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Melissa | 9127 comments So what are we doing?

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Well do you have any specific ideas? Cause I have a few but I didn tknow if you had somethin special in mind

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Melissa | 9127 comments I'd like to do like a crown prince/guard thing but I don't have specific plot points so if there's something you really want to do I'm all ears

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I like the prince guard thing, maybe they could be from like rivalling kingdoms or something

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Melissa | 9127 comments Maybe but how would they get to be together much?

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True true. Nvm about that. I was trying to thriw in some dramatic action. Maybe the crwn prince is in an arranged engagement but then he falls in love with said guard we're talking about.

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Melissa | 9127 comments Yeah, well there's also the whole social divide plus the crown prince will have to produce an heir at some point.

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So what was the plot you were wanting, we'll just go with that

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Melissa | 9127 comments I was thinking it would be between the crown prince and his body guard and either they're already in a relationship or they get into one and get past some personal stuff like how can I like men, I'm the next king and I have to have children or you're the prince and I'm just a lowly guard this isn't right etc and so forth then after they work past one or more of their issues the current king arranges a marriage for the prince and the two have to decide if they want to continue in secret, break it off, have the prince step down, let her in on it, or whatever else

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Sounds really good. Whos who, so I can get to making a character sheet

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Melissa | 9127 comments I can be the guard

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Mmk! Ill get to my character, im usually not too detailed, is that ok or should I do more

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Melissa | 9127 comments That's totally fine, I usually just do quick ones too :)

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Melissa | 9127 comments Name: Marco Griffith
Age: 23

Personality: Marco is a diligent kind of guy. He doesn't quit something until it's finished and he refuses to back down when he knows something is wrong. He is usually very straightforward and can get embarrassed easily if someone teases him too much. He knows who he is and he knows his place in the world and he's happy with that... For the most part anyway.

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Melissa | 9127 comments I can't see the image, could you try a different link maybe?

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Did the new ones work?

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Melissa | 9127 comments Yep, thank you! So who should start?

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Can you? Just so I get an idea

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Melissa | 9127 comments How long should posts be?

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Maybe anywhere from 2 to 7 sentences? Longer if needed, but no one liners

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Melissa | 9127 comments Okay


Marco stood silently behind his prince, exactly three steps behind His Highness at all times. He kept his face impassive as Prince Xavier went about his daily duties. Marco was there only to protect the prince. At such a young age he knew it was an honor that he was the prince's personal body guard and he vowed to live up to that honor, to protect the prince with his life each and every day that he drew breath.

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"Marco, how hasn't times have I told you, when I'm cleaning and doing these petty duties around my room, you can sit. " he smiled at his body guard good naturedly.

(((Crap gtg to bed I'll post tomorrow ))

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Melissa | 9127 comments (Okay, night then)

"Of course Your Highness, my apologies." Marco said and sat stiffly near the entrance of the room. He sometimes got carried away, he knew that. He just wanted to keep the Prince safe. He tried to relax since he knew Prince Xavier would want him to but it was hard. He was along with His Highness and that always set him on edge though he couldn't say if that was a good or bad thing.

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Melissa | 9127 comments (Mornin sunshine)

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Xavier sat at the edge of his bed and sighed. "Youre fantastic at your job, I wish all people had the same drive and workmanship that you do." He smiled at Marco

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Melissa | 9127 comments He blinked in surprise. "Thank you Your Highness." He said, not used to such praise from someone of such high status. He heard it from generals occasionally but no one of royal blood took any notice most of the time.

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Xavier smiled. "Hows your mother?" He asked. "I heard she'd been sick, down in the village." Xavier added. He always bayed attention to the lives of the people who worked for him. It was only fair.

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Melissa | 9127 comments "She's doing well, my salary pays for any medicine she needs." Marco said with a smile. "Thank you for asking." He didn't get to see his mother much but his sister took care of her.

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"Very good. If you need anything, dont hesitate to ask. He said, rubbing his branding clan tattoo. On his birthday 2 weeks ago, he had gotten it to represent his kingdom. "Goodness this hurts." He muttered, mostly to himself.

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Melissa | 9127 comments (Not that it matters now...)

"Tattoos tend to do that Your Highness." Marco said with a small smile. "I'm sure it will fade soon though."

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