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Duchess Natalia of the Northern Lights in the sky (duchessnataliaofnorthernlights) | 46 comments Mod
What are your thoughts on the heir?

message 2: by Camila (new)

Camila (camilahernandez) | 12 comments It was a GREAT BOOK but eadlyn is a snob and spoiled. She's ok but she's like "I will be queen, I can do whatever the eff I want" that kind of annoyed me. But OMG I LOOOOVE THE CONTENDERS!! I have it down to 4 people. And one of them is NOT in the selection...

message 3: by Valli (new)

Valli | 2 comments IKR! She is really snobby!

message 5: by Shadowhunter (new)

Shadowhunter (demonsdemigod) | 4 comments I did not like the ending of the heir I mean America Dies I was this close to crying and Eadlyn is just kind of a little lame...

message 6: by Shadowhunter (new)

Shadowhunter (demonsdemigod) | 4 comments but I loved The selection the Elite and The one Especially the part when Maxon is dying and he admits that he loves America. AWWW!! AND he was like
"break my heart. break it a thousand times. It was yours to break anyway."
SO CUTE!! I want a husband like that.

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