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message 1: by Jenny (new)

Jenny Gale (jennylgale) This is the first book in a potential series, tentatively entitled "Jessamine." I already have one beta, but am looking for more who are willing to read with an eye toward critiquing. At the moment, I am only looking for free betas. If 150k is too much for you, I'd be willing to cut the offer to the first twelve chapters.

Thank you in advance.


On the outside, Jessica Dougherty lives a normal life, but the person inside is smothered by an abusive husband and a self-righteous mother whose highest concern is that her daughter live a sinless life. Since the death of her father, Jessica’s life has not been her own. Others have shaped it. She knows little of life outside their cocoon. Desperate to live and experience life, Jessica breaks free to become the person she wants to be.

message 2: by Jenny (new)

Jenny Gale (jennylgale) Okay, I'd be willing to cut the offer down to the first SIX chapters. Anybody?

message 3: by Nelly (new)

Nelly Cotto | 19 comments I am developing a manuscript evaluation business for women writers. I'm looking to evaluate several manuscripts for FREE to measure how well my formula works. Basically, the formula looks for: author's true voice, story's viability, fractures, strengths, story's essence (theme), and how well rooted the events and characters are in story's essence. 150,000 words are more than I want to read for one individual, so I'll take you up on the first six chapters. If this sounds good to you, please reply with your email address and I'll send you further instructions for submitting your chapters to me. Okay? Nelly

message 4: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Smith | 4 comments Hi Nelly,

I am curious if you would also evaluate my manuscript? My novel is YA with a romance sub-genre and finished at 60K words. I have pasted the synopsis below. Please email me at if this project sparks your interest!

After losing his little sister to cancer, college student Bentley Menichelli feels his life is pointless. The heartbroken student’s life veers out of control, and he soon finds himself before the university board on charges of vandalism. As punishment, he is required to serve as an assistant with the night janitor.
During his nightly assignments, he lays eyes on a beautiful and talented student, Dorothy baking in the culinary kitchen.
Outside of the kitchen, Dorothy struggles with her own tragedies. She is still suffering from the loss of her father four years prior, but she is learning to cope as she has the heart of her sister Donna pushing her towards healing and success.
After a late night in the kitchen Dorothy discovers a tragic reality that haunts her past. The pain of this reality provokes heavy drinking and driving. After several days, Dorothy wakes up in the hospital to find her vision has been taken, and her sister passed away.
As a year passes Bentley ignites a positive and life changing difference to his life and the community. It’s only a matter of time before Dorothy intertwines with Bentley once again as fate unfolds.
Bentley and Dorothy, two people both entwined with tragedy. Yet their poignancy will intersect with creation’s most treasurable values, reminding us all that even the most difficult cards dealt in life can yield sensational journeys: beyond pessimism, beyond demise, to the inner power of love and forgiveness.

Thank you,

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