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message 1: by Thyme (new)

Thyme Wisper | 6 comments I am the author of Making Tinctures: Beyond the Folk Method. The Goodreads database has the Kindle version that was published November 13 2014. Early March 2015 I published a paperback version using CreateSpace and gave the publication date Novermber 13, 2014 to match the Kindle. I then changed the Kindle ebook cover in Amazon to match the paperback cover.

First, I would like to add the paperback version to the Goodreads database, but the form was a little confusing about whether appropriate to do so, if already have Kindle version.

I also need help to update Kindle version cover.

Thank you in advance for your advice and help.

message 2: by Alma Q (new)

Alma Q (staticatku) | 555 comments it is appropriate, however please enter the actual pub date. you can also add a new kindle edition with the new cover and, if using the same ASIN, just state it is an alternate cover edition. or you could give us the link to the Amazon page and we'll add it for you :)

message 3: by Thyme (new)

Thyme Wisper | 6 comments Scylla, thank you so much!

Would you please add the alternate cover edition? The link to the Amazon page is:

And right now I will go add the paperback version.

Again, thank you so much!

message 4: by Alma Q (last edited Aug 07, 2015 12:21PM) (new)

Alma Q (staticatku) | 555 comments working on it. Edit - done:

When was the new cover published?

message 5: by Thyme (new)

Thyme Wisper | 6 comments March 13 2015 is when cover and paperback were actually published. Thank again!

message 6: by Thyme (new)

Thyme Wisper | 6 comments Thank you for all that you helped so far.

Is there a way to make the paperback version the one finds on a search or when I go into my author dashboard? Or at least the Kindle version with the latest cover (that matches the paperback version).

What does "combine editions" mean? I had read somewhere about making one the primary would do that. But I can't find that "command". Is that what combine editions would do?

message 7: by Thyme (new)

Thyme Wisper | 6 comments Oh! I found how to make the paperback version primary! Great!

Still curious about what combine editions does. From reading other threads, I still did not get a sense of what it does and whether I am supposed to do it or not.


message 8: by Alma Q (new)

Alma Q (staticatku) | 555 comments All editions of your book are already "combined", so they show as different editions of a same work rather than distinct ones.

For future reference, this is whre you would go to combine your books (should you ever add new editions without using the "add new editions" link at the bottom of an existing book's record page, which automatically link them together):

message 9: by Thyme (new)

Thyme Wisper | 6 comments Wonderful! Thank you so much! I don't expect to have more editions of this book, but am working on my next book which I plan to have both Kindle and Paperback versions. So this experience and education is great to have for "next time". Thanks again!

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