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Looks awesome

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Grayson walked onto the beach with Cody. "I would have brought my surfboard but you have no idea how hard it was to bring up those stairs."

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She laughed.

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Then he took of his tank top and flip flops. "I like when the beach is like this...empty." It was pretty empty except for a few people.

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"Yeah." She said and took off her sandals and shorts.

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"C'mon." He dragged her towards the water.

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She followed and pushed him in.

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Grayson fell into the water. "Its cold." He whined and stood up.

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"I know now thats why you went in first." She smirked.

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He hugged her and pulled her in with him.

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She screamed as she went in.

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Grayson laughed and held on to her.

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"Your mean." She said to him.

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"You pushed me first." Grayson smiled.

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"Yeah so??" She asked.

((Sorry i was making pancakes.))

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"How am I mean?" He smirked.

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"Cause you are." She smirked.

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"Love ya." He smiled.

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"Love you to." She said and pushed him and ran out.

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He stood up. "Wow..." Then got knocked down by a wave. He stood up again.

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She laughed at him.

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He walked out of the water and smiled. He stood right in front of Cody and shook like a dog getting all the water on her.

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"HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She said to him.

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He laughed and ran away. Normal people were supposed to be slower on the sand but he wasn't normal.

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She laughed. "Com back here babe." She yelled.

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He stopped and smiled at her. He walked back. "Don't punch me."

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She punched him but not hared.

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"I said don't punch me." He smiled. "You punch harder then you think."

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"That wasnt hared." She said.

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Grayson smiled. "Uh huh."

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She laughed and kissed him.

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He kissed her back.

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She waited till he got into it then pulled back and ran. "You cant catch me

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Grayson smiled and ran after her.

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She ran into the water.

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Grayson ran after he and caught up with her. He gave her a hug from behind. "Gotcha." He smirked.

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She giggled

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He walked deeper into the water not letting her go.

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She jumpped up on him and wrapped her legs arounf him.

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He smirked, put his arms around her waist and walked deeper until he was waist height.

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She giggled and a wave knocked them over.

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Grayson feel with Cody and laughed.

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She laughed with him shed stood back up just to get knocked down again.

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Grayson tried to stand back up but just kept getting knocked down. He laughed and finally kept his balance.

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She laughed and stood up and kept her balance.

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He walked over to her but fell again.

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She laughed and fell down with him.

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"I give up." He smirked. Grayson picked her up over his shoulder and walked out of the water.

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