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S. Sawyer (Sawyer1211) | 18 comments I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I feel like it is an important issue that needs addressing. If a writer ask for a beta reader, you should only offer your services if you are serious. It is very exciting to a writer when someone offers to read and critique their work, but it is very discouraging when the beta disappears. I have been fortunate to have three great readers, but I have also sent out my manuscript to would be betas and never heard a word back. Just something to think about before offering to be a beta for someone.

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S. Sawyer (Sawyer1211) | 18 comments You could look up copyright laws. I've done a little research on it, and my understanding is that ownership of a written piece is protected as soon as you begin to write it and needs no formal agreement. As far as someone committing their time to review your work, it's frustrating. I've sent out my entire manuscript to never hear a single word back. But on the other hand, I found a few excellent readers who have been invaluable to helping me complete my book. It helps to have extra eyes looking it over and another perspective other than your own.

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S. Sawyer (Sawyer1211) | 18 comments Hey Simone,
I have just started up a blog to help writers like us address these kinds of issues. It's place to help out writers and authors get there work out there. Check it out. www.bubblingwip.com

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