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A Humourless Death
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message 1: by J.R. (new)

J.R. Bournville (jrbournville) | 2 comments Author Name: J.R. Bournville
Book Name: A Humourless Death
Genre: Horror (short story)
Number of free copies being offered: 10
Format of books being offered: .Mobi, PDF

Description: A Humourless Death is a short story about a young boy, enchanted by the lure of the circus. With the boundless enthusiasm of youth he dreams of becoming a clown.
As an adult, that dream is no closer to becoming a reality. Faced with an ideal opportunity, the young man seeks out his childhood hero.​

message 2: by Francis (new)

Francis Powell (francishpowell) | 7 comments I would be interested, I also write short stories,
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