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Wow! Seventh grade was so long ago for me! I'm now in 10th grade!
Basically, take every step as it comes. There is no need to worry, and if I can remember clearly, seventh grade was one of the best years of my life! It was both exiting and fun, and was defiantly easier that eighth grade at the time.
Just see it as another step towards your life, and enjoy it! Study hard, have fun, and that's basically all there is to it!
Trust me, seventh grade is a good year. It's full of challenges and fun.

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I liked middle school. It was fun and easy in 6th and 7th. Going into 8th! Last year at my middle school!

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Two-braids~ Mapledream "From the ashes of failure rises success" wrote: "I liked middle school. It was fun and easy in 6th and 7th. Going into 8th! Last year at my middle school!"
I'm going into 8th grade this year too. When do you start? I start the 19th... :(

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That sucks. 25 maybe. Not really sure.

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What grade are you going into?

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What do you need advice on? It's my last year, so I think Ive got this down.

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 141 comments Hannah wrote: "7th...I'm in Online school, tho, so I'm not freaked out!"

I am going into 7th, and it's at a new school. :\ I went to an online school! It was called iCademy! I'm even in the commercial!

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Nice! Now I have to look it up xP

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 141 comments XD Lol, it's on YouTube. You'll see me throughout the commercial, but I'm one of the kids at the very, very end. My sis says, 'We're Awesome.' And I smile. WE HAD NO IDEA WE WERE BEING RECORDED!!!

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That's funny. I watched it but I didn't notice anyone that might be you. It sounds really nice

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 141 comments Ok, did you watch a cartoon one?

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Best way to survive jr. High is to keep your mind open and don't break any rules :)
Oh and make new friends, all three are ways to survive Jr. high

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 141 comments Lol, I am awesome at making friends. I went to a middle school mixer, and a lot of people wanted to talk to me, because I was da champion of GaGa Ball. I never break rules. It is totally against my nature.

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Watched the video, and your absolutely beautiful :)

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I'll have to look again
Very end right?

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 141 comments Yep, thanks Jamie. :P

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Your welcome :)

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Wrong one xP that's funny

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 141 comments XD

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 26 comments Middle school was a breeze. The best years were 7th and 8th. My sister is going into 6th on September 9th. I say that the most important thing is to not let anyone try to bother you. My sister is going to have trouble with that because she lacks common sense and a.backbone. She is too dependent and has been bullied before.
I was never bullied. Everyone knew to leave me alone. It's important to establish that you want respect and if others leave you alone, then everything will be fine. Any time someone had a problem with me, I dealt with them quickly and they never bothered me again. The idea is to watch how people interact. Once you know that, you have a major advantage in life.

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 141 comments Ah, OK. I already do that. Nobody messes with da _._.! (That is meh name, but i blanked it out. :P)

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 26 comments Ok XD

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Man my friends in 6th grade werent very good. I just showed them I didnt want to be treated the same. Not by words, but how I acted and treated them. Otherthan

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That middle school was pretty awesome

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 141 comments *sniff* *sniff* Where is you, Mapledream? :'(

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What? Iz confuzzled now

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:( that's so awful! Shame on them

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 26 comments Tell them that you like you so they clearly don't know what they're talking about.

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 26 comments No problem ;)

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 141 comments Mapledream wrote: "What? Iz confuzzled now"


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What? I is confuzzled a lot!

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