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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Here we are! :)

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Nicole | 9914 comments Yay, okay where do we start?

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Ummm... The beginning of the party?

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Nicole | 9914 comments ((sorry! I was thinking of names for him. I'll start))

Marco stepped out of the car and helped her down, he really liked the girl, sad thing that they needed her. He sighed, she was so cute and innocent, it might even be easy to kidnap her, which for once in his life felt bad.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments ((No worries! ;) ))

Hazel followed him out, her cheeks enflamed nervously as she held on to his hand. She hadn't been to a party before and for the most popular guy in the college to want to go with her was a little strange. Her honey blonde hair fell down her back, her pretty eyes searching his. "Are you sure you wanted to go with me?" She asked him softly.

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Nicole | 9914 comments "Why would I not be" he asked smiling and kissed her pulse, she was nervous, "hey it's just a party, after that we can have some fun relax" he smiled at her. He was really a good actor.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Hazel nodded her head quietly and followed him into the large house. She'd never gone to a house party before. It was definitely different. She followed Marco through the crowds and into the living room.

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Nicole | 9914 comments He winked an eye at her then disappeared into the crowds, going to solve some things. He came back after a good while with a drink in his hand as excuse. He took her hand, kissing it and looking up at her with his dark green eyes through those dark lashes. "May I have this dance?" He smiled at her, a charming smile that made every girl gasp.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments "Of course." She said, rather breathless as she stared up at him, she took his hand and bit down on her rosy lip, "Why did you invite me?" Hazel asked as she slowly met his eyes.

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Nicole | 9914 comments Marco danced slowly to the music, his eyes meeting hers the whole time. "Because" he spun her around, they ended pressed against each other. "Because I didn't want you dancing with anyone who wasn't me" he said then frowned a little. "I mean, uh, that sounded creepy. I like you Hazel. That's the truth, I like you a lot"

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Hazel smiled a little as she rested her head on his shoulder while they danced, "I like you too. I didn't realise you knew I existed." She chuckled lightly as she watched his green eyes.

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Nicole | 9914 comments "I did, from the very first day and this was the perfect opportunity. I didn't think you liked the kind of boy like me" he said, her hair shone so much, she was pure, her eyes were so gentle you could even see it there.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Hazel smiled, "And what kind of guy are you?" She asked him and she looked into his green eyes, her Hazel eyes bright as she looked at him. It was obvious why her mother named her such. Her honey blonde hair shone as she rested her hands on his chest.

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Nicole | 9914 comments "The opposite of you" popular, played sports and more important she was pure, he was not, not a single bit. "Not that that's bad" he said smiling a little at her, he always liked girls like her, it was a natural attraction he couldn't explain but he was always dragged by them.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Hazel smiled and shrugged her shoulders, "Opposites attract." She said and rested her hands on his shoulders as they swayed, "That's what they say isn't it?" She said quietly and looked at the drink, "Mind if I have a sip?" She asked, she getting warm and her throat was itching for something for drinks.

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Nicole | 9914 comments "Oh sorry I forgot, I brought it for you" he said chuckling and handing her the drink, the drink was a key to what he was going to do what was wrong with him? He was getting too distracted by her beauty.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Hazel smiled at him and lifted the plastic red cup from his hands, "Thank you." She said and took a long sip, quickly Downing the cup of punch. "I'm just going to find a bin." She said and let go of him, she stumbled a little but put it in the bin. She turned and was hit with a wave of dizziness although she giggled and stumbled the best she could back to Marco, "That punch packed quite the punch..." She giggled tipsily.

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Nicole | 9914 comments Marco smiled and spun her around again, she was leaning on him so close he took advantage of it. He leaned down and kissed her, the music seemed to stop for a moment as his lips brushed hers, gentle at first but it was just the start.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Hazel gasped as she set her hands on his shoulders and leaned closer, her lips parted and her hands tightened in the fabric of his shirt. Slowly she brushed her lips back over his as she leaned on him to support her.

