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message 1: by Faith (new)

Faith (faithsendlessloveofbooks) | 401 comments One of my characters is the girl with blond hair I put in my writing entry.

Short description: She is a training C.I.A. agent at a secret floor of a high school. She's fun, but when battling enemies, she's way too serious. She's only in 7th grade, but her partners are all older than her.

Magic/abilities: She has a super flexibility powers, almost as if she was rubber, but she's still flesh and bones.
Markings: None.
Heirlooms/keepsakes: Before she moved to Rhode Island, she kept a friendship bracelet from her best friend in Virginia.
Features: Blond hair, pale skin, deep blue eyes, and only 13 years old.
Classification: Super-hero girl.

message 2: by Kersten (new)

Kersten Mason (no_i_in_kersten) I made a character for roleplay named Kadie. Her parents were murdered by a "dark angel" who can teleport, shapeshift, and has telekinetic powers. Kadie gained special abilities when she turned ten, like the ability to turn things invisible (not herself though), the ability to read any language, and the ability to master any vehicle/weapon quickly. Also, she never ages, so she's forever ten years old. She's small, has big brown eyes and brown hair. In one roleplay group, she's living in foster care (pre-ability time) and in another she was adopted by an Emporer and Commander of a placed called Chrysaline (after she gained abilities).

message 3: by stuart23 (new)

stuart23 | 32 comments One of a group of characters that I am developing for a medical thriller/science fiction/horror/apocalyptic/conspiracy theory novel ...

Name : Myrna
Age : roughly 25
Occupation : art student, formerly model
Special abilities : talented at combat, immune to the disease
Instantly recognizable physical traits : dyed orange or bleached blonde hair; blonde eyebrows and eye lashes; ice-gray eyes; tall, thin frame

what do y'all think?

message 4: by stuart23 (new)

stuart23 | 32 comments another character for the same story:

name : Katherine
age : late 30's
occupation : director of CDC (in charge of finding the cure to the mysterious disease)
special abilities : superior intelligence
physical appearance : average height, shoulder-length blond hair, steel-blue eyes, wide smile
other notes : struggling marriage; paranoid about the disease; feels betrayed by the government

and then a character for a different story (fantasy)
-->name: Constantine
-->age: 16-18 throughout the novel
-->occupation: n/a
-->special abilities: rudimentary magical abilities, archery, moderate swordsmanship
-->physical appearance: tall, slender, red-gold hair, blue-gray eyes, fair skin, dragon tattoo on right arm

message 5: by stuart23 (new)

stuart23 | 32 comments SammyB wrote: "I like her hair. Orange hair is the coolest."

And I'm intrigued by the "oval pendant" that you mentioned in your character description!

message 6: by Faith (new)

Faith (faithsendlessloveofbooks) | 401 comments Happy National Book lovers day everybody! (Search it, it's a real thing)!

message 7: by Faith (new)

Faith (faithsendlessloveofbooks) | 401 comments I know, right!

message 8: by Lamaya (new)

Lamaya booklit (bookitgirl) best day ever if you ask me

message 9: by stuart23 (new)

stuart23 | 32 comments There's a national book lovers' day?! I had no idea! My life is complete.

message 10: by stuart23 (new)

stuart23 | 32 comments There's a national book lovers' day?! I had no idea! My life is complete.

message 11: by Faith (new)

Faith (faithsendlessloveofbooks) | 401 comments lol

message 12: by Kersten (new)

Kersten Mason (no_i_in_kersten) So many of us, they had to make it a thing... :)

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