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Alisha | 26 comments Title: Aerial

Author: Aurelia T. Evans

ISBN: 978-1-78430-660-1

PUBLISHER: Totally Bound Publishing


FORMAT: ebook

DESCRIPTION: Friends are supposed to stick together, but now they can never let go.

Seth and Lars are drawn into the dark world of Arcanium when Seth makes a throwaway wish in front of the circus fortune teller Bell Madoc, who decides that Arcanium needs a little something extra in the ring. The jinni tears Seth and Lars from their lives of university soccer, on-campus parties and bright futures, cursing them to remain in contact at all times.

Now they perform beautiful aerial acts for the circus, but these two otherwise straight men must also adjust to living their lives always touching, sleeping together in the same small bed and never having any privacy.

The curse also alters the way they express and experience desire for others, like conjoined twins Joanne and Jane.

And, to their horror and confusion, each other.

Reader Advisory: This book contains horror-related action and violence, homophobia, racist language, non-sexual whipping, hot MM sex between straight-identified men, MFMF ménage à quatre and an MFM scene with two female voyeurs. There are also scenes of double penetration and anal sex and some scenes of dubious consent due to magical influence, but all depicted sex scenes in the Arcanium series are ultimately consensual, no matter how dangerous.

Publisher’s Note: This book is part of a series but can be read as a standalone. Events in this book take place three years before those of book one, Fortune.

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