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Lena Carter | 721 comments Name: Novella Izanna Darlem
Nicknames: Nova or Ella
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Sexuality: Straight
Faction of Origin: Dauntless

Written Description
hair color: Naturally blonde, now it’s blue and green, but she dyes it a lot
eye color: light blue
height: 5’4”
body type: slim/petite
tattoos: (view spoiler)

personality: Novella is very reserved when it comes to her feelings and what happened to her parents. She acts like she doesn't give a care in the world, when really she cares a lot. Novella does training when she needs to take her mind off things, which is a lot, so she's really strong, even though she's small. Nova does a lot of hand-to-hand combat and target practice, so those are her strongest fighting skills.

partner: NA
daughter: NA
son: NA
other living relatives or close friends: NA

History Novella was born to Mariana and Nathaniel Darlem. She grew up learning defense and survival skills, so when she went through initiation she finished in the top spot of her group. When Novella was 16, after she'd passed initiation, her dad was shot and killed. Her mom was so sad and depressed after the incident that she threw herself into the chasm. Novella had no other living relatives, so she got herself her own place to live and started living on her own.

-Winning fights

-Large Crowds

-Way to competitive
-Doesn't open up to people

-Hand-to-Hand Combat
-Sword Fighting

Weapon of Choice: Dagger or Pistol

Aptitude test result Dauntless
Faction they chose at choosing ceremony: Dauntless

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Lena Carter | 721 comments Cool! thanks :)

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Lena Carter | 721 comments Can she be a tattoo artisit?

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Lena Carter | 721 comments Cool thanks

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