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Inferno (Robert Langdon, #4)
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Biana Inferno
I am a little behind for this week's challenge but considering the book that I picked, I think that's completely acceptable! Dan Brown is intense and fantastic!

My reason for picking this book wasn't because I've held a long desire to see Venice or Florence or Istanbul. It's because I want a trip with Robert Langdon. Or Dan Brown. Or anyone with information like this. He talks about the Grand Boboli Gardens and the Medici family that once owned all the land...their patronage of arts and humanities that fueled the Renaissance era...the literal history in statues!

St. Mark's Basilica and the story of the horses (Triumphal Quadriga) that were stolen repeatedly...including them losing their heads because they wouldn't fit in the ship's cargo hold; the Hagia Sophia that has served three different religions and current has 2 side by side; the Basilica Cistern which provided much needed water for the dry Istanbul area and has an upside down Medusa head as a column....these are things that I want to know!

Thanks again Dan Brown for the adventure!

Ana A (anabana_a) | 414 comments There's already a discussion of this book here. :)

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