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Orlando Bloom
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Heath Ledger
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Thomas Brodie-Sangster
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Arden Cho
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Sierra Boggess
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Lily Collins
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Holland Roden
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⚔Ƈordelia Ʀose ƛsplin

 photo image1_zps69246113.gif

Ƒull Ɲame -- Cordelia Rose Asplin
Ƒirst Ɲame -- Cordelia - From Cordeilla, possibly a Celtic name of unknown meaning. According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, Cordeilla was the youngest of the three daughters of King Lear and the only one to remain loyal to her father. When adapting the character for his play 'King Lear' (1606), Shakespeare altered the spelling to Cordelia.
Middle Ɲame -- Rose - Originally a Norman form of a Germanic name, which was composed of the elements hrod "fame" and heid "kind, sort, type". The Normans introduced it to England in the forms Roese and Rohese. From an early date it was associated with the word for the fragrant flower rose (derived from Latin rose).
Լast Ɲame -- Asplin - from English origin meaning 'powerful' or 'complete'.

 photo image1_zps2f5dd562.gif

ƛge -- 19
Ȥodiac -- Gemini
Ɗate Ơf Ɓirth -- June 21st, 1647
Ƥlace Ơf Ɓirth -- Port Royal

 photo image1_zpsec5314f6.gif

 photo image_zpsihg1rtfq.jpg
Ƒace Ƈlaim -- Holland Roden
Ӈair -- Strawberry Blonde
Єyes -- Sea Green
Ӈeight -- 5'3"
Ɯeight -- 109 lbs
Ɓody Ƭype -- Curvy and Strong
Ƨpecies -- Human
Ƈlothing -- (view spoiler)

 photo image1_zps064b9e81.gif

Cordelia is an ambitious young girl and seeks to find what she wants in life. In her case, this is freedom to do as she pleases without any chains to hold her back. She has a wild and free spirit, which can often time get her in trouble, but are good aspects for a pirate. Cordelia is also very intelligent, an excellent cartographer and writer. She is also a very good swordsman, having beaten even the best of soldiers. Having been raised in a wealthy home, she is very efficient in her work and organized with her things. Courageous and confidence scream Cordelia's name and shine like a light in her life. Her courage often feeds into her wild spirit, but she's different than any lady all the same.

Ƨtrengths / Ɯeaknesses
♛Excellent Swordsmanship
♛Courageous & Confident
♛Efficient & Organized
♛Persuasive & Optimistic
♕The Crew
♕Cunning & Reckless
♕Head Strong & Prideful
♕People She Cares For

Լikes / Ɗislikes
♛Rum & Whiskey
♛Openly Flirting
♛Being Free
♕Aristocrats / Royals
♕Being Sheltered
♕Her Fathers Parties
♕The Man She's Engaged To

