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Online Book Club Idea

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Erin Hi everyone! When I posted the discussion about an online book club, many responded saying "Yes," and that you would be interested in it. But when I posted the second discussion about reading A Thousand Pieces Of You, I sadly only received 2 comments.

--My point of this is that if many are still interested, I would love to do an online book club with you guys. If not let me know. With school starting, it may be a little hard to have this. But that's just in my opinion. I know that this year is going to jam-packed for me...

Also, if you want to do the book club but are just not in favor of reading A Thousand Pieces of You, let me know what book you would want to read. Hope to hear from everyone before the 15th, so that if this idea is positive, we could still do it starting on the day we had planned to. ~Erin <3

Netanya If you want to make a book club, you should go to the "Groups" section under the "Explore" tab and create one there- then you could post a thread with the link for people to join! Then it's set up so you can choose which book(s) the group reads every month and discuss them there.

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