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Best friends fall in love with each other?

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I guess I can do doubles :/

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How about two of the best friends idea, because I kinda wanted to be the girl in that one too.

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Actually yeah:)

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Sure, can you post yours first?

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Name: Eliot Shawn Yorkshire

Age: 18



Name: Mason Skylar Jones

Age: 16


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Sure !

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Eliot sighed as he walked down the sidewalk with his headphones, his phone blared Panic! At the Disco, he shook his head slightly.

Mason was siting on the steps of her house with her guitar on her left knee, she began to strum a little toon.

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Eliot jumped when he heard someone call his name, he took an earbud out and turned around, he smiled, " Oh hey Steph," Eliot says.


" Hey Ry, and no I'm ready to die on the first day of school," Mason answered as she stopped strumming.

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" Okay, one, yes I'm ready, two Panic! At the Disco, and three yes I up for it," Elipt replied, he looked down at his phone for a moment.


Mason grins, " Of course I do, she's like my best friend and I haven't seen her since like yesterday," Mason says in a fake quirky voice.

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" That's the song in listening to right now," Eliot answered, he allowed Stephanie to pull him.


" Nothing happened between us, I'm just so bored right now," Mason replied as she slipped her hand into his.

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Eliot, he nods and he hands Stephanie the other ear bud.


Mason laughed, " Okay, Dude, I know I'm the fastest girl in our grade, but today slow down," Mason says running along side, him, still holding his hand,

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(( Meep ))

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Eliot listened to Stephanie, he smiled lightly, he sung along to the song too, softly.


Mason threw her head back and she laughed, " You really think you could beat me in a race, even to the park?" Mason asked, " Well alright, your on," Mason says, she smiled at Ryan, she forgot that she was even holding his hand.

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Eliot kept his eyes ahead as he sung along, his voice rising along with the song.

(( sure:) ))


Mason shook her head as Ryan took off running, she smirked when she heard him say the 'if I win I get a kiss' sentence, " alright, Lips or cheek?" Mason asked as she dashed past him, she turned around and ran expertly backwards, she easily dodged people as she passed them.

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Eliot blushed, he stopped singing, " Really?" Eliot asked, he made sure they bumped into no one.


Mason shook her head, she just turned around and ran through the park to the spot only she and her friends knew about, she thought about this whole race thing, she grins, "I swear that dude thinks about every way possible to kiss me, at least he found an good idea, this time," Mason muttered.

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" Well I don't know about an band...." Eliot says with a smile, he looked over at Stephanie.


" Oh alright a deals a deal, one minute only, no longer then that okay?" Mason says leaning back a bit away from Ryan, she smiled lightly.

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Eliot smiled, his eyes widened when he saw Ryan and Mason, he grinned.


Mason cleared her throat, " Actually no, Ryan got something in his eye and he asked me to for help to look and see what it was," Mason says, easily lying, no one would be able to detect it since she lied all the time and everyone believed her.

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" Okay dude, worse yet best plan ever," Eliot says with a grin, he sat down next to Mason.


" Okay, so that wasn't the truth, but that would work on my two dads, but yeah, that was kind of the deal," Mason says as she smiled up at her friends, she decided to lay down, she rested her head on Ryan's lap and she let her legs drape over the side of the bench.

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Eliot grins, " I'm not encouraging him steph, he's been thinking of ways to kiss my cousin for a long time!" Eliot says defending himself.


" Hey, a deals a deal, and you know I always own up to my deals," Mason replied to steph, " And actually Ry, I don't get away with everything, I got in trouble yesterday for being late for curfew, of course my step-dad found a way to let me free," Mason says and then she frowns, " Maybe I do get away with everything around my dads," Mason said.

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" What's weird is that I think Mason encourages him too, I wouldn't mind if they hooked up at all, just as long as Ryan doesn't take her virginity without my permission," Eliot says with a smile.


" Woah Li, protective much?" Mason says, she then looked at Steph, " Maybe, maybe not," Mason replied with a grin, she looked up at Ryan with a smile.

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" No longer then one minute, any longer then that I'm pretty sure her brothers would you kill you before I could even get to you," Eliot replied, he leaned on the bench.


" One you don't have my permission, and two, my brothers would defiantly kill you if they saw you kiss me or know you have kissed me," Mason says with a small smile, yet it looked more like a frown.

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Eliot shrugged, " Man this time who knows, cause I don't," Eliot says as he looked down at Steph. " Dude, you just kissed Mason, awe dude! You left her speechless, good going," Eliot says with a grin, pointing to Masons speechless facial expression.


Mason was surprised when she felt Ryans lips on hers, she didn't say a word, she blushed a little bit and she looked away from Ryan.

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Eliot sighed, " Okay Steph, I can tell that Mason is holding some anger in, so calm down a little bit," Eliot says as a warning, " And just from hearing stories, I hear Ryan is a great kisser, of course the stories are from his mom," Eliot says with a grin,


" Actually Steph, Ry is a great kisser, and he was six, there's no reason to bring that up every time he kisses a girl," Mason says with a smile, she was in fact holding some anger in, but it wasn't towards Steph or anyone but herself, but even when she was angered at herself she would yell at just about anyone she could.

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" It's nothing you did Steph, it's probably something she did to herself or soemthing," Eliot says, he takes off his jacket and he puts it around Steph.


Mason smirked, she nudged Ryan, " Look, it's Romantic Eliot, we rarely ever see this side of him, wonder what he's doing out," Mason says with a small laugh, " And actually it's not okay, I find it quite childish to keep reminding someone of something from years ago," Mason added

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" Both of you please just leave her alone, let her talk, we all know she doesn't mean it," Eliot says he puts an arm around Steph.