 photo image1_zps2b1b8ab7.gif

Elizabeth Grace Asplin's screams filled the cool night air, her body pulsing with pain as if she'd been set on fire, and then it all went away as a baby girl was finally pushed out from her body. Cordelia Rose Asplin was brought into this world on a cool crisp night in June, the summer solstice in fact. She was born into a wealthy aristocrat family -- the Govenors in fact -- who would try to raise the strawberry blonde to the highest levels they could. That's only the beginning of her story.
Cordelia grew up as a wild and ambitious child, never ceasing to not follow the rules. Her best friend and partner in crime, Alayna Lydia Adams, was just as equally wild and rambunctious as they spent their childhood years together. They went through everything together -- Cordelia's first crush, the time they saw a pirate ship, Cordelia's first banquet, Alayna's childhood training sessions, and even Cordelia's mothers death.
When the two small girls were four, Cordelia's mother, Elizabeth, was going to give birth to another child. They watched and waited for hours as her mothers labor went on and on. And then they heard a babies cry. Cordelia's mother had bore a son, and rejoice was spread all around. Until they noticed that Elizabeth wasn't moving nor breathing. Her mother lay stone-cold, death having struck her at the point when they needed her alive to take care of her babe. Cordelia was silent for a year, not speaking to anyone. For a whole year she did this, until one day Alayna was to leave for the summer to sail across the seas with her father. Cordelia cried and begged for her friend not to go, and so she did not leave her best friends side.
Cordelia got over her mothers death, and soon the girls were back onto their track of mischievousness. But that was only to last for a few more years. When Alayna and Delia were thirteen, Alayna's father decided it was time for her to start her real training if she were ever to get into the Royal Navy. With the two split apart, unimaginable things began to creep into the mind of Cordelia. Things that a lady shouldn't be thinking, but did so anyways.
Cordelia was sitting on the sea shore one day when a Pirate ship drew near. Of course, it didn't set foot on Port Royal, but she watched it with awe, in love with the way the people aboard the ship were so... so.. Free. It amazed her, and everyday since that day she'd yearned to find that freedom amongst a pirate crew. It was insane for her to think that, but Cordelia put whatever she could to her mind.
When Alayna and Cordelia were seventeen, were the two friends reunited. Alayna had gotten into the Royal Navy and was stationed with her father at Port Royal once more. For two years, Cordelia kept secret of her desire to join the pirates. The two never kept anything from each other, but this was one thing she was actually afraid to tell her friend. Alayna always questioned why Cordelia would sneak out just to sketch maps, boats, the open sea and a many other abundant things mostly related to piracy.
On her nineteenth birthday, Cordelia revealed to Alayna her plan to run away and become a pirate, for it was her dream to be free from becoming a lady, for she hated the mere thought. Alayna was skeptical at first, but accepted her friends life decision. That very same year, her father had her betrothed to the son of the General of the Royal Navy. Cordelia was infuriated. She didn't want to marry for politics -- no, she would marry for love. And the next day a pirate was to be hung in Port Royal, was the day she would run far, far away.

Ɓest Memory
✵playing with Alayna everyday in the fields
Ɯorst Memory
✵the day her father told her she was betrothed to the Royal Navy's General's son, and how she was now expected to be a lady

✵Edward Scott Asplin - Father - Alive and Well
Elizabeth Grace Norrington-Asplin - Deceased
✵Uriah David Asplin - Younger Brother - Alive and Well

 photo image1_zps27611907.gif

Ɯeapon Ơf Ƈhoice -- Sword
Ơccupation -- Lady-In-Waiting {formerly} ; Pirate {currently}
Ƨexuality -- Heterosexual
Ʀelationship -- Reserved
Ƒriends / Ƈrew
✵Alayna Lydia Adams

 photo image1_zps71a5973c.gif

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⚔Ƈaptain Ӈonorem and Ƙeeper of the Ƈode⚔

 photo image1_zps76119e09.gif

Ƒull Ɲame -- Killian Jaymes Honorem
Ƒirst Ɲame -- Killian - Anglicized variant of Cillian, also used in France.
Middle Ɲame -- Jaymes - Variant of James.
Լast Ɲame -- Honorem - from Latin origin meaning 'honor'.

 photo image1_zpse35aca15.gif

ƛge -- 29
Ȥodiac -- Leo
Ɗate Ơf Ɓirth -- July 31, 1637
Ƥlace Ơf Ɓirth -- The Caribbean Sea

 photo image1_zps05bde83b.gif

 photo image_zpskumpiuog.jpg
Ƒace Ƈlaim -- Orlando Bloom
Ӈair -- Dark Brown
Єyes -- Stormy Grey
Ӈeight -- 6'"
Ɯeight -- 160 lbs
Ɓody Ƭype -- Lean and Muscular
Ƨpecies -- Human
Ƈlothing (view spoiler)

 photo image1_zps7c03f26b.gif

Captain Killian Jaymes Honorem is your ideally very feared and respected pirate. He's a ruthless killer, vast plunderer, and uncanny thief. A true captain at heart, Killian has some of the best leadership qualities out there. If he wished, he could most likely command a whole armada of pirates across the Seven Seas. He excels in intelligence, his brain witty and quick to thinking and learning. Killian is a brilliant writer and cartographer, adding to his infamous works. When it comes to a duel or battle, Killian is a wicked sword fighter, and even knows some hand to hand combat skills. Not most pirates have this, but he does. Killian actually has a big heart underneath all the anger, captain-like attitude. He cares deeply for his crew and makes sure they only have the finest. When it comes to the death of a crew member, he actually takes it to heart and mourns with the rest of his mates. Now, Killian is easily annoyed when under stress, and often gets angry when he is unable to figure something out or there's a tough situation going on. At times like those, it's best to leave him alone to his solitude. Captain Honorem knows what he's doing, for its always been a pirates life for him.

