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Staying Her: A Transgender Romance
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Hi. My name's Holly. I've written (and am writing) a series of transgender romance novels called Staying Her. If you've got some time, please check them out and let me know what you think!

If you're interested, here's the synopsis for the first novel:
'True love smoulders, not burns,' John had always thought. That is, until he meets Kirsty, a gorgeous, enigmatic woman with emerald hair. There's only one problem: Kirsty is actually a man - a man who happens to spend every waking second of his time as a girl - but a man no less. Well, that and the fact that John is in a relationship, one that he doesn't plan on getting out of anytime soon.

I'm happy to give out copies for free in exchange for an honest review. If you're interested, PM me to let me know :-)

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Jordan Rubenstein (jordanrubenstein) | 1 comments I'm happy to see new trans romance novels, but am a bit bummed out by one of the lines of the synopsis:

"There's only one problem: Kirsty is actually a man - a man who happens to spend every waking second of his time as a girl - but a man no less."

Is there a reason you chose this language? You said that Kristy is a woman in the second line. Assuming that she is a transgender woman, she is actually a woman, not actually a man. I feel that this type of language can feed into the idea that transgender women are men who are pretending to be women, but are actually still men.

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Hey Jordan. Thanks for your comment! I tell you, one of the hardest parts of writing the first novel was coming up with a synopsis I was happy with. You'd think the actual writing would be the agonising part, but no haha.

What you pointed out was actually one of my concerns. I'd be extremely interested to hear your take on the synopsis after reading the novel. A few readers have told me that Kirsty doesn't fit the mould of a typical transgendered woman, and I agree. The premise of the story is that Kirsty identifies as a man, all of her friends know her as a man, John (the main character) knows she identifies as a man, but she rarely makes an appearance as anything other than a woman. It's a weird situation, and Kirsty would be the first one to point this out. It isn't until the end of the story that Kirsty figures out what's going on with her. The point is, the synopsis is accurate for where it is situated in the story's timeline and I do stand by it.

If you are interested in giving the novel a shot, PM me and I'll send you a free copy in the format of your choice :-)

Thanks again for the reply!


Grace Mead (gracemead) | 2 comments I thought both this book and Ms. Sharp's follow up were excellent. You can see my review, which covers both, here:

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