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You don't mention what sub-genre of fantasy you're writing e.g urban, epic, low.
This means the responses in this forum will be mixed and will be of no help to you. For instance, my feelings towards YA epic fantasy is completely different to how I feel about YA urban fantasy.
Each sub-genre has their own set of rules, races and character types.

*Coming back to give my answers*

YA urban fantasy questionnaire

*I don't know why but it seems that YA urban fantasy deviates from the urban fantasy genre, and I don't understand why this is being done. In YA urban fantasy, you get the "strong teen heroine", the city setting and then the author completely makes up the rules from there.
So my answer is that I don't actually see real* YA urban fantasy novels but I would love to read one. (*Other than the authors who first became adult urban fantasy authors, then moved in the YA market)
* World-building. While I like romance, the typical love triangle seems to take precedence over world-building and I really don't like it.

* Authors who write urban fantasy think that writing a strong female lead = a bitch.
* Writers who talk down to their readers and insert stereotypical teenage characters. I disliked it when I was 14, and I still dislike it now I'm 22.

3. The assumption that alpha females/males means that they should be an asshole.

4. The bitchy, popular cheerleader who hates the protagonist for no reason becomes the antagonist or is working for the antagonist. I want villains to have a motive -- even a weak motive is better than not having one at all.

5. This question is somewhat out of touch with the market. In comparison to vampire, werewolf and witch orientated books, the fae isn't that popular. Elves are fae but you don't often see elves in urban fantasy so I'm not sure where you got this from.
As for what I want to see, I enjoy reading about all of them, especially vampires and the fae. Vampire, werewolves and the fae do fit in with the gritty tone of urban fantasy but it's entirely possible to write about Valkyries and Furies and other creatures from mythology.

6. As long as it's well written and well researched, I'm not bothered what culture is featured.

You're welcome, by the way. It's always nice when people are thanked for taking the time out to help people in need!

Izzy Ilona Andrews is someone you might want to look into. They write adult urban fantasy but you can still take notes from them.
They tackle complex world
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1 A villain who gets his minions to join because they believe he has convinced them that he has either the moral high-ground or is a necessary evil.

2 heroes who seem too powerful

3 heroes who get through problems more through brawn then brains

4 a villain who goes after either power alone or some other boring thing or simply does evil for evil's sake

5 Goblins

6 No Opinion

Hope it helps

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