numb to any kind of feeling. He never saw the outside world, or had contact with anyone, except sexually. Thoughts stormed Ajax's head, ones that made him scared of sleeping, or of being alone. He'd grow clingy to Adrian, the man and would often scream for him to not leave him anymore. Adrian sensed that Ajax was insane and he needed treatment. Ajax was already suicidal, who was to say that he might not harm Adrian as well. So he turned him in to the Asylum as soon as he could, which was after letting 17 other clients play with Ajax before he'd leave.

I've said it once, I've said it twice, I've said it a thousand fucking times<br />That I'm okay, that I'm fine, that it's all just in my mind

*Positive-When there is nothing negative on his mind,which is almost rare, Ajax can be extremely hyper active. He has a sense of humor that he tries to use most of the time. Ajax is loyal, and he'd do anything for someone if he cared about them deeply. He is selfless, that at times he's taken advantage of. Ajax doesn't mind almost anything, he's adaptable to circumstances. Ajax is a patient person and he's very open minded. Ajax is usually found in quiet places,thinking to himself or talking to his friends, which are invisible. Since he had absolutely no contact with the outside world Exocet for the clients, Ajax found himself sinking deep into insanity. He found himself imaging other humans, mostly his age and he'd talk to them. He believed tent were real and were his friends.

*Negative-Ajax can be extremely clingy, especially since he wasn't shown enough affection in his childhood. He is over sensitive and can get emotional over the littlest of things. He acts childish at times, often wanting things that might be impossible and throwing a fit just to get it. He knows he can never get these things but he craves for the attention. He is possessive over his belongings and loved ones, especially Abella. Ajax is quick to fall into depression and he has the negative trait of self-hate.

You say this is suicide, I say this is war.<br />And I'm loosing the battle


(view spoiler)

*Hair color: Naturally brown
*Eye color:Blue
*Build: Lean
*Height: 5'4
*Weight: 98 lbs
*Blood type:
O positive

{Face claim} Aquamarin
{Tattoos} None
{Piercings} None, yet
*Cuff lines, on wrists
*Self inflicted scars on arms
*Whip marks on back
{Dressing style} To be role played

Everything I loved became everything I lost

{Education} Middle School
{IQ} 101
{Residence} asylum
{Occupation} Patient
{Mode of transportation} None
{Weapons} Anything he can find


{Gender} Male
{Sexuality} Pansexual
{Crush} None
{Relationship status} Single


{Family} Abella, 19, sister.
(view spoiler)
[The others are dead to him]
{Friends} Too many to count.... But not real
{Enemies} Adrian and his parents
{Pets} None


*Being thin
*The dark
*Quiet for too long
*Scary men
*His parents
*His stutter
*Being quiet
*following orders
{Weaknesses }
*Too caring
*Abella (he'll do anything for her)
*being left alone
*The dark
*his parents
*Gaining weight


{Hobbies}Never had the chance to do anything leisurely
{Motivations} His sister
{Goals} To end all his pain
{Best quality} His gentleness and willingness to help anyone in need
*Apparently, sex
*Inflicted near death experiences


{Greatest flaw} His vulnerability
{Regrets}Giving up and not fighting back against his parents and Adrian
{Crimes} None


*Monophobia- fear of being left alone
*Nyctophobia-Fear of the dark
*Obesophobia-fear of gaining weight
*Carnophobia- fear of meat
*Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
*Delusional Disorder
*Anorexia Nervosa
*Stuttering, mild
*Night Terrors
{Habits}Self Harm
{Diet} Under 100 calories a day, and lots of water/ Vegan
{Medication} Types of anti-depressants but way to many to list (view spoiler)


{Fav.quote} “He's so busy looking inside people to find the good that he misses the knife they're holding in their hand.”- Alexandra Bracken, The Darkest
{Fav.lyrics}"What doesn't kill you makes you wish you were dead." -Drown, BMTH
{} The Darkest Minds


TEMPLATE MADE BY UOREO, DO NOT, COPY WITHOUT PERMISSION.. I'm serious! I will haunt you to your grave

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Morgan | 60 comments
Wylie "Crash" Coffner

