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What about Tyrion Lannister?

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Giselle Gonzalez I'm almost at the half of the book... so we know that the dagger used to try to kill Brandon Stark belongs to Tyrion and that's shocking and horrible but expectable due to his family record. But in the chapters with his point of view he seems kind of good. So I don't know where to go and I have been with the expectation of knowing for too long.

Solemn Just read the book or watch the show, and if you want to know that badly just go the google route.

Phil Lewis All I'll say is, don't get too attached to any of the characters.

Emma Phil wrote: "All I'll say is, don't get too attached to any of the characters."

It's dangerous isn't it. Almost half-way through book 2 and I've grown close to a certain character and now I feel like she's doomed because of that. (I've watched the show and know what happens to her so it's not like i'm stupid to the series)

And also googleing the answers to your questions for books is the most effective, because no one tells you if you ask.

NT Mariane W Snow Tyrion is my favourite Character till now, i'll try not to be spoiler but i've watched the show and now 17% inside the books but still he's an epic character (till now) this books made me learn that i can't like a character and can't hate them because they all have both good and bad sides but tyrion is nothing like the others

Shamanth When you are reading this book the main point you should keep in mind that all the chapters are from the perspective of that particular character. So what you read might be true from one characters perspective, but false from others. So keep that in mind and read along and draw your own conclusions

PS: Tyrion is my favorite too

Anne (view spoiler) Just my opinion.

Laura Herzlos Unless you're expecting us to give you spoilers, I'd say keep reading ;-)

Also, keep in mind that most characters in these books are not as stereotypical as in other stories. Here you have good guys who can do horrible things, and bad guys who can do incredibly heroic things, or you find out later it wasn't quite like that other character was telling you... Very few characters are actually all good or all evil.

Solemn I agree with that last sentence. In these books people aren't good or bad. They just are.

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