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Xavier | 3154 comments :)

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ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 22874 comments Mod
hey :)

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Xavier | 3154 comments Hi. So, you want to be the girl?

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Yeah if that's okay with you

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Xavier | 3154 comments Absolutely. :) Character sheets?

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Depending on how complex you want them to be lol

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Xavier | 3154 comments Do what you want. I have a template. :) I'll have my guy up soon.

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Xavier | 3154 comments Can they be college age?

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Yeah sure. Do you mind if I use the same template as you? I'm willing to try it. It's been so long since I did a complex character sheet lol

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Xavier | 3154 comments It's not that complex. x) It's pretty simple, considering. But sure. Just a moment.

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Xavier | 3154 comments ~Name: Nixon Harper Silas
~Nickname: Nix
~Age: 22
~Gender: Male

(view spoiler)
~Eyes: Dark Blue
~Hair: Dark Brown - Short
~Height: 6'0"
~Weight: 210 lbs

~Personality/History: Nix is a sweet guy. His best friend is {your girl} and he loves hanging with her. Nix and {your girl} have been best friends since kindergarten and haven't been separable since. He's compassionate and loving but can have quite the temper if you anger him enough or do something to {your girl}.

Nix hasn't had the best life. He believes one of the only bright sides is his mother and {your girl}. His father is a drink but has always managed to keep his drunken tempers away from their house and his and his mother's bodies.

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~Name: Ajax Elizabeth Martin
~Nickname: AJ
~Age: 21
~Gender: Girl


~Eyes: Green
~Hair: Red
~Height: 5'8
~Weight: 120 lbs

~Personality/History:Ajax is known for her positive attitude and great sense of humour. She has always been a social person at school at with her family, and of course with her best friend Nix. He is aware of her quirks and such, but he is the only person who gets to see her shy and vulnerable side which surfaces when she is stressed or feels like she is under pressure for either school or from her parents who often give her a hard time about school. Ajax feels the most comfortable with Nix and is rarely seen without him.

Ajax comes from a family of four which includes herself, her parents, and her younger brother Royal. She grew up happily without any major difficulties, except for some major migraines she has been having since she was little. Tests were run and all of the came back negative. So, Ajax assumed she just had a sensitive brain and took medication daily to calm her headaches when they would surface. She has been more stressed recently because her eighteen year old brother has been getting into some sketchy business regarding drugs.

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Xavier | 3154 comments Yay! Very nice. :) Could you start? However is fine.

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Yeah sure. You want detailed right?

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Xavier | 3154 comments Whatever you want. I can adapt. Although the longer it is, the longer I will be to respond and if I'm active on others but not in this one, I'm trying think of a response. I'm not ignoring you intentionally.

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Okay got it. I don't post super lengthy posts so don't worry lol

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Xavier | 3154 comments Ok.

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It was a Sunday afternoon, an hour before the Martin residence were go eat dinner. Like usual, Nix was over at her house like he was most Sunday's, and every other day of the week. It was a natural routine and Ajax enjoyed the comfortable feeling of routines, even simple ones. Currently, Ajax was sitting in the centre of her bed, hunched over as she painted her toe nails on her right foot first because she was left handed. She stuck out her tongue in concentration, gliding the small brush over her big toe, coating it with dark green polish. A sudden jostle of the mattress made her mess up, smearing the green over the side of her toe, barely missing her duvet cover. Ajax gasped, stilling her action. "Nix, stop moving or I'm going to get polish on my sheets," she said,turning her face towards him. "Again." She added with a sigh, remembering the same thing happening two weeks ago. She looked at him sternly but her green eyes were sparkling with amusement.

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Xavier | 3154 comments Nixon watched Ajax paint her toenails with his chin in his palm as he laid on his stomach on top of Ajax's bed. It was a ritual he seemed to take on every time he was at her house. Which was a lot, considering. Nix sighed heavily in boredom and readjusted on her bed, turning into his back to look at the canopy above her bed. He looked over at her sudden gasp and frowned before he smiled again and chuckled softly. Neither Nix or Ajax could seem to stay mad at each other for long. But then again, they had never done anything heinous to each other before. "Oh, please. That was not my fault." he protested, smiling up at her. "That was Royal. Not me." Nix reminded her, catching her green eyes with his blue ones.

