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message 1: by G.G. (new)

G.G. Géricault (ggericault) | 3 comments Hello lovely librarians,

I have a three-book serial + bundle that was originally published under two pen names. I have since migrated the books over to one pen name, G. G. Géricault. When the books appeared on Goodreads, they were entered without a space between G. G., so I am unable to claim them to edit their info + add the new covers.

Could the author name be changed on these books so that I can link them to my account, please? They should read G. G. Géricault, not G.G. Géricault

Also, could this one be merged with the last one? It's a duplicate: Here is my author page on Amazon if you need to double-check the books.

I think I know how to change the covers myself by uploading+setting them as the default edition, so I should be able to handle that on my own. I am curious to know if I will be able to remove "Wolf Specter" as the co-author? I understand if that's not possible.

Thanks ever so much for your help.

message 2: by Alma Q (new)

Alma Q (staticatku) | 555 comments Hi GG,

I'm sorry, but it's Goodreads standard not to have spaces between initials. The books could probably be moved to your claimed profile and you could then edit your name to fit our policies, or you could post on another thread ( GR author profiles needing merging, I think it's called) and ask a staff member to merge the profiles to make it as easy as possible. :)

We keep books listed under the name they first appeared under, but Your current name can be added as secondary author if it hasn't yet been done. :)

message 3: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (last edited Aug 07, 2015 08:40AM) (new)

rivka | 41972 comments Mod
Scylla wrote: "and you could then edit your name to fit our policies"

She would not have been able to. Authors cannot merge their profiles with other existing profiles.

Profile is all fixed. (I didn't deal with any books though.)

message 4: by Alma Q (new)

Alma Q (staticatku) | 555 comments Oh, okay. I'll combine the books.

message 5: by G.G. (new)

G.G. Géricault (ggericault) | 3 comments Thanks so much for your help, Scylla and rivka. Much appreciated!

One final question: I uploaded the new cover editions for all of the books but was only able to set book 1's new cover as the primary edition. The others just say they can't be set as the primary edition.

Is it possible for someone here to set the editions for me, please?

Thanks again!

message 6: by lethe (new)

lethe | 13662 comments You should be able to set the editions yourself. Librarians can't do it for you. Maybe it's a caching issue? I'd try again tomorrow if I were you. If it still doesn't work by then, you will have to contact staff, as they are the only ones besides GR authors who can set the default edition.

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