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Group Selections > In the Mother's Land (Silent City #2) by Elisabeth Vonarburg (Aug 2015)

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Taylor (seffietay) Here is the description from Wikipedia;
"The action takes place several centuries after the events of Le Silence de la Cité. Large areas have been drowned by the rising sea and most of Europe is now a poisoned wasteland. Due to a genetic mutation, women now outnumber men by 70 to 1. The collapsed society described in Le Silence de la Cité has been slowly rebuilt. Post-collapse warlord states have evolved into patriarchal kingdoms - the Harems - before being overthrown by the hives, female-run city-states, every bit as warlike and tyrannical as their male-run predecessors. Those have in turn been replaced by a more peaceful female dominated society organized as a loose federation of local communities.

The novel follows the life of Lisbeï, the daughter of the "mother" of the Betely community, in the province of Litale. Destined to succeed her she grows up with her sister and friend, Tula, her being barren prevents her from doing so. While exploring ruined tunnels she discovers documents which question everything her society thought it knew about its past."

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Alexa (AlexaNC) | 270 comments Here's a review of this I found intriguing: http://www.tor.com/2009/07/29/history...

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Alexa (AlexaNC) | 270 comments I would love to know as soon as anybody starts this how it compares to the first one.

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Alexa (AlexaNC) | 270 comments Any first impressions yet?

Taylor (seffietay) I'm only a few chapters in but so far it seems more cohesive with less jumping forward in time. The world building starts right away though and you need to adjust. So far so good...

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Alexa (AlexaNC) | 270 comments I guess I'm curious enough that I'm going to go ahead and request it.

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Kathleen (kathlil) | 30 comments I am enjoying it so far. The author does a good job of narrating how it would be to be a young, curious, intelligent child in this world. it's a little slow paced so far.

Taylor (seffietay) I'm only about 1/3 of the way through but it's soooo much more readable than the first one so far.

Taylor (seffietay) I found the first section moved very slowly, though the world building was fairly well done. There's not much that ties it in to the first book so far, it's reading like a completely different story. Lisbei is developed into a believable character, though her relationship with her sister Tula really gives me the squicks (a word I just made up in attempt to describe the grossness/discomfort I am feeling, ha)

Second section things started to get more exciting; Lisbei discovers the tunnel, though her reasons for digging in the first place are very loose, bordering non-existent. As mentioned in the description I posted above, she discovers a document that questions the authenticity of the history they have been taught since birth. Sounds intriguing, yes? Well, the excitement was short lived as into section three things are back to being a slog.

I want to see where this is going, but I have doubts... anyone else still working on it?

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Alexa (AlexaNC) | 270 comments Sorry, I haven't even picked it up - I was waiting for someone to give me a reason why I should bother....

The more I think about it, the more annoyed I get at the way she could have raised all sorts of interesting questions about what exactly gender means, only to completely ignore the subject. For her feminism seems to be fully realized by simply discussing a war between men and women.

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Annemarie (ammonahan) | 18 comments I've been dragging my feet, too. Someone get me excited about it? Someone?

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Alexa (AlexaNC) | 270 comments Ha! It won't be me! Did you ever finish the first one?

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Alexa (AlexaNC) | 270 comments Or I'd be willing to get you excited about Octavia E. Butler - those are REALLY worth reading!

Taylor (seffietay) I'm having a hard time with this one. I thought it was picking up but it's right back to being dull. I'd dive into the Octavia if I were you, it's FAR more engaging than this duology has been.

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Annemarie (ammonahan) | 18 comments Nope, couldn't bring myself to finish the first one. It was so... wooden.

If "Lilith's Brood" is half as good as "Bloodchild," I'm already excited about Butler. That's the selection, right?

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Alexa (AlexaNC) | 270 comments Yes, Lilith's Brood, which is actually the complete Xenogenesis trilogy, Dawn, Adulthood Rites, and Imago. Yep, all the horrificness and more of "Bloodchild!"

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Annemarie (ammonahan) | 18 comments Oh, goody! I'll see if the library can get it for me.

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Kathleen (kathlil) | 30 comments Finally finished it! I enjoyed it for the most part. It was more of a character developement study than action, plot based story. I understood the points the author was trying to make about a female based culture, where the women is the dominating gender.. but unfortunately it just didn't work so well. The tie to the 1st book is not apparent until the very end of the book.

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Annemarie (ammonahan) | 18 comments Finally came from inter-library loan yesterday. It's October-- has discussion already gone dark?

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Alexa (AlexaNC) | 270 comments I don't think these discussions ever go dark!

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Annemarie (ammonahan) | 18 comments Except metaphorically, perhaps? Hah!

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