Ƨtrengths / Ɯeaknesses
♛Flexible & Adaptable
♛Gathering & Analyzing Information
♛Initiative & Orderly
♛Tolerant & Respected
♕His Crew (and Jack)
♕Managing His Anger
♕The Voyage of the Damned
♕Ruthless & Brutal Towards the Royal Navy

Լikes / Ɗislikes
♛Swordsmanship Duels
♛Singing To His Crew At Night
♕Pelegostos Tribe
♕Chest of Corteś
♕The King's Royal Navy

 photo image1_zpse10ae53c.gif

It was the hottest day of the year, and Davy Jones seemed to be wanting to catch a soul aboard Captain Davies ship, and drag it down to his locker. The only woman aboard the ship was pregnant with the Captain's child, and this wasn't her first birthing. A baby boy was born, coming fresh into this world through the flesh-burning scorches of the sun. His mother, Marie Anna, though, was taking a heavy toll on the heat. The woman, going mad, tied herself up and threw herself overboard to rid herself of the unbearable heat and nausea.
Captain Davies kept his son aboard the ship, and managed to keep the child alive throughout the seven years that he had him. At age seven, Killian Jaymes Davies was already beginning to master the art of swordsmanship, learning quickly on how to fight like a proper pirate. But no great amount of swordsmanship could stop the bullet which pierced his fathers heart.
While on the outskirts of Tortuga, Captain Davies was ambushed by a group of Royal Naval Officers, while Killian hid in the under grass. Young Killian, with horror watched as his father was brutally murdered without a flinch, by none other than General Adams. That day, he vowed to hunt him down when he was older and wiser, and murder the man as he had murdered his father.
Killian honestly did not care much for the new captain of his fathers ship, and left without a trace. For a year, he became a pick pocketer and thief in Tortuga, until one day Captain Blackbeard came. Killian didn't know who the man was, but was so close to getting away with stealing a pouch of gold medallions. Blackbeard, astonished by Killian's wits and abilities to fight back, took him under his wing and trained him to become on of the most feared pirates across the Seven Seas.
Killian was Blackbeard's first mate from age fifteen to eighteen. The year Killian turned eighteen he decided to take his leave and start a crew of his own. Blackbeard sadly let his protege go, but knew that Killian would make a great captain.
In his time with Blackbeard, Killian had taken on a new surname. Honorem. Latin for honor, he vowed to always honor the Pirate Code and never let it down. After turning eighteen, our young pirate was now search of a crew. As a gift, Blackbeard had given Killian one of his ships in which he renamed 'the Voyage of the Damned'. It took him two years but soon enough, our young pirate had a crew of his own and was beginning to be known as Captain Honorem. He pillaged and plundered, defeating several towns all across the Caribbean.
After their last member had died, the Nine Pirate Lords sought out a new Keeper of the Code. And their choice was Captain Killian Jaymes Honorem, who kept the code better than himself? They brought him in, and soon enough the Captain was elected as the new Keeper of the Pirate Code, highly respected and feared by all pirates across the Seven Seas. And that's where Captain Honorem's biggest journey began.

Ɓest Memory
✵the day he became part of the Brethren Court and Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea
Ɯorst Memory
✵watching his father be murdered in front of him

Captain Ulysses Rodger Davies - Father - Deceased
Marie Anna Cabello - Deceased
✵Siblings - Unknown

 photo image1_zpse47b0d48.gif

Ɯeapon Ơf Ƈhoice -- Bloodweep, Sword
Ơccupation -- Keeper of the Code
Ƨexuality -- Heterosexual
Ʀelationship -- Open
Ƒriends / Ƈrew
Ƥets -- A capuchin monkey named Jack. (view spoiler)

 photo image1_zps8c2eddfc.gif

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