Wʜᴀᴛ·s ᴀ ʜᴏᴍᴏᴄɪᴅᴇ ᴡɪᴛʜᴏᴜᴛ ᴀ ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ғᴜɴ ᴍɪxᴇᴅ ɪɴ﹖

▬▬ 22 ✗ December 17th ✗ Montreal, Canada ✗
✗ Male ✗ Bisexual ✗ Single ▬▬

Josh Beech 187 lbs 6'0"

❧Wylie is a rather difficult person to figure out. With an edgy look it's unlikely that most people will approach him, and most to all times he prefers that they don't And he much prefers his relationships with technology above all else. Strangely enough, though, flirting is also one of his favorite pass times as well. Teasing is his first language, and at most he can be awkward. Along with his usual flirtation he tends to be the more sarcastic one of the group, and he stays behind the scenes.

❧Wylie was born to a seemingly functional family, at the beginning, but after his younger brother's birth everything began falling to pieces. His father, a hot-shot lawyer, left their mother. Unable to handle raising two children his mother fell into her usual habits of drinking and doing highly dangerous drugs. Wylie pretended it was nothing, and at the age of seven he raised his younger brother all on his own. The only time his mother seemed to pull herself together was when her grandmother visited, which was too far and few in between. When his mother began to have hallucinations the boy began to worry even more so. Jaclyn- his mother- has tried getting her act together multiple times, but each time has been a failed effort. When he was ten, and their brother was three the state began to notice their mothers instability . She never showed up to work, her children weren't properly enrolled in school, and their house was in shambles due to neglect.

So not all that much later they were placed into the foster system. It was a horrible place to be, and not one that offered Wylie much comfort. While they were passed around from home to home he managed to stick with his brother and be his support system. What became of their mother is unknown, but that seemed to be the least of the teenagers problems. Their schooling was minimal. When he was seventeen he began to date an older woman. She was in her twenties, but something about that just made him want her more. It was the chase after all. What he didn't know was that she was a highly dangerous, and wanted drug dealer. That put him and his brother on the hit list as well, but he was an ignorant boy with a dick for a brain, and he wasn't thinking at all- that and he knew very little about her. It was when the assassins came after her that his life changed... and not necessarily for the better. On a walk back home they were stopped in an alleyway. Wylie saw very little and he was instantly knocked out. When coming to he found his girlfriend's dead body beside him. In a hurry he called for the cops.

The next day at school everyone wanted to talk with him about what had happened. He wasn't exactly depressed at the women's death, but he was haunted, and there was no other way to get it out other than talking about it. The assassins began to take a certain interest in him. They noticed his close connection with technology and how he could fix just about any problem that involved a couple of wires and a data board. Of course they recruited him in the natural way of knocking him out and tying him up. At first he was completely scared shitless, but eventually he came around to the idea. The pay they offered was great, and Wylie couldn't exactly say no to a league of underground assassins. So he became their tech guy and was trained in some forms of combat. It all went wrong the night he was caught and put into the asylum. They didn't believe he wasn't a cold hearted murderer.

Mother: Jaclyn Coffner
Father: Josh Coffner
Younger Brother: Nathaniel Coffner

ᴡʜʏ ɴᴏᴛ ᴘʟᴀʏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴘᴀʀᴛ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ ғᴀɪʟᴜʀᴇ ᴛʜᴇʏ ᴀʟʀᴇᴀᴅʏ ᴛʜɪɴᴋ ʏᴏᴜ ᴀʀᴇ﹖

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This Template belongs to me, the character Dominik Santorski belongs to the creators and filmmakers of Suicide Room, please do not steal this character and template, do not take a damn single thing!!! Please, or for deaths sake I will report you for theft.



