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James Jackson (JAJackson) | 17 comments Can you please add this book to my profile. Thank You.

Title: Discovery
Author Name: James Jackson
ASIN: 1941590128
ISBN: 978-1941590126
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Date: May 6th 2015
Format: Book
The Gamin have left Earth, and in doing so have raised many questions. Clearly we are not alone in the universe. As the alien visitor’s ships have revealed, space is not a peaceful place. The discovery of a massive construction dock in the Australian Outback surprises all. The partially built spacecraft within its confines is a baffling mystery to many, a technological marvel to others. A consortium of countries pool their resources in their attempt to complete the ‘Terran’. Will the massive vessel even be able to launch? If so, will the crew begin their journey to the stars? Or will that be denied to them by the orbiting satellite grid the Gamin left behind? Cindy commands an assortment of people from all over the world. Her skills are put to the test over and over again as the crew endures one harrowing event after another. With their very lives hanging in the balance she is forced to make decisions that have far reaching consequences. George, once again, finds himself embroiled in events beyond his control as fate and destiny collide. Lisa and Johnny can only wait as he is propelled toward his ultimate destiny. Commander John Thompson looks forward to flying the massive spacecraft with trepidation. Arguably the best space shuttle pilot in the world, his capabilities are pushed to their limits, and beyond. The Australian astronomers, Joe and Andrew, find themselves trying to comprehend the alien technology. They are tasked with navigating the alien spacecraft, assuming it can get off the ground and into space. Radclyf and Hayato find themselves, and their respective combat teams, experiencing the adventure of a lifetime as foes old and new challenge them. The brave Russian Olaf and his secretive countryman Peter, complete the main crew as the story continues. Discovery introduces a few new characters, while at the same time, bids farewell to others. Fate and fortune twist and weave its way as the crew experience events beyond their wildest dreams. The adventure that began in ‘First Contact’ continues, each person’s fate begins to be revealed.
Page Count: 434

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Liz Yanes (lizilena) | 265 comments The data you provide is inconsistent.

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rivka | 43610 comments Mod
James, can you double-check that publication date, please?

message 4: by James (new)

James Jackson (JAJackson) | 17 comments Sorry - The Paperback came out on June 6th 2015 - Apologies...

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James Jackson (JAJackson) | 17 comments I am unsure if the Publisher is myself or CreateSpace... Sigh - I am re-learning how Goodreads works. :)
TY for your help

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James Jackson (JAJackson) | 17 comments TY TY TY :)

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