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Nicole | 9914 comments His arms were around her, his hands rubbing her back up and down as he pulled her even closer, a weird sensation went over him as he realized he was getting too much into the kiss, but he didn't feel able to stop it, their hands were all over each other. "Get a room" someone chuckled but the idea was way too good, and he'd already had a taste of the alcohol in her sweet lips, it was not only alcohol. Marco scooped her up, then slowly went upstairs oblivious that he was dragging her to his own trap, she was way too innocent, if he ever got to do what he wanted to do with her it'd be her first time he knew with no doubt, but her skin was so soft he wanted more and more, her lips so sweet no drug could be compared to them. He opened the door, that was it, he pulled back, eyes wide wishing he could go back. "I'm so sorry Hazel" was the last thing she heard, and the only thing he said in the whole night that was not a lie.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Hazel's eyes widened in shock, before she fell back against the demons waiting. They let out cackling laughs and stroked her soft hair as they put her to sleep. The alcohol was an odd scent on someone so pure. The demons eyes rose and met Marcos, "Here are your drugs, dept payed." He said in a deep and husky voice, his words dark and eyes oozing darkness as he gave the bag to him and cradled the innocent Hazel to his chest. The door closed with a crack and he pulled her into the shadows, other demons surrounded her and stared at her with wide eyes. He then carried her through the shadows to the massive house of the Lords. The demon Lord of substance abuse. He ran the entire operation and needed the life of the innocent.

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Nicole | 9914 comments Marco swallowed taking the bag and leaning against the wall for a moment. No one would know he last one she had been with, almost no one knew her name and even if someone said they were together no one would believe it, and there were no witnesses so he was safe, yet a dark feeling was on his stomach, he sat down for and moment and frowned, he really liked the girl, more than like, one thing is to like but he was attracted to her. He got up and entered the dark room, shadows led him where he wanted to be, he hid in them and listened, he knew what they needed: A pure soul, not what they were going to do with it.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments The Lord let out a long and happy sigh when they placed her on the table, "Tell the boy I have many thanks." He breathed as he stroked the long hair off her face, "Beautiful. Mine." He growled and touched her wrist, he brought it up to his lips and teeth extended from his mouth. Demons where blood drinkers to get the soul of the gambled it away. He didn't want to take the risk with hers. He was beautiful as many Lords were, he could have managed but drinking sometimes contained a euphoria that they couldn't get anywhere else.

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Nicole | 9914 comments Marco bit the onside of his mouth as he looked through the shadows, he shouldn't even be there but he was curious and what happened between them minutes ago couldn't get out of his head. He waited patiently, he knew he couldn't really do anything by this point, they were surrounded by the Dark Lord's demons, he walked out of the shadows and hoped he'd get close enough to the Dark Lord before any of his slaves caught him. "Well you're welcome but the pay isn't complete, we both know a pure soul is worth more than a single bag, I want her back, that was not the deal" you could call him a suicide, he hoped reasoning with the Dark Lord hadn't been his last option.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments The demon lifted his head and smirked at him, dropping the girls wrist from his long and lean fingers, "Oh?" He asked and ran his hand over her as he walked around the stone surface she lay on, "Little human what make you think I should give you the drugs when I have my own I need to take right now?" The demon asked patiently.

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Nicole | 9914 comments ((op, he's a human? I thought he was demon))

message 27: by Deanna (new)

Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments ((He can be a demon! Aha! Sorry! :D ))

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments The demon lifted his head and smirked at him, dropping the girls wrist from his long and lean fingers, "Oh?" He asked and ran his hand over her as he walked around the stone surface she lay on, "Young demon what make you think I should give you the drugs when I have my own I need to take right now?" The demon asked patiently.

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Nicole | 9914 comments Yep, he was kind of a suicide but right now he was feeling awful, her family, she didn't have lots of friends but the ones she had loved her like family, he had been following her everywhere. "You know you need me, who else would bring you pure souls the way I do? I don't want the drugs now, you lied, you didn't pay for her so she's still mine unless I wanted to sell her now, and I do not thank you very much so give her back"

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments The demon Lord raised an eyebrow, "Oh is that so? This is quite touching. The compassion you have for the pure soul is absolutely adorable." He said and looked at him, "However as you see she is already mine." He said and indicated Hazel who lay on the stone table. The only movement being the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest.

