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message 1: by Silvia, (grangerandherbooks) (last edited Aug 05, 2015 02:37PM) (new)

Silvia (biblionation) | 187 comments Hey guys! This is kinda spoiler-y because it's still 3:30 p.m. where I'm at and the poll ends at midnight, but I'm leaving for the beach and won't be back until Sunday and Renuka is in Europe right now, so I wanted to post our group read before so we can all start reading it this weekend. And we'll be reading SERAPHINA!!!!

I'm really excited, plus my mom wants to read it too so I might do a little read-along with her. Who's excited? Who's already read it and can tell us a bit about it!

message 2: by Silvia, (grangerandherbooks) (new)

Silvia (biblionation) | 187 comments Hey guys! Has anyone started already? Or have you read it before? Share your thoughts here!

message 3: by Frogli (new)

Frogli | 75 comments Have to admit I may skip it as so many other things I want to read but will see if I have time later on in the month. Interested to see what everyone else thinks though :)

message 4: by Sole (new)

Sole (fluorita) I'm going to skip it; can't seem to find anywhere the sequel, so, alas, I'm going to pass this one for other completed works :P

message 5: by Renuka , (eternal-books) (new)

Renuka  | 212 comments Aww that's too bad, but no worries! I've been away traveling, but now I'm back so I can finally rejoin the discussion! This is really a great book. Super different, and at times, even strange, but I personally really enjoyed it!

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