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Ajax raised an eyebrow amusingly and snickered at his response. Now that she recalled, Royal was the reason she got polish on her clean sheets last time when he barged in and jumped on the bed purposely to mess up her work. "Whatever," she rolled her eyes and turned back to her task, quickly grabbing a tissue off her nightstand to wipe away the mess and made on her toe. Once it was cleaned up, she went back to work. A few locks of her long red hair fell free of their holds behind her ears, hiding her eyes. Ajax sighed and flipped her head back to remove her hair. Ajax then looked over at her best friend again, putting on a cute smile. "Be a doll and tie my hair up for me?" She asked, batting her eyelashes dramatically, biting her lip to stop herself from releasing a laugh. She amused herself a lot sometimes.

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Xavier | 3154 comments Nix stuck his tongue out playfully at her, always teasing her. He pulled out his iPhone and checked his Facebook before starting up the new Angry Birds 2. Nixon was addicted to it, nearing the 150th level out of 240. He played it all the time and it had only come out a week ago. Nix played as she painted her nails then looked over, cocking a brow before nodding. "Sure thing, AJ." he answered, turning off the game and sitting up as he slid his phone into the back pocket of his favorite denim jeans. Nix rolled her eyes at her theatrics and went over to her vanity, grabbing a ponytail. He pulled her hair back for her all the time and was even pretty decent at doing a braid. Nix combed his fingers through her red hair and then collected it in one hand, wrapping the scrunchy around her hair and securing it. "There you are." Nix proclaimed, stepping back and sitting on her bed again but this time made sure that he was careful.

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Ajax knew he would agree before he even replied. They were so in sync with each other mentally and physically that either of them could predict the majority of the person's next move. That was one ting Ajax appreciated about their friendship. It was so casual yet so deep. Ajax watched Nix walk over to her vanity that was directly across from her double bed and grab a hair elastic. Ajax used her free hand to pull her hair behind her so he wouldn't have to do it all himself, not that he would mind. Ajax tilted her head back for him as he collected her hair back and tied it securely out of her way. She didn't often keep her hair up because it led to headaches if they were left in to long. Speaking of which, she already had one that morning and was now just recovering from it. When Nix finished her request, she smiled and flipped her ponytail dramatically. "Thanks love." She said, using one of the many pet names she had for him. Since they were so close but not dating, people at school often teased them about it. To poke at the teasing and rumours, Ajax started the petname trend and it has stuck since. Ajax winked playfully at him before turning back to her task, quickly painting the last four toes.

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Xavier | 3154 comments Nix shook his head but smiled at her pet names. He didn't mind it at all but just let it be her thing instead of doing it as well. Nix got on the Internet and looked around for a while, poking at a few websites then moving onto another, a little restless and he didn't know why. "Do you think we could go to the fair tomorrow?" he inquired of her without looking up, his dark eyes concentrated on his phone as he read an article on one of his favorite video games. Nix knew that her migraines could leave her super sensitive and they typically didn't make plans ahead of time scene they seemed to strike whenever they pleased. Nix glanced up at her as he waited for her answer. He hated that his best friend had to go through that and tried to be around to offer comfort whenever he could. Sometimes it got so bad her parents wouldn't let him see her. Which drove him crazy because then he knew it was a horrible one and she wasn't feeling good at all.

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Ajax was in the middle of dipping the brush back into the glass bottle to re-soak it as he asked that. Typically she's be all on board with going to the fair, but like himself, she was thinking of her migraines. But honestly, she really wanted to go the fair. She'd just have to take a few Advil Extra Strengths before and during the trip. "Yeah, I don't see why not." She replied with, setting her decision. Her tone was an indication to him that she wanted to go, but if a migraine did come about, it wouldn't be likely. Ajax always felt so guilty when it came to cancelling plans because of her stupid headaches. It always made her feel even more upset and like she was asking for attention when she really wasn't. Fortunately she had a best friend who understood it all and has witnessed almost all of it since they started when she was six. But for the really bad ones when her parents wouldn't let him were sometimes upon her request because she didn't want him to see her in that much pain and vomiting every minute. He didn't deserve to see that. "It's a school thing right? Like a promotion for graduation next month?" She asked, starting on her left foot now.

