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Marina (regulardragon) | 74 comments Mod

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Ari (coveredinsnow-) | 32 comments [throws Outlander and hits you in the head with it] that's the first one

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Marina (regulardragon) | 74 comments Mod

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Marina (regulardragon) | 74 comments Mod
(i spent 15 minutes of my life doing this, w h y)

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Ari (coveredinsnow-) | 32 comments jesus christ marina [right-click saves]

also i forgot to say i've started The Ghost Bride. hopefully i'll get to read it while i'm at my father's and hopefully it won't suck (Outlander review here so marina doesn't have to go looking for it for the roundup post)

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Marina (regulardragon) | 74 comments Mod
If anyone needs recs, here you go:


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Marina (regulardragon) | 74 comments Mod
so how's it going for everyone? I've read four books already (I CAN'T BELIEVE) and each one was a journey I was really glad to be part of.

Now I'm halfway through Tell The Wolves I'm Home and so far it's clearly another one going to my favorites shelf.

Basically, WOMEN RULE.

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Tori (sometorist) | 21 comments i haven't been having as much luck as marina, unfortunately. none of the books i've read have been hORRIFICALLY HORRIBLE but i definitely didn't love 'em as much as i expected to.

Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina, misty copeland's autobiography, was pretty poorly written imo. it wasn't well structured, and near the end i had to like. force myself to finish it. which sucks, because MISTY COPELAND IS AMAZING. i really wanted this to be better than it was.

Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic was good, but... not to the level of its hype, i thought? like. everyone RAVES about this graphic novel, but idk. it didn't seem especially revelatory to me. again, though, the author - alison bechdel, of The Bechdel Test - is fucking amazing and i luv her.

and Lumberjanes, Vol. 1 was cute, it was good, and i'm glad it exists in the world. but it really doesn't compare to noelle stevenson's other graphic novel, Nimona.

BECAUSE NIMONA IS FUCKING AMAZING. please. everyone. everyone read nimona. idc if you're not a graphic novel person, if you don't like fantasy, or wHATEVER ELSE because nimona is the best graphic novel i've ever read in my life. i'm completely and totally 100% serious. do it. read it. you owe it to yourself to give this graphic novel a try. when i finished it, i legit had to rest my forehead on my desk and breathe for a bit, i loved it so much.

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Ari (coveredinsnow-) | 32 comments i just got back from a week in hell where i haven't had much time to read, but i'm hoping i'll manage to finish The Ghost Bride. really bummed i didn't read more this summer tho. i really wanted to read at least four or five books

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