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Grayson walked in with his arm around Cody. This mall was pretty big. "Wow what should we get first?" He took out his credit card from his wallet. "The CIA won't mind."

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Cody smiirked and pulled her crefit card out of her wallet. "Daddy eont mind." She ssid.

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"Oh your bad." He smiled. "Dangerous."

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She winked. "You like it?" She asked.

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"Yeah I like a girl who isn't afraid to get dirty." Grayson smirked.

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"Well good. Cause your gonna be seeing that girl a lot." She saod and kissed him.

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He kissed her back. He didn't care about PDA and everyone who was staring at them.

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She pulled back and smirked. "Ready to go spend daddys money?" She asked. Most people who jeard thatmust have thought she was a spoiled brat.

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"The CIA can just make more." Grayson smiled and shrugged. Then kissed her on the cheek.

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"Yeah daddy wont mined its almost his baby girls 16th birthday" she said and took his hand.

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"Were almost have the same birthday. Mine was a week ago." Grayson smiled.

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"Ah mines this week. I dont get a sweet 16, cause of this stupid schhol tho." She said. "And it was gonna be epic."

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"Yeah." Grayson said. They looked like regular teenagers here. No one knew they were spies and kept tasers and knifes in there back pocket.

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"I love it here. I wish we went to a regular high school."

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"I know." Grayson said "I've never been to regular high school or regular school at all. Home schooled all my life." He looked around to see all the regular people. "Do you think regular people want to be spies? Or does regular get boring?"

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"I think normals boring to be honest." Cody heard someone behind them say. Cody turned around, her eyes wideend. "JAKE!!" She yealled and gave him a big bare hug. "Hey Cody. What are you doing here?" He asked. "I go to school in Rosevill." She said to him.

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"Jake?" Grayson said. He turned around.

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"Grayson this is my best friend Jake." Cody said with a big smiled. "Hey man." Jake said to Grayson.

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"Hey bro." He held out his hand. "Grayson." Grasyon whispered to Cody "He knows about the fact that we are you know...spies."

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"Well yeah his parents and my parents workd together. We've been friends since we we're born." She said. "Yeah its good you can trust me. And i go to Rosevill high." He said to Cody.

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"Rosevill huh. Oh cool." Grayson said. "You never wanted to be a spy."

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"I do but my parents think its to dangerous." He said. "Dangerous is my middle name." Cody said.
"I thought it was Ann?" Jake saod smirking.

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Grayson looked from Cody to Jake and back again. "Oh yeah. You look the part."

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"Yeah." Jake said. "So hes yoir boyfriend?" Je asked Cody. Cody dint know how to answer that so she just looked at Grayson.

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Grayson nodded very slowly and looked at Cody.

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"Umm yeah. But we kinda snuck outta school. We got detention." She said. "What did you guys do." Jake asked.
"This kid at school kinda kissed me to make Grayson mad. So Gray laid his ass oit on the floor." She nodded.
"Good job man. So all three of you got detention." Cody shook her head no.

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"Zack is a little suck up and he is dating the headmasters daughter so he never gets in trouble." Grayson shook his head. "It sucks cause he's also my roommate and he probably wants revenge for breaking his arm."

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"You broke his arm too? Awesome." He said. "Oh and he is the first boy to go to the schhol. So all the teachers love hi,." Cody said.

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"They adore him." He said. "Then there is also a teacher after us, he thinks we are double-agents."

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"Ah well you guys must have had a good day." He said.
"Ueah perfect." Cody said to jake.

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"Yeah." Grayson said. "At last we found a secret passage."

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"Good for you. Well i gotta go." He said. "Bye Cody." He said and gave her a hug. Then turned to Grayson. "If you hurt her i will kill you." He said to him. "Well bye man." He smiled.

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"Trust me bro, she'll hurt me." Grayson smirked. "See ya man."

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"Awe im glad you know that." She said.

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Grayson smiled. "It's true."

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"Yes it is." She said and kissed him.

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He kissed her back. Then pulled back "Are we dating?"

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"Umm i dont know." Sje said. "Are we?"

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"I guess so." He kissed her again.

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She smiled and kissed him back.
"Get a room you too." She heard Jake yell.

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Grayson pulled back. He laughed. "Thanks Jake." He yelled back.

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Cody laughed with him. "No problem. But dont get her pregnant." He yelled and Cody blushed.

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Grayson turned bright red and that never happens. "Uh okay."

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Everyone was looking at them. "Sorry." Jake yelled smirking.

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"Um it's okay." He yelled back. A lot of people went back to there own business but there were a couple people still staring.

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Cody was still blushing. "Umm.... well.... he could have said worse." She pointed out.

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"Uh yeah." Grayson smiled starting to turn back to his normal color.

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She giggled. "You turned red." She said.

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He looked away so she couldn't see. "What are you taking about?" Grayson said.

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