" I'm sorry, it's just soemthing that I did hours ago, I should've gotten in trouble for it, unfortunately I didn't get in trouble and that's really bothering me," Mason murmured, she closed her eyes and she just laid there thinking. " And Eliot likes to take things slow, remember Ry-Ry," Mason adds, smirking at the newest nickname she was thinking of calling him.

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' Hey, Mason I think you should apologize' Eliot mouthed when he was sure that Mason had seen him, he wrapped his arms around Steph.


Mason looked at Stephanie, she sat up a little bit, " Hey, hey, Steph I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings," Mason says, she rested her hand on Stephs knee. She then looked back at Ryan, " Where did I get the nickname Ry-Ry, I don't know It just came to me," Mason replied, " and I trashed my oldest brothers room after he cleaned it up," Mason added.

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Eliot hugs Stephanie, he sighed and he rubbed her back a little bit.


" He stole the fourth grade picture of me and you and he burned it," Mason answered.

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" Your welcome Steph," Eliot replied as he watched Mason and Ryan talk, he didn't Interrupt them at all though.


" He was angry at me and my dad for siding on his boyfriends side, it was a whole load of crap," Mason says with a small frown.

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Eliot smiled, " Nah I don't think so either, so yeah we could go, actually I don't think they'd mind," Eliot replied.


" They were fighting about wether or not to adopt some kids," Mason answered, she glanced at Eliot and Steph, she smiled.

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Eliot stood up and followed her, " Hmm lets go to Baskin Robins," Eliot says.


" Well, yeah, but they're already married, and Dylan wants to start to raise kids, but Paul thinks it's too early, and me and my dad agree," Mason answered, she then looked around for Eliot and Steph, " I think I heard them talking about going someplace, I don't rememeber," Mason says.

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" You? Pushy? Steph, if anyone is pushy it's Mason," Eliot said, then he smiled, " Yeah, i can't believe it either," Eliot added,


" Hmm, now I was thinking of calling you yesterday to ask your opinion, in fact Dylan wanted me to call you, but when I didn't he went berserk, he's now back at his and Paul's place, resting," Mason says, then she smiled, " Yeah they should already," Mason added.

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" Steph, you know Mason has a twisted sense of humor, she doesn't mean it I'm sure," Eliot says.


" He wanted your opinion because, well, I have no clue and also I bet you fifty bucks that they'll kiss sooner then that," Mason replied.

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Eliot smiled, " Nah, I'm tired of losing at the dumb game, im surprised Mason wins everytime, she knows us better then we know ourselves I swear," Eliot says, as he grins at Steph.


Mason slowly got up and she stretched, " yeah, we can follow them," Mason says.

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Eliot smiled, " I'm in the mood of Mint Chocolate and Fudge today," Eliot says as he grabbed his phone from his back pocket.


" I am so stupid, I can't believe I almost caused Steph to cry, I feel horrible ," Mason muttered as she stood up and stretched,

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Eliot smiled, " Nah I don't mind," Eliot says.


" Oh please we all cried during that movie, I mean you wiped your eyes with my hood, not that I really care, but still," Mason answered with a scoff.

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"Oh yeah, everything is fine, it's just that I've been planning a little something for Mason, it's a party, I just wanted to get a few more things done and ready before I told you and Ryan," Eliot says.


" Okay, True, but there are plenty of times when you bawled at movies, remember the little mermaid movie?" Mason asked, " The one me and you went to two nights ago?" Mason asked with a smirk,

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" Well yeah, but I think Mason forgot her own birthday too thought," Eliot says.


Mason rolled her eyes she nudged Ryan, " Oh please Ryan, admit it you cried during the little mermaid movie," Mason says as she walked beside him.

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" I think he remembers, and I don't know what he is doing, but I'm sure he's got something planned for Mason too," Eliot says.


" Okay, fine, and I think I cried at that movie too, I don't remember thought , because that night my brother came and dragged me away from it," Mason says, she looked at Ryan.

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" Ryan doesn't joke when he loves an girl, so I think he actually likes her more then a friend, Mint Chocolate Chip and Fudge in a cake cone please," Eliot says after Steph.


" I knew Eliot would be here, he always comes here, wether it would be to getaway from his family or with Steph," Mason says,

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Eliot grabbed his cone, he licked it, " hmm, I forgot how good this tasted," Eliot says.


" Blah whatever, and Hmm, yeah sure, I'm paying for it though," Mason replies as she looked at Ryan.

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Eliot smiled, " Yeah, you can have some of mine, and I don't wnT none of yours," Eliot says with a small smile.


" It's not exactly free, I'm just repaying you for the other times you paid for the ice cream, okay and let's go," Mason says as she smiled softly at him.

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Eliot smiled, he watched Steph from the corner of his eye.


" I don't know, but I hope it's soon," Mason says as she walked with him at his side.

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Eliot blushed as well, " It's okay," Eliot says softly,


" You owe me fifty bucks Ry-Ry," Mason says with a smirk,

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"Okay, I find that totally embarrassing, not that they saw us, but because they found us," Eliot says.


" A kiss is a kiss, she got some lip so it counts!" Mason says.

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" Oh please tell me they aren't fighting about it now," Eliot groans,


" Nope it's either you pay up or you get no ice cream," Mason says with a smile, although she was clearly teasing about the you get no ice cream part,

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Eliot smiled, " There is no doubt in my mind that they don't," Eliot says, he raised an eyebrow when he heard Ryan mention a dinner date, " That boy has too many ideas on how to get my cousin," Eliot says with a shake of his head,


" Fine," Mason says with a smirk, she then grabbed Ryan by the wrist and she dragged him into the line.

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" Well not everything, I don't think Mason told him about what happened to her back in her hometown six years ago," Eliot says, he watched the two.


" I know for sure that I am gonna get Vanilla and Fudge," Mason says as she bit her lip and waited in the line.

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