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Nicole | 9914 comments Marco's eyes darkened, adorable and him were never on the same page. "We both know you can't get to the human world, even if you did you can't tell if a soul is pure just by looking at it, but I do, and I know every single demon who does. I can tell them to stop working for you whenever I want so you should consider being less sarcastic my lord. All I ask for is the girl back, you have thousands, why does one even make a difference? You won't even remember what her face looks like tomorrow"

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments "This girl has a more beautiful soul than anyone I have fed off. Her skin practically begs to be bitten into. I might not be able to see her soul but Lucifer requires the most pure and she most definitely is." The demon Lord murmured as he traced his fingers down over her body. His nostrils flared and he bent down to her neck, "She is yummy, how is one supposed to resist that?" The Lord chuckled and his teeth elongated into fangs.

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Nicole | 9914 comments "Lucifer asked you for one like her, if I were you I wouldn't do that" Marco said impatiently, "I could bring you a soul purer than that one, Lucifer would be ao pleased he'd let you become King. Give me a week, in a week I'll bring you the purest one you'll ever see but you'll return her to the human realm until then, if you're not satisfied you take her and kill me" Marco said considering his inexistent options, and wondering why he did that for her again. But he liked games, mostly because he was a good player.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments The demon Lord smiled, "Deal." He said and gathered the girl from the stone, "You have a week to find the purest soul before I come for get and kill you." He said and deposited the pretty human in his arms, "Return her to the realm, just a warning, I never said I wouldn't watch her." He said and leaned down to bite her wrist just once, "Our contract."

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Nicole | 9914 comments "For what?" He asked but it was already done, "I've never been called a liar before, but whatever" Marco said then away before the demon would try something else. He walked back to the room in the shadows, it was locked from inside luckily. He laid her on the bed and looked at her with soft eyes, wondering where he could get a soul purer than hers, and even if he did he wondered if he could give someone like that to the demon Lord, he didn't seem to have the gut to do that anymore. He sighed, at least she was so drunk that the next day she'd probably just remember the kissing and going upstairs to the dark room, her imagination would fill the blank spaces, certainly he wouldn't bother to correct her. He laid down next to her and put her beautiful face in his arm, it felt nice, all warm inside, he was a corrupted soul, as all demons attracted to the pure ones, the ones that they would never deserve, laying there with her felt like laying in the gardens of paradise, at least he could dream.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Hazel moved into his side as he directed her head against the smooth and toned muscle of his arm. Her soul didn't notice the darkness as he laid beside her, she just felt the warmth from him. Hazel was freezing after the shadow walking, her skin cold but body not responding in any way to it, her body didn't understand what had happened. Letting go a soft breath she moved closer to him and draped her arm around his firm torso. She was drunk and would not be feeling well tomorrow, not after the night she had had.

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Nicole | 9914 comments Marco fell asleep like that, feeling so calm and warm, the next morning came so soon he didn't even notice, that was weird in him. He stretched and looked around and down at her, then frowned a little and took off her clothes before she woke up. It was better that way, for her not to know what had really happened, it was his business now to find that pure soul and she was free, she probably didn't remember a thing. He walked around the room, still feeling a little dizzy from the day before but not that much. He found paper and pen and started writing, he had to sound like a jerk so she wouldn't want to see him again, he smirked, he was pretty good at acting like a jerk, he had been that his whole existence actually. He left the note in the nightstand beside her and was about to leave, but she looked so gorgeous in the sunlight, he stroked her hair for a moment as he contemplated her face then left, door closed from inside.

Thanks for that night babe, now you can say you lost your V card to Marco Holt, not that anyone would believe you, we must have been too drunk right? We were, don't talk about it.

Marco, if that wasn't obvious

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Hazel woke up as she shivered, she touched her body and startled when she felt only skin. She shot up and pulled the blankets in front of her chest, her hand pressing it tightly to her chest. Slowly she turned and looked at the note on the night stand, with a shaking hand she picked it up and read it, her heart sinking in her chest as she bit down on her lip and blinked back tears. She couldn't remember what had even happened and she had lost her virginity? Her eyes burned with hot tears and she scrambled around the room to pull on her clothes from the party. She wiped away any tears that had fallen and gripped the note in a tight fist as she hurried out of the house. Hazel walked home and snuck in the window of her house, what was she going to say to her brother? He must have been out of his mind with worry.

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Nicole | 9914 comments Marco walked to his apartment, hands in his pockets thinking. He entered the lonely house and sighed, pure soul, he couldn't steal a baby could he? That would even too cruel even for him. He looked at the ceiling, he wasn't worried for the girl. Hazel would wake up, go home and continue her life, he felt attracted to her in a strange way, maybe they could hang around some day, but maybe not, it was better if they didn't so she wouldn't be involved.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Hazel walked down to the kitchen after changing nervously, she then quickly ate and tried to escape the house before her brother woke and trapped her in the kitchen with questions. Hazel stroked her cat Ashie as she sauntered past and weaved between her legs, she set her hand on the door handle.

