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Lilyana drove up, slightly over the speed limit and parked infront of Oliver.

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"Well Im useing this one but your using my sisters, Ill get that out in a second. And yes, I live here with my sister and her son." Lilyana replied before opening the gate "Can you help me get the garage door open? Its sticks and Im not strong enough to open it"

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Lilyana frowned and shook her head and she brought out the other motorcycle. "He left" She said quietly.

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"Yeah, just us and her son, Little Joseph." Lilyana gave him the motorcycle "She not home, shes at work right not"

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Lilyana nods and mounts her bike "So where should we go?"

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"Ok. So whoever avoids the fuzz and gets to the dock first wins?" Lilyana said, grinning.

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Lilyana revved her engine and smirked "Go" she said, speeding off.

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Lily grinned and sped up a bit, turning sharply onto main street.

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Lily swerved around traffic, catching up and passing Oliver.

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Lily slowed slightly, went around two pick-ups and passed far ahead Oliver.

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Lly smiled as sh saw the sign labeled dock and wenyt as ast as her bike allowed, passing Oliver by a yards.

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Lily slowed down jut enough that she stopped just after the sign.

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Lily smiled and ran a had through her hair "Yeah, that was fun"

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Lily parks infront of the house, running a hand through her hair.

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Lily nods "yep" she says with a grin

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Lily rolled the other bike into the garage. "this was fun"

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Lily waves "Ill see you around"

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Lily walks inside.

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Lily spins around, flicking open her blade.

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Lily nods before saying "Come on lets get you some cloths" she cept her blade out, but had it folded.

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Lily grabbed a Black veil braide shirt, some jeans and some under garments and tossed them to Tess.

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"Black Veil Brides. Its a really popular rock band." Lily says, putting a cd in her radio

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((I laughed so hard at that, my brother came in and was just like 'Whats wrong with you!"))
Lilyana rolled her eyes "Some people like it, some not so mutch"

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Lily shrugged, putting the knife back in a pocket of her jacket. "Its cool" she said, smirking slightly as she canged quickly into jeans and a micky mouse shirt, puttting on her leather jacket.

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Lily blushed bright red "I-i-its ok, just dont do it again" she stuttered.

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Lilyana laughed "No Its fine, you can stay. My sister comeing home in a bit."

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Lilyana hugs her back "Its ok. Your nice." Lily pulls away and turns off the music, grabbing a purse and putting some things in it before setting it back down and sitting on the bed "Whats your name?"

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"Im Lilyana Potter and Im 17" Lily replied, smiling.

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"I'd say about my age, maybe 18 at the oldest" Lily replied

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Lily loked at Tess "You dont know whatMicky mouse is! Thats horible! comon!" She said, grabbing Tess' hand and bringing her in the living room, putting the show on (the old 1960s one, not the horrible noew one)

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"I knew you would like it!" Lily smiled.

Chelsie opened the door, seeeing Lilyana and another girl watching Micky Mouse, She put Joseph down and let him crawl to them "Hey Im home"

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"No Tess, Its just a cartoon, none of its real" Lily said before picking up Joseph "Hey darling" Said holding him on he knees and kissing his head "Hey sis"
Chelsie just laughed and shook her head "Well I have avout a hour ill i have to go for my shift at the DX what should i make for dinner?"

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Chelsie laughs and turns off the TV "Its just drawings in a quick order, makking it appear as if its moving." Lily nods "Yeah, completly harmless"

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"That what the oven is for" Chelsie says evenly, grining.

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Lly smiles "The electricity make the fire, the suffs common really"

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"In a way yes" Chelsie nods.

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Lily why dont you show her around town while i cook" Chelsie says, picking up Joseph.

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Chelsie nods "No its all cool"
Lilyana grins "Yeah Im cool with it, You takin' Joseph?"

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"Ok hears ho its gonna play out." Chelsie said "Me and you Wll go around town while Lily stays here with Joseph and cook"
Lily nods "Its all cool with me"

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Chelsie opens the door for Tess,
"you two have fun!" lily said, smirking.

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Cheli laughed a bit before turning to Lily "You know the code" she said.
"Yeah I do. You got a blade on you?" Lily replied and Chelsie nodded before walking out.

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Chelsie nods "Its all good, your a nice girl." She unlocks the car and walks over to the drivers side.

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"It dosent need horse, it runs on gas and heat"

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Chelsie steps in "Its not magic, its technology"

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"Its now really, this is just a old one. We got cars now that dont use gas or nothin'" Chdelsie said, starting to drive.

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"No, its like oil in a way, or the wood of a fire" Chelsie said, trying to explain

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"Yes exactly" Chelsie replies

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"Yeah, later ill show you the engine and how it works"

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