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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Woman returns to small town [s]

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Dawn | 8 comments Here are the few things I can remember:
As she's returning to town she gets pulled over for speeding. The fire chief is sitting in the car with the officer talking when she drives by. An instant attraction starts between fire chief and her. The officer knows her from growing up in same town. The fc fights attraction because he has girlfriend, Grace, and because he's heard rumors about the heroin.
She returned to help her cousin who has broke her leg and has a son. She stays at her aunts house which seems to be like a boarding house.
The towns people don't like her because they blame her for football team losing important game by running over the star player.
While she was away she performed in music videos and the musician she worked with comes to visit her. The fc gets jealous over their relationship
The musician and Grace end up together
The fc is looking for an arsonist. And she ends up in a house that is lit on fire when she's in it.

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Moving to Unsolved which is where these posts go.

Dawn | 8 comments Omg! I have been searching for this book for so long! Thank you

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Dawn, just to confirm, is Nela's suggestion of Burning Up by Susan Andersen your book?

Dawn | 8 comments Yes it is. :)

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