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Prince x Prince



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Hey hey hey! So tell me more about the plot if possible

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Well I was thinking, two princes could meet while riding a horse trail, and from that point they try to meet each other to get to know each other a little more, and as they get to know each other a little more, they start to gain feelings for one another. Then maybe after an long time Prince 1 wants to marry Prince 2, and blah blah, then we go from there I guess :)

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Ooh sounds good, maybe to juice it up, they could be from rival kingdoms, their fathers despise each other maybe? Just a thought

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Actually that's a good idea! :)

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Ok, cool! Thanks. And maybe when they try to tell other people about their love they get shut down cause of their fathers blah blah blah. How detailed do you want the characters?

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I don't really care about how detailed they are :)

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Mmk. Can u go first.?

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Nvm ive got mine chosen I just gotta get it down.

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Mmk. Can u start.?

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Mason, a young 17 year old male from Carmen, Mason was riding a white horse down the kingdom trail, it connected with the rival kingdom Montgomery. Mason sighed as he rode the white horse.

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Matthew was riding his favourite horse, Shadow, named accordingly. She was black as night, and fast, very fast. He had her slowed down, since he was on his favourite path, close to Carmen, but down by the river, so it was worth it.

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Mason was about to start singing when his horse neighed and he skidded to a stop, Mason fell off his horse and he rolled right towards the river. He would've stopped but he couldn't, he groans as he rolls right into the river.

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Matthew heard a crash coming from the bank. "Woah Shadow." His horse stopped and he jumped off, running down the access to the river, and then seeing a guy, who had rolled to the egde of the rivver, where it got flat. He jogged over to him. "Everything okay?" He said offering his hand to help him up.

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Mason shook his head to clear the leaves and sticks, " I'm-," Mason started as he grabbed the other guys hand, allowing the other guy to help him up, he looked at the guy, "-fine," Mason finished.

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"Good." Matthew said picking some of the leaves from the other guys hair. "Matthew." He smiled, holding out his hand for the other guy to shake

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" Mason," Mason replied, he shook the guys hand, his white horse came from the bushes, " You know, I hate you Rose," Mason says to the white horse, his white horse snorted.

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"Shes gorgeous though." Matthew smiled, walking up to the horse and starting to pet her head. "I know a clearing nearby, if you want to go there to rest awhile. I have food in my bag." He smiled. "The clearing is in Carmen though." He sighed, figuring Mason was just another citizen of Montgomery

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" Rose is a male white stallion, and I know if the clearing, perhaps you have not heard, but I am Prince Mason Ryan Jones," Mason replied, he smiled lightly.

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"Oh God ." He muttered, running his hands through his hair. "We shouldnt be speaking then." He sighed

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" Oh screw our fathers Prince Matthew, as long as we are in the middle of our two countries they can't do a damn thing, I know of a larger clearing with many food that we ourselves and our horses can eat, it's absolutely beautiful," Mason says.

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He laughed. "Please, just Matthew, I hate my title." He smiled, and gestured for them to go. He walked over and took his horse by the reigns. "Do you want to ride, or walk?" He asked

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" Let's just walk there," Mason says, he walked over to his horse and he grabbed his horses reins, he smiled lightly.

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Matthew walked him and his horse up next to Mason. "So, do you ride on this path alot? " he said trying to make small talk

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" All the time," Mason replied, he looked around.

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"Me too. " he smiled, and stopped in the clearing

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Mason smiled, " It's odd that we have never met," Mason says, in an British accent, it had finally hit once he got used to the guy.

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"Yeah." He smiled. "Tell me about yourself." He smiled, sitting in the grass

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" Okay, well you know about my father, but me, well let me start with I have an stepdad that I love very much, my dad and him spend so much time together, I have two older brothers, my favorite color is white, I have a poisonous snake named Crush, I have one small adorable kitten named Damien, I always spend my time riding or sitting in the garden talking with my butlers, I am friends with almost all the castle workers, I am head chef inside my castle, I am British and I have an accent that only comes when I have gotten used to an stranger or well an unknown man or woman," Mason says with a smile as he picked an apple from an apple tree.

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"Well." Matthew smiled. "You know about my family as well I suppose. But im always outdoors, on Shadow or hunting or practicing my archery. But I love writing, poems and stories and such. My favourite servant type is my surrogate uncle Argyle, who taught me practically everything I know. I have a dog, named Analise. Shes my baby." He smiled, picking the daisies laying around him

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Mason smiled, " Ah we both have so much about us that is unknown to the outside world," Mason says.

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"Of course we do. Secrets are what make us who we are, and make us as highly praised as we are too." He chuckled.

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" So true," Mason replied as he wiped the apple off before eating it.

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"What do you like most about your kingdom? " he asked

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" The beauty of it, the rolling hills, the beautiful night sky, the breeze that always flows through the kingdom, the sunsets and sunrises," Mason answered.

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"Pretty much the same for mine." He laughed, since their kingdoms were so similar and close. "I dont understand why our fathers must act the way they do towards each other." He said, and slightly shook his head

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" My butler has told me many stories about them, saying how one stole the love of his life or something," Mason says with a smile.

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"Oh god. " he said laughing and grabbing an apple for himself. "Let's hope niether of us have the same fate." He smiled

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" Yeah let's hope, that never happens, my father keeps telling me that your father stole the love of his life so that's why he turned towards men, I mean he's bisexual but you know what I mean," Mason replied.

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"Yeah, I gotcha." He smiled. "Sometimss I understand, in an off way. My parents pressure me all the time to choose a wife they need heirs. But I dont want a wife. Not now, not ever." He sighed. "But sometimes we make sacrifices for the good of others. "

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Mason raised an eyebrow, " I understand how you feel, but the only thing my family is pressuring me for is to find an ding dang husband, you know the rumor about the whole Jones family being homosexual? Well tell them to stop the rumors because it's true, everyone in my family is gay," Mason says, rambling.

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"If only my parents could acceot me like they do you, they just dont get it. Of course I havent said it flat out but honestly, they should've been avle to get it by now." He sighed again, and he discarded his apple core, laying back down on the grass.

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