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message 1: by Ꮛℓℓα {YouTube Fangirl}, Write Your Own Story (new)

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The Cafeteria. Mingle, eat, enjoy :)

message 2: by Angel (new)

Angel Calla walked in with Pax and Lexi. The smell of food was incredible. They had all her favorite foods; salad, hazelnut soup, pies, and even cookies. This was the best place ever and they were the first ones here.

message 3: by Ruby (new)

Ruby (rubyyy) Lex grabbed a plate and began spooning things onto it. Lots of pomegranate seeds... She noticed the other girls from her dorm, glared at them, and tried to sit as far away as possible, at a table in one corner of the Hall. She began eating.

message 4: by Angel (new)

Angel Calla ran to the salad bar first. She piled on every toppings that they had. She got a few different types of fruits and vegetables to try. She noticed that Lexi was all by herself glaring at her. The only way to make a friend is to bug them relentlessly. she thought to herself as she went over and sat across the table from Lexi.

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Pax wasn't that hungry and just decided on some hazelnut soup. She heard that stuff was amazing. She was debating whether to sit with her roommates. Alexis seemed a little upset that she didn't offer to help but oh well. She walked over to the table and started eating.

message 6: by Ruby (new)

Ruby (rubyyy) When the two girls sat down at Lex's table, she averted her eyes and continued eating, perhaps a little too forcefully, stuffing the food in her mouth. She was determined not to talk to them, and as soon as the school year was up she'd march straight back down to Hades and yell in his face. She allowed herself a small smile at that thought.

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"You look like a chipmunk." Pax tolAd Alexis. She was stuffing so much food in her mouth she probably couldn't swallow.
"You're just trying to avoid conversation aren't you?" Pax asked in disbelief. She was getting the feeling that these girls didn't like her.

message 8: by Ruby (new)

Ruby (rubyyy) Lex swallowed, then glared at Pax. "Thanks, I happen to like chipmunks, actually! And yes, I am trying to avoid conversation - with YOU!" And she went back to eating, glaring at her plate.

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"Makes sense, oh and by the way you have something right there." Pax pointed to her own chin referring to Alexis' chin. Pax got up and dumped her tray and left the mess hall. Ok so her roommates hated her. That's nice to know, maybe if it's possible she can move dorms.

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Ruby (rubyyy) ((Wait I thought Angel's character was friends with Pax??))

Lex made a face at her back, then wiped her chin.

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message 12: by Ruby (new)

Ruby (rubyyy) ((...ah well then...now what))

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Angel While Pax and Lexi were havng there little spew of things Calla Lilly just sat there and ate her salad in peace. "We should probably go back to the dorm before the curfew bell rings." She said to lexi as she got up to through her things away

message 14: by Ruby (new)

Ruby (rubyyy) Lex shot her a look, but she knew she was right. She gathered her plate and silverware, and went to put them away in their cleaning area.


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Aphromisna (bopbear1324) | 52 comments Rissa walked into the mess hall to find kids milling every. She resisted an eye roll at kids that looked like ones her mother wouldn't approve of. Looking at the different things she finally found the hazel nut soup. Then she went to where the dough nuts were and found her favorite. Putting two strawberry glazed on a napkin she found the drinks. Picking out the chocolate milk she grabbed one of the cups. She set the bowl of soup down so she could make sure that the milk had enough chocolate in it before getting all the way back to the dorms. Seeing that it was perfect she picked up the soup and made her way back to the dorm.

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