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message 1: by Sarah (last edited Aug 06, 2015 12:15PM) (new)

Sarah Downing | 9 comments Hi,

I'm getting ready to publish my second book 'weft of crimson', which is currently with an editor. I'm looking to get some feed back on the mocked-up covers for the second book and the reissued cover for my first book 'bound' before I purchased the rights for the model images.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

weft of crimson


message 2: by Harald, The Swimmer (last edited Aug 06, 2015 05:10PM) (new)

Harald | 398 comments Mod
Welcome, Sarah!

The covers are pretty clean. The main issue for me is the lack of "brightness contrast" between your text elements and the colored background panels. More of a problem on "Weft." Putting black on top of dark red is always a problem. This is even more apparent when smaller, as most will see them. Like this:

weft of crimson     Bound

And here you can really see the problem when viewed in grayscale:


(check out the article about using Grayscale as a quick test:

For the images, I like the soft tones on "Bound." Goes well with the colored panels. On "Weft," the man is pretty "hot" (bright) and really overwhelms everything else. If you tried making the texts White/light, that might balance things more. Or maybe just tone down the man's skin some.

Hope this is helpful.

P.S., can you give us the Genre and maybe a quick logline or something so we know what they're about? That would help.

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Downing | 9 comments Hi Harald,

Thanks for the feedback, I'll make the changes you suggested. The books are fantasy. Outlines below:

Bound - Stolen by an imposter priest, slave-girl Coiran Hiralad finds herself being offered up as sacrifice to calm a storm at sea.

Found wound on the beach by former crown prince Elam Kelshall, she accepts a position in his household rather than be return to a life of slavery.

When the king is murdered and Elam is named heir, can Coiran use her newly discovered heritage as the last living werewolves that serve the god of death to save both their live and put an end to the coup attempt?

Weft of crimson - When the drottir, the foreign troops meant to guard the royal family, let an assassin close to Elam and his brother Jera, Elam has had enough.

What should have been a simple mission to escort the drottir back to their own border is complicated by the presence of a company of high-ranking council members and their daughters who are intent of pressuring Elam into a marriage contract.

When the border fort where they are staying in is attacked and the walls breached, Elam and Coiran must escort the nobles to safety.

And chance encounter with a handsome stranger has Coiran realising that she might not be the last werewolf after all.

message 4: by C.B. (new)

C.B. Archer | 46 comments Hello Sarah!

The black and red is definitely what stands out to me as well. To keep branding consistent I think the black text might be needed, but white text would certainly stand out more.

Since Weft of crimson has... well crimson in the title, it may be a hard task to keep that text black. I know that orange and yellowish would look good, but that isn't crimson.

You can still have a 'cooler' cover and a 'hotter' cover though, so I don't think you need to worry about changing the photos.

message 5: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Downing | 9 comments Thanks for all the feedback.

message 6: by Harald, The Swimmer (new)

Harald | 398 comments Mod
Sarah wrote: "Thanks for all the feedback."

Any revisions to show us? :)

message 7: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Downing | 9 comments I'm working on them at the moment. I'll post them up when they're done :0)

message 8: by Sarah (last edited Aug 25, 2015 02:00PM) (new)

Sarah Downing | 9 comments Okay, revised covers below:

message 9: by C.B. (new)

C.B. Archer | 46 comments That is looking much easier to read! The extra little touches, like that gold bar, really help to make this look more professional than the first version.

Great job!

message 10: by Harald, The Swimmer (new)

Harald | 398 comments Mod
Well, I'm going to differ with C.B. just a little. Although "Weft" is definitely easier to read now against the red, I'm not really digging the added complexity of the font, specifically all those little marching ants as an outline. Q: Is that supposed to look like molten metal? I think that outline (which is darker than the font face) is actually working against you, especially on "Bound" where the contrast is not as strong. Have you tried the font in that color *without* the marching ants outline?

(I know they're not marching ants but it's a computer-graphics term that popped into my head.)

P.S. You toned down the man in "Weft" — better!

message 11: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Downing | 9 comments I did try the white font without the outline, whilst it worked for WEFT, it caused the text to faded into the background with BOUND.

I'll keep playing with the text.

message 12: by Sarah (last edited Aug 26, 2015 01:27AM) (new)

Sarah Downing | 9 comments Does this look better? I've simplified the text with a slightly darker border and darkened the background so the text doesn't get lost.

message 13: by Harald, The Swimmer (new)

Harald | 398 comments Mod
YES!!! Huge improvement to my eyes. And good move darkening the backgrounds.

Good work!

message 14: by C.B. (new)

C.B. Archer | 46 comments Oooooh! Neat!

Yes, this is even better!

message 15: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Downing | 9 comments Thanks guys, you've been a huge help and I appreciate it.

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