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message 1: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Churchill | 11 comments Hey authors! If you’re looking to publish your book, but aren’t sure about which company you’d like to publish with, let me tell you a little bit about Kellan Publishing.
Kelli Ballard, the owner of KP, started this business a couple of years ago because as an author, daily reporter, editor and a host of other titles, she knew how difficult it is to find a good publisher. One that cares about the authors and isn’t in it just for the bottom line.
She imagined a community of authors all working together, being involved in the process in a friendly, but also professional atmosphere. A place where deadlines are strict because they have to be, but not set in stone if something comes up causing a delay. Where the publisher is easy to talk to and doesn’t sign you on, publish your book and then disappear.
Where authors are not ignored and have some say in what goes on with their book. Their creation. Where authors can get a fair share of their royalties (50 percent) and not have to pay out to get published.
And Kellan Publishing was born.
Our authors are active contributors to Kellan and their books. Sure, we ask quite a bit from them (monthly blogs, author interviews, etc), but everything is meant to help promote their books and increase their success as an author.
To some our process may seem involved, but it is geared towards helping authors get the most success they can.
We only accept new and original works that have never been published, including self-published books. Authors fill out a short form and submit their synopsis and outline via a form on our website ( If we are interested after review, we will ask for the first two or three chapters to look over.
If your manuscript is accepted, you will receive a contract. Our terms are for three years retaining all publishing rights, but granting author rights. Contracts can be renewed. We provide book covers for free if the author does not want to submit their own, but if we create them, they are the property of Kellan Publishing and do not revert to the author if/when the contract ends.
After signing the contract, you will receive an email with the first ‘package’ of documents which will help you get ready for publication. This package includes formatting guidelines, information on promotion for your book and documents for you to fill out and return which help us to promote your book.
Once all of the material is received from the author and the book cover is completed and approved, a publication date is set. Usually, the publication date is a month out, giving the author time to work on press releases, setting up a pre-launch party, update their website and social sites and generally get ready for the big day. An author page is created on our website which has the author’s bio, photo and book cover with links to be able to purchase the book (once published).
Once the book is published, the author receives another email with documents explaining marketing and participation to help promote the book.
Kellan Publishing does a lot of marketing, with the author’s help. Here are some of the marketing platforms we use once a book is published:

• New release
• We announce with book cover and links every time a book is released on our Facebook and website.

• Author focus week
• Each week we focus on one author and their book in our blog (with a post on Facebook as well). The week consists of an author interview, chapter sample, meet the characters of the book, a quiz and discounts.

• Author monthly blog
• Once published, all authors provide a blog at the beginning of each month about their book. This goes on our blog and Facebook.

• Weekly free raffles
• The book being featured during author focus week is put into a free raffle where people can enter to win a free digital copy.

• Book of the Month
• Each month a book is selected as our Book of the Month and placed prominently on the website and Facebook

• Best Seller
• We update our website and Facebook with the bestselling book

• Post in app
• We offer a free cell phone app which has all of our books listed, author pages, free sample readings and more.

• Book trailers
• This is a new addition. We now require all books to have a book trailer. The trailers go on the author's page, in the bookstore (on the book's selling page), Facebook and in the blog whenever the author has a monthly blog post or is being featured for author focus week.

We are always updating, creating, adding and improving Kellan Publishing. If you would like to belong to an active publishing company with active authors, submit your manuscript. But be sure this is the type of activity you feel comfortable with. Remember to do your research to find the best spot for your ‘baby.’

We are accepting manuscript submissions for novels, novellas and our new serial books (think soap opera) in many genres including romance, science fiction, fantasy, Christian, horror, mystery, crime/detective, fiction and more.

Do you have a finished novel or novella? Submit it on our website:
Tour our bookstore at

We are also looking for guest bloggers to appear on our blog. Do you have a prominent following? Do you write motivating blog posts that discusses writing, editing, publishing, book reviewing, or designing book covers? Are you not an official blogger, but are interested in being a guest on our blog to drive more traffic and sales for your books or editing/designing services? Email me (Andrea Churchill, Marketing Manager) at for more information, or to submit a blog post to be featured on Kellan Publishing’s blog. All pertinent submissions are welcome!

And whatever you do, keep on writing!

message 2: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Schwimley (victoriaschwimley) | 95 comments Wow, Andrea. I'm working on a new release. I'll check it out when I'm ready.

Thanks for the information.

message 3: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Churchill | 11 comments Victoria wrote: "Wow, Andrea. I'm working on a new release. I'll check it out when I'm ready.

Thanks for the information."

Awesome Victoria. Hopefully we'll see you added to the team!

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