First Name: Dominik
Meaning: Of The Lord
Last Name: Santorski
Meaning: Unknown


Age: 17
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 13th, 1998
Time of birth: 4:30AM
Place of birth: Pila, Poland


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Face Claim: Jakub Gierszal
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Gray
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 90 lbs
Tattoos: None
Other Marks: Selfharm scars, burns, and bruises
Dressing Style:


Personality: Sensitive, Lost, Humliated, Depressed, Quiet, Soft, Gentle, Lovable, Angered, Suicidal
History: a sensitive and lost teenager, who is the son of wealthy, success-driven parents. After a series of dares and humiliating events, classmates accuse him of homosexuality and mock him on social networking sites. Dominik, humiliated, refuses to go to school and stops preparing for final exams. These problems overlap with his parents, who are often absent from home. Falling into a deep depression, Dominik secludes himself in his room. During this time, he meets a suicidal girl on the internet, and they make an emotional and intellectual bond. Over time, Dominik loses contact with the real world, becoming more engrossed in a virtual world.
Problem: Suicidal
Fears Death
Fears Fire
Fears His Parents


Self Harm
His Parents
Suicidal Thoughts

Genre of Songs: Emotional Music, he hates techno music.
Genre of Books: Horror, Blood, Suicide
Favorite Songs: N/A, He just can't pick one
Favorite Books: Don't knot, he reads a lot though.
Theme Song: a boy brushed in red living in black and white - UnderOath


Mother: Beata Santorska
Father: Andrzej Santorski


Sexuality: Bisexual, Leans towards Men
Crush: Open, Please Ask First
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: N/A he leans towards men though
Friends: None, Open to how ever many though
His Parents




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Yes I have suffered, I cried at the end of the movie and I cried during the movie too, I had no idea that the movie was so emotional and all!

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Welp, it's called suicide room for a reason, not just because of the game.

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every second passing reminds me i’m not whole

Esra Lanister

▬▬ 23 ✗ April 27th ✗ Salem, Massachusetts ✗
✗ Male ✗ -- ✗ Single ▬▬

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬nothing but time to kill

sippin’ life from bottles

❧Esra has always had this light in him that often attracts others. Due to the ever constant smile on his face people are always drawn to talk with him. From there it could go one of three ways, him making a lifelong enemy or friend, and of course the option of getting them into bed. The bed is indeed his favorite place to be, especially when he's not alone. But due to his past the action of "making love" doesn't really have much of a meaning to him. It's in the bed though that the emotions that are revealed there. It is where he sees people as they truly are and their souls are more apparent to him. Despite Esra's frivolous exterior it is true that he would much rather have a deeper talk then one that is two faced and meaningless. Though he may want to learn every one else's secrets he has a few of his own that he doesn't really like to delve into. When people bring up such topics in hopes to get closer to him that's when the barriers start coming up. In the past that has made people even more curious and he has resorted to cheating just to get them to give up on him. It's not his favorite thing to do, cheating that is. After all when he is in a relationship he likes to think he's connected to that person in every way, but once they start pushing him he has to push back which often leads to more then one broken heart.

Furthermore he tends to more of a visual person then not. When reading he often finds himself annoyed at the little details sprinkled throughout the text and his mind can't hold onto them. He much prefers the film or even the play. Whenever there's a live show about Shakespeare he is totally down to see it, as he is a dork in many ways. Esra is also a live for the moment type of guy. Rarely does he think about the consequences. When others worry about him it also tends to throw him off and set him on edge which is why he can so often come off as secretive. The only person that needs to care about his well being is himself and he learned that from an awfully young age. Another hobby of his is singing- but it was of course ruined, just as everything else is in his twisted life.

❧From a young age little Esra had it good. A stable home, food on the table and a mother that absolutely adored him and encouraged him in everything he did. It was when she took on a husband that things took a turn for the worst. He was always the loveliest person with his mom and him, but when she wasn't around he would start to touch Esra. At the age of eleven the kid had no clue what was happening, his body seemed to like it, but he was confused. His step-dad (Paul) said it was perfectly normal, it's what all dad's did with their sons. Home-schooled up to this point he had no real friends to verify this with so he just allowed for it to continue. One night though Paul took it too far, he wanted to go further and Esra repeatedly refused. Gagged with a shirt he was taken nonetheless, and would later learn it was an act of rape. It hurt, but it continued days and days after. Seeing his mom so happy for the first time in a long time he had no way to tell her- even when she managed to ask him what was wrong. The light in him slowly began to dimmer and he still had no idea if what was happening could even be classified as "normal" anymore. While he may have been gullible and sheltered all of his life a huge part of his brain was telling him no- this wasn't normal. This wasn't okay. Instead of telling his mother he waited it out and refused Paul's advances every time, but it was almost useless. By the age of seventeen a small rift had appeared in his mother's relationship with her husband and when they got a divorce he was sure everything would end. And it did- for a while. With his mom having to take up a new job he was sent off to public school. It was strange to be around so many people at the same time. He seemed to find his particular calling in music, and learned what happened to him was wrong. Still he kept it to himself, reminded of what Paul said: no one would believe him anyways. Despite going to a small school he was discovered by a record company and they wanted his voice for a new band. At first he was unsure but he went along with it- wanting something good to come out of his life.

