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Query abandoned by poster > ABANDONED. Adult - ends with a young man drowning after poor family thrives in the USA

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Joana (joana_oc) The book starts with a young man in a farm, with his father. he then moves with his family to another place, and starts working in a construction (not sure). The book is about his business success, his american american and their way of life. They get rich and fullfil their american dream - not quite, because the family is thorn appart.

In the begining there is a violent scene when his father hurts him (or there is an accident while farming, cant remember?)

He also has a daughter.
There is a scene in the begining where the mother bakes a cake for their son's birthday, and decorates it, the kid later remembers that happy family moment when they were still very poor.

In the end he is the owner of a construction company, is rich, but the family is not happy.

The book ends when his son(already a young man) goes out sailing in their boat and drowns in the ocean (pacific?), while the whole family is togheter. He is lucid until he drowns, and he never admitis that someone as rich as him could drown so close to shore, with his family so close. However, no one missed him...

-- Data:
--- I read it a couple of years ago (2013?).
--- It is a modern book, i guess goes through from the early 30´s/40's to the 60's?
--- It is a romance for adults (not XXX)
--- regular format (paperback?)

Thank you!

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