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Here's an example round with explanations (if you dont know how to play):

Round #1
List of Players:
-Player 1
-Player 2
-Player 3
-Player 4
[From now on each Player #: represents a new post]
Player 1: Never have I ever [Put something you have never done, but think others have done. Example: owned a pet.] 10 (# of "fingers")

Player 2: 10 (# of "fingers" left)
Player 3: 9 (# of "fingers" left, in this case Player 3 has owned a pet, so they "put down" a "finger")
Player 4: 10 (same case as Player 2)

Player 2: Never have I ever [Example: rode in a plane] 10

Player 3: 8
Player 4: 9
Player 1: 9

Player 3: Never have I ever...

The game goes and each time a person get to 0 they are out and the person who posted the list of players must now post it again, but with a strike though the player who is out. Example:

Player 2: 0

List of Players:
-Player 1
-Player 2
-Player 3
-Player 4

If you want you can give the player a ranking, like if there are 4 players, the first one out gets the rank #4, next out gets #3, etc.
Once there is a last person standing the person who posts the list will now post the rankings. Example:

Round #1 Rankings
1st: Player 3
2nd: Player 4
3rd: Player 1
4th: Player 2

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Never have I ever... kissed a boy.

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