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Before they walked in Grayson let go of Cody's hand, kissed her quickly and said "Good Luck." Then walked in with her.

Joe was having a conversation with Rachel before they walked in. "Ah, Hello. Grayson we were looking for you. Where have you been?"

Grayson nodded and said "Library sir."

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"We disnt look there Joe." Rachel said.

"I reallu didnt know where he was." Cody said to both of them. "Now why are we jwere?" She asked.

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"Well as you know Mr.Goode was injured very much that he broke his arm. He told us that it was you to who did it and you to were making out in Cody's room as he put it." Joe said.

"What are you talking about? I've been in the Library all day. I'm doing a report for my COW class." Grayson said.

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"Ive been in my room" cody said

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Joe said "I'm sure you to have. But why has Mr.Goode been telling us it was you."

Grayson sighed. "Okay I was in the library and Cody was in her room. He went into Cody's room to find Cammie. He kissed Cody for some idiotic reason. Then he went to the library to tell me but be accidentally tripped down the stair and broke his arm."

Solomon nodded then asked Rachel "Hm 1week of detention?"

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Cody looked at Grayson then back at Mrs Morgan and Mr Solomon. "I dont understand." She said. "He f***ing kissed me. So yeah i punched him and kinda broke his are. But you dont kiss someone who doesn't want you to kiss them with out them kicking your ass." Cody yelled. One of them had to go down and it wasnt going to be Grayson. "So whay i dont understand is why Zach isnt in here." Sje said still yyelling.

Rachel looked at them then at Joe. "Is this tje storu you guys are going with?" She asked.

Cpsy whent to say, "Yes."

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"No Ms.Morgan it was me. I was mad that he kissed Cody and I kicked his arm and it broke." Grayson gave Cody a look like WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Joe looked at Rachel "Your decision."

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NOT LETTING YOU TAKE THE FALL. She gave him that look. "No!" Cody said. Then turned to Grayson. "I WILL F***ING PUNCH YOU. LET ME HANDLE THIS ON MY OWN!!" She yelled at him. "It was me. And Grayson if you open your mouth i will punche you, where the sun does not ahine." She said to him ypu could tell she was pissed.

"Well i think you both should habe a month in detention." She said to them.

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((Oh and i have to go when my mo gets home it mightbe around 6 maybe))

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"A f*** month. What the hell did we do?...." Grayson started cursing in Portuguese. "

Solomon nodded "1 month for both. I would go now or we will make it 2."

Grayson tried to get Cody from starting to fight again. It wasn't working. "Um bye and thank you." He put Cody over his shoulder and walked out.

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"PIT ME DOWN GRAYSON!!" Cody said her accent was really really deep. "NOW!" She started kicking bit he was stronger then her and she wasnt in the right place to flip him.

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Grayson held on to her and carried her back to her room. "Sorry Codes but we aren't getting two months of detention."
((I have to go I have football practice))

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((But I'll post In Cody's room))

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"I dont care. Zach should be getting detention also." She said.

((Awe i wanna come.))

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Solomon watched the guest closely. They didn't have many guest here especially not at this time.

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((Btw its Codys dad. Hes gonna be working with Solomon.))

Cody ran in with Zach and Grayson.

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((Ooh Grayson: Oh no))

Solomon frowned at the guest.

Grayson walked into the office. There was an another man there and Solomon.

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((Cody: DADDY!!

Zach: What is going on here??))

Cody saw her dad. "DADDY>" She said and ran up to him and gave him a big bear hug/

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"Daddy?" Grayson said. His mouth wide open.

Solomon nodded "Daddy." He sighed.

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"Daddy?" Zach joined in.

"Hey sweetie." ((I need a name.)) Mr. Righting said.

"Hi." Cody smiled.

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((How about Charles. He seems like a Charles))

"Zach, Grayson this is Mr.Righting." Solomon said.

Grayson didn't say anything.

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He let go of Cody. "Hello boys. Charles Righting." HE said. "Now which one of you are dating my little girl?" He asked.

Zach pointed at Grayson totally throwing him under the bus.

Cody blushed a bit.

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"Um a pleasure to meet you Mr.Righting sir." He held out his hand. Then be glared at Zach.

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He shook it. "Pleasure is mine."

Zach shrugged.

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Solomon nodded and gritted his teeth. "Mr.Righting will be teaching with me."

Grayson raised his eyebrows "For the whole hear?"

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"Yes. I will be helping as much as i can." He said.

"Really?? YAY>" Cody said.

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"Yay." Grayson said with no excitement.

Solomon hated this idea. It was like Charles was stealing his job.

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"Awesome. One more teacher." Zach said just as about as exited at Grayson was.

"And Cody dear what did you do to your hair??" He asked.

"Umm well... umm... I colored it." She said.

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"So you teach COV OPS?" Grayson changed the subject.

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"Yep. I will be helping wen yall go under cover and stuff. So i wont be in class every day." He said

Cody looked at Grayson and gave him a look that said thank you.

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"Oh okay. That's nice. My parents always told my about how I need to get better at undercover." He nodded and winked at Cody.

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Cody giggled a bit.

"Yeah. Cody is pretty good at it for her age." He said.

"So am i." Zach said.

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"Uh huh. It's hard to hide a 6ft tall guy like me." He smirked.

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Zach looked at him. "Im 6/1." He smirked.

"Yeah anyway. It was good seeing you Daddy but we have to go." She smiled and grabbed both Zachs and Graysons hands and pulled them out.

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"See ya." Grayson said and walked out. "I think that went well." He smiled when they got out.

Solomon just growled.

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"Yeah im mean wow." Cody said.

"Uh huh wow." Zach said.

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"What? Are you excited for your dad being here?" Grayson raised one eyebrow.

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"Duh. But my dad Is here." She said.

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"Well you never know and don't drink anymore. Your gonna get yourself in trouble." He said.

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"Ah no drinking? I feel bad for you Cody." Zach said.

"Yeah thats not gonna happen." She said.

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Grayson smirked "What about your dad?"

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"Im his only child and a girl. I get away with anything baby." She smirked.

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"Of course you can." He smirked. "You probably could if you weren't."

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"What?" She asked confused.

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"If you weren't an only child or a girl I bet you could still get away with things." He said.

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"Well yeah have you seen me??" She asked a bit vain.

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Grayson laughed and shook his head.

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She laughed with him.

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"Your dad is gonna hate Zach." He said.

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"Hey im right here." He said.

Cody laughed.

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