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The outdoor place that seperates the evil classes from the good classes.

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Ruby (rubyyy) Lex, shouldering her black backpack, walked in the courtyard, brushed a piece of blue hair from her face, and suddenly stopped in her tracks.

♀ѕαgιттαяιυѕ_яσѕє♀  (SagittariusRose) | 16 comments Belladonna was sitting on a stone bench, lazily doing filing her nails and flapping her wings to cool herself down. Its so much hotter than the mountain! she thought, annoyed. She glanced up, seeing movement. She saw a pale girl with blue hair standing completely still. She shrugged, disregarding her, returning to her nails, throwing black hair out of her face.

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Ruby (rubyyy) Lex narrowed her eyes, and studied the girl. Now she was new...the first villain's child I meet and she has wings...she...it? Anyway, who could be her parent... Lex normally wouldn't stop to talk to a random good-for-nothing Disney kid, but this girl seemed her type.

"Who are you?" Lex didn't bother with pleasentries, she just stood there, hands on hips.

♀ѕαgιттαяιυѕ_яσѕє♀  (SagittariusRose) | 16 comments Belladonna didn't bother glancing up. "Belladonna," she glared up at her. "Chernabog's daughter." She said as-a-matter-of-factly. "A simple hello would have been fine." Who did this girl think she was, going around demanding things to people.

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Ruby (rubyyy) Lex sniffed, turned her nose up, and began walking away again. But then she stopped. She turned around, walked back to the girl, and stuck out her hand. "Alexis Raptis, daughter of loser Hades."

♀ѕαgιттαяιυѕ_яσѕє♀  (SagittariusRose) | 16 comments Belladonna chuckled and shook Alexis's hand and tossed the nail file over her shoulder carelessly. She stood up. "Oh, I know Hades. My dad has him over for dinner all the time. It usually ends up with scorch marks all over the dinning room." She grins, as if remembering the funniest memory.

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Ruby (rubyyy) Lex rolled her eyes. "Just so you know I prefer to have nothing to do with him. He's just an embarrassment to the family, anyway. I mean, really, he had the TITANS' help for gods' sake!"

♀ѕαgιттαяιυѕ_яσѕє♀  (SagittariusRose) | 16 comments Belladonna snorted. "You think your father is an embarrassment?" She raised her eyebrows. "My father couldn't defeat a freaking mouse," she scoffed. "And he's one of the most powerful villains ever!" She tossed black hair over her shoulder. She and this girl were bonding over embarrassing fathers. Wow.

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Ruby (rubyyy) Lex nodded, rolling her eyes again. "I mean, seriously, I know all the villains are scary and all, and everyone is, like, afraid of them (their followers are), but if you think about it, they're all just huge failures..."

♀ѕαgιттαяιυѕ_яσѕє♀  (SagittariusRose) | 16 comments Belladonna nearly choked. "I've known that since... Forever!" She rolled her eyes as well. "I mean, really. If we had won, we wouldn't be at this stupid school, surrounded by happy-go-lucky princes and princesses."

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Ruby (rubyyy) Lex was about to roll her eyes again, but stopped herself because it was beginning to hurt her eyes ((XD)). "I think the only reason Mr. Lord of the Underworld sent me here was to get me out of the way. He doesn't like me, you know...but that's fine, I don't like him..."

♀ѕαgιттαяιυѕ_яσѕє♀  (SagittariusRose) | 16 comments ((Lolz that's happened before it sucks))
"Same here." Belladonna made a green fireball appear in her hand, then shot it up up into the sky, creating a green explosion. "I was excelling too fast. He couldn't teach me quick enough." She forced herself to peel her eyes from the fading green sky. "I think..." She let out a laugh. "I actually think he was afraid of me!" She kept laughing, for no reason.

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Ruby (rubyyy) Lex eyed the girl for a moment, then shook her head and shifted the books in her hands. "So... wings. How?"

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