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message 1: by Faith (new)

Faith Wood (faithwood) | 1 comments I am brand new to Good Reads and recently published my first fiction book (I am already an author of 4 non-fiction books). I wrote this book to help tell the stories that I share from the stage as a professional speaker.

the Accidental Audience is a character-driven drama about a young female cop who is exiled from the force due to debilitating injury, then must solve the mystery of who snatched her boyfriend and held him hostage—and, why.

Navigating her way through a mystery that hits close to home, Colleen uses her experience and knowledge of the human condition to discover the difference between perception and reality, between willful blindness and total clarity. “The book is about our tendency to be willfully blind."

If this is a genre that you enjoy, I would welcome the opportunity to have you review the book and be so grateful for your generosity.

The book is on Amazon at

message 2: by Saradia (new)

Saradia Chatterjee | 60 comments Hi,

I'm a blogger and I would love to review your book.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey Faith! If you are still looking for reviews, I am interested. I am a blogger and would love to review your book. I can possibly get together a giveaway for you as well :)

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