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Orange Is the New Black
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. Week 39: Colorful Title > Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman

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Erin I have really enjoyed the TV show and have been meaning to read the book to see just how closely the two match up. I'm about 50 pages in and there are definitely scenes and quotes taken directly from the book and placed into the TV show but the overall feel of it is much different than I was expecting. I find it interesting that they changed her profession and added a close friend dynamic on the show that wasn't present in the book but kept her fiance's story much truer in the adaptation. I am only 20% through the book so I am sure there will be more surprises and interesting discrepancies to come. I am looking forward to seeing how her prison experience lines up with the storyline I have seen on the show.

Brittany (gamerkiti) Erin, I'm happy to see that someone else is reading this memoir! I absolutely loved it, and I hope after getting finished with it you will feel the same. There are definitely a lot of differences once you get deeper into the book compared to the show, so sometimes it gets a little crazy thinking "how did they get that in the show?!?!" lol. when you do get finished, you can see what a couple of us have said in this thread Orange Is The New Black. We read it for the Memoir week :) just be careful if you take a peak at that thread before finishing the book, there may be some spoilers depending on where you are in your reading!!

Erin Thanks Beittany! I'll let you know what I thought when I've finished and I'll take a peek at that thread as well.

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