Becoming a lead singer his band went from a little small town one to one that was playing all over the country. For a while he forgot about his younger years until Paul showed up to one of his gigs. It was sudden and unexpected after three years of not seeing the olde man. Anyone who was there would've seen the way Esra shaked in fear. Was he going to be exposed as the tortured artist that was raped by his step-father? Was it going to happen again? Luckily with his staff and personal body guard there Paul was removed with no questions asked. Still it didn't ease him. Esra started drugs around this time- numbing himself out to the world. At first it wasn't apparent to the people around him. When his manager saw him though he could instantly see the problem. Deciding he needed a bit of mental stability in his life Esra was sent to the Asylum. It's only for a four month period detox to help him out before he's supposed to get back on the road- but he's not as excited as he used to be about the proclamation of getting back on stage.

cocaine, dollar bills and

my happy little pill...
take me away▬▬▬▬

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▬▬▬▬Everett St.Claire

▬▬ 22 ✗ October 7th ✗ New York ✗
✗ Male ✗Bisexual ✗ Single ▬▬

Andy Biersack 113 lbs 5'9"

❧Everett has never had trouble getting along with people, that is when he pretends to be someone he's not. The delusional are spiraled from his envy of people and their material possessions, or maybe their positions in life. When people don't believe him for who he's trying to be that's when the anger hits. He's truthful and he doesn't like when people tell him he's a liar or a copy cat- or worst of all insane. On occasions where this happens that's when the anger hits. At first it's minimal, but it can soon sprout into a homocidal rage if people aren't careful. Due to the fact his mother just handed him off to the public who locked him up he's not too sure of people. He's never known unconditional love, and believes it's just a myth people make up to feel better about themselves. Nevertheless it seems he tried to find a mom, or a parent in most adult figures which could be another root for his envious persona.

❧Everett has never been much of a people person. Growing up in a poverty-like environment he's also never had a real roof over his head, or real toys to play with. It was only when he was entered into elementary school that this became more of a well known problem. He was jealous of all the kids his age who had more then two shirts or one pair of pants. The way they flaunted their objects only made him angry. In second grade Everett began impersonating one of his classmates. The little kids would always laugh at him, thinking it was just one of those copy cat situations. One time he even tried to go home with the little boy's mother. While she was concerned the school board was convinced it was nothing. Of course three days later when that same little boy Everett was impersonating ended up dead with a toy truck in his lung- well then people became a little more cautious. So young he was sent to a correctional facility. Having no idea what was going on he pretended to be the good little boy he was. Only when he entered his teenage years did the same delusional symptoms begin to show themselves. Twice he was found trying to strangle the life out of someone. Neither times did he succeed. Now in this new asylum he's posing as a guard. What he did to the guard and where he stored his body isn't relevant. The fact he's gotten away with it for three months now is- and he's quite enjoying this new little life he has set up for himself.

❝Iოἶէმէἶօղ ἶʂ էհε ჩεʂէ բօɾო օբ բlმէէεɾყ, հმνεղ'է ყօմ հεმɾძ?❞

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) -Kelly- wrote: "▬▬▬▬Everett St.Claire

▬▬ 22 ✗ October 7th ✗ New York ✗
✗ Male ✗Bisexual ✗ Single ▬▬

✗ Andy Biersack ✗ 113 lbs ✗ 5'9" ✗

❧Everett has never had trouble getting along with people, that is when he p..."

Could I make a possible boyfriend for him?

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Yes!!!!!! But seriously we should start making straight guys here people I need someone for my girl, that Is if she ever dates lol

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Ikkkkkk, this group is like, Yaoi Central

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Morgan | 60 comments XD all my guys are pan/bi, so they go either way- and Esra just doesn't define himself 'cause he's not a fan of labels ^^

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