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So MxM, have any ideas?

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Umm, I don't fell comfortable with doing that kind of rp

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Maybe just two friends fall in love with each other as they're dating other people?

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Nah, they be dating other guys man! :)

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Okay, so maybe one day the two are hanging out at the park, and both of their boyfriend catch them kissing in the park or something?

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Yeah man! Characters! Could you do yours first?

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Either one I don't care

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How about an Age, aye?

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Sorry, I fell asleep last night, I'll make my character in a minute!

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Name: Mason Abby Gravendor
Age: 16

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I know :)

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(( Friendly Reminder ))

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Meep! Hello!

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They'll gradually fall in love

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Mason was hanging out with his boyfriend, Joshua Kingston, out in his backyard, he was sitting on the edge of his pool, watching Joshua swim around, he sighed softly, he hated water and he was glad that Joshua understood that.

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