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Located in Port Royal, the home of Edward Scott, Cordelia Rose, and Uriah David Asplin is that of a highly wealthy aristocratic family and is one of the largest homes in Port Royal, bustling with politics, maids, even pirates alike.

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Well. Here we go, then. Shouldering her bow, Alayna Adams navigated her way through the roasting city of Port Royal, keeping her head down. It was hot today, so she kept in the shade, slipping in and out of the shadows of buildings, she was excited to see her friends Cordelia- her other half, if you will. They hadn't seen each other for weeks, not since Alayna's father decided to put her into a strict routine for training. The bruises on her arms he had left from this morning's session of hand-to-hand combat throbbed, but the pain urged her to push herself on, to get better. Her father told her improvement works like muscles. If he didn't hurt her to some extent, she would never build up again to resist that pain naturally, she would stay the same, and thus not improve. It was a solid enough philosophy, she'd give him that, but never mind the pain or the schedule or the philosophy when she finally had free time. At last, she reached Governor Asplin's house. Raising a hand, she knocked lightly, and then tinkled the bell at the doorway a few times.

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Cordelia had been pacing upstairs in her private quarters, fan in hand as she tried to cool herself down in the smoldering got Port Royal air. She was used to it, but that didn't mean she didn't still get hot. A leather bound journal was in her hand, one with drawing of pirate ships, maps and a wide range more of abundant pictures. All were drawn by Cordelia herself. She had always excelled in art, making pictures so vivid they looked real. Lost in thought about pirates and the fresh salty sea air, she heard a knock and several rings come from the door. "I've got it father!" She shouted, in a very unlady like way, but that was just the way she liked it. Gathering up the skirts of her pink dress -- which she loathed with a burning passion -- Cordelia ran down the stairs, her shoes clip clopping all the way down. As she brushed a stray red hair from her eyes, she opening the door to her one and only best friend, Alayna. "Oh thank God you're here! I'm so lonely, I really need someone to talk to. Uriah's out flirting with girls - as usual - and fathers always to busy for me. Come in, it's like a furnace out there!" Cordelia giggled, leather bound book still in hand along with her fan, though it wasn't in use now as she hugged her friend tightly. "I've missed you, Al."

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[on h o l d]

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