A beautiful demon strolled through the door to his apartment, "Marco." She hummed softly, he black hair long and beautiful as her piercing blue eyes burned into his, "Where have you been?" She whined and sat on the edge of his bed.

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Nicole | 9914 comments "Why is that question?" Answering questions with questions was his thing, he wasn't in the mood for her claims. Marco looked at her for a moment, she was really beautiful, what boys would want , not only gorgeous but hot and he didn't complain, he just kept ignoring her and looking at the ceiling. They had had a thing for some months, she wasn't his girlfriend just...kind of like that, now he didn't really seem interested in her, not after last night.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments She tilted her head to the side, beautiful eyes blinking up at him, "Did you get the drugs? You were gone for so long." She said and leaned down to look at him, "Come on, I have some customers that need their hit." Kala said softly.

Hazel left the house, happy her brother hadn't stomped down the stairs, she walked out, her hands in her hoodie pockets and hood over her honey blonde hair. She stared at the ground as she walked, she needed space to think.

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Nicole | 9914 comments "I..." Where had he left it...oh no. "Okay...don't kill me I just have to...do some stuff, I'll be back"
He'd left the bag pack in the room, now that was being stupid. It was pretty early so he had some hope, yet if someone found it he was dead, more than dead. Marco started walking back to the house.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Hazel was staring at the ground like it was the most interesting thing in the world. Her thoughts were jumbled and messy as she walked. She punished her brain with questions and tears began to brim again, her hand darted to her face and then pulled the hood tighter around her.

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Nicole | 9914 comments Marco was too lost in thought, looking blankly at the front as he thought of the posible consequences of his stupidities, they were not normal drugs, that to say the least, and he was supposed to give them to a very powerful demon, his soul was more than dammed if that was lost. He jumped as he bumped into someone, "I'm sorry" he said quickly but then saw her face, his world froze.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Hazel stiffened and her gaze dropped as soon as she saw the quick glimpse of him, and shoved him back and turned to keep walking. She didn't want to deal with him, she didn't want to see him. Her shaking shoulders and wide eyes upset as she tried to hold back tears.

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Nicole | 9914 comments Marco frowned as his train of thoughts just stopped for a second, she looked real hurt, he did what he did to annoy her and so she wouldn't want to see him again, not to make her sad. Her soul was so pure and her eyes so sweet he felt bad, real bad but it could have been worst, she would belong to the Dark Lord if he hadn't done that, but then that was his fault too. He forgot what he had to doo for a moment and started walking behind her, he didn't know what to say he just wanted to say the truth, but that was so far from reality it would sound like a lie. He sighed, it was better to stick to his lie. "Hazel, hey I was thinking that maybe we could...um, hang around some day? I had some things to do this morning, sorry I was not there when you woke up" he really sounded like a jerk, he was not even trying and he still knew she shouldn't get involved in his world, he just couldn't help it, being in front of her destroyed his self control.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Hazel held her elbows and ducked her head, "Leave me alone Marco." She said, her voice sharper and calmer than she would have thought. Her anger and sadness hitting her like a brick, she was angry that he'd let her try anything on him. She thought he'd gotten her punch not alcohol. Hazel couldn't believe him, "I don't want to talk to you." She said with venom, her pace quickening as she felt him following behind her. Hazel had trusted him and he broke it, her hand fisted around his note and she almost trembled with anger.

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Nicole | 9914 comments Marco flinched, not used to the harsh tone in her sweet voice. But it was better that way he knew, he didn't even know what it was, but everytime he saw her he lost control, forgetting what he was supposed to be doing, he had not lied when he said he liked her. "I'm sorry" he said softly brushing her shoulder, then he just faded from her sight, once in the shadows he remembered what he had to do, he walked back to the house unseen.

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Deanna (DeannaKC) | 23693 comments Hazel kept going, never looking back as she walked into the large park, she took in a breath of the fresh air and walked through the lush green grass. She needed the break, she needed the peace only this little sanctuary could give her in the bustling of the city of which they lived.

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