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Xavier | 3154 comments Nix smiled at her answer but knew there was a chance they wouldn't go. But Nix didn't mind. If they didn't go because she was fighting a migraine then he wouldn't go, even by himself. If Nixon made plans with Ajax then it was either go with Ajax or not at all, that's how he was. Nixon nodded in answer to her question as he continued to read the article and set it on the bed, his hand falling asleep. Nix made a face as he clenched then unclenched his hand in an attempt to put the blood back in it. "Yeah. I don't understand why a college needs a fair to get the word of a graduation out but.." he trailed off, shrugging helplessly knowing he couldn't do anything about it. Nix ran a hand though his short dark hair, glad he hadn't spiked it that morning as he seemed to be doing that a lot that day. Nixon was one of the one's that was supposed to graduate next month. Ajax was a year behind him so they wouldn't graduate together.

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Ajax focused on painting the final three toes as and listened to Nix reply. She nodded slowly. She never liked to bring up the topic of graduation because it was just a reminder that they weren't graduating together. But nevertheless, she was going I his graduation and he would go to hers. "I think they're trying to remake the movie Grease or something." She said with a snicker. Ajax capped the polish and reached over her bed, setting it on her nightstand. Ajax then plopped down on her back and lifted her legs high in the air to dry her toes. Ajax turned her head to the side and pulled out the ponytail Nix did for her. The last thing she wanted was a headache right now.

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Xavier | 3154 comments Nix groaned softly. "No. God. No Grease." he said, shaking his head. This is what they got for going to a community college. He saw her raise her feet up from the corner of his eyes and looked fully at her as she took out her ponytail. "Aw. My good work." Nix pouted playfully but knew why she did it. He had never looked down on her for the headaches. In fact, the probably made their friendship stronger as he was at her side during them as much as he was allowed. Nix sometimes stayed so long they all forced him to go home and really rest behind sleeping at the foot of her bed.

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((I was thinking that her disease would really take place at the fair. Just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to go somewhere else with it :3 ))

Ajax giggled at his words, rolling her eyes playfully. "I think you'll live." She said, then sighed softly, staring up at her toes. A good five seconds later, Ajax's mother Hannah hollered up the stairs from the floor below. "Ajax!" She called. "Dinner!"
Ajax sat up with a grunt, running her hands through her hair. "I'll go get our plates and bring them up here." She said, scooting out of bed. Ajax didn't really feel like eating at the table with her family, especially with her brother home. They would always end up arguing back and forth, which lead to a killer headache afterwards. Ajax stood up and adjusted her black tank top. "Unless you want to eat downstairs." She asked, just to be polite.

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Xavier | 3154 comments Nixon shrugged and sat up as well. "Whatever you want to do, AJ. You know I don't care." he answered pretty vaguely. Nix typically left her to make the choices, especially if they regarded her family. He didn't mind if they ate with the rest of them or if they just ate together themselves. Nix reached over and tugged down slightly on one side of her tank seeing as it had ridden up on her side.

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"You make life so much easier." She teased, smirking at him as he fixed her tank top. She didn't think much of the gesture. They've seen each other in bathing suits and such plenty of times during their lengthy friendship. "I'll be right back." She murmured softly. Ajax did an awkward waddle-like walk to avoid grazing her freshly painted toes on her bedroom floor around her full sized bed and out her bedroom door, leaving it slightly ajar. Ajax made her way carefully down the stairs and into the kitchen where and quietly made up two plates for herself and Nixon. Tonight they were having chicken breast with green beans, chopped and cooked carrots and green peppers, and mashed potatoes. Because of her headaches, her mother always tries to cook the healthiest meals for her and doesn't allow her to have any foods with a high sugar count,

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Xavier | 3154 comments Nixon laughed softly at her response and the way she walked. He waited patiently as she got their food. Nixon sometimes wished that he could help her with her migraines, do more than just sit by her side and let her fall asleep on him as they watched movies in the dark during those times. Nixon did everything he could and that her parents would permit. Staying at her place and sleeping on the floor beside her bed or holding her as she waited for her medicine to work so the pain would pass. Nixon ran his feet over the shag carpet in her bedroom as he waited for her, wondering what her mother had made.

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Once she had two played stacked with food, she quickly left the kitchen to avoid any drama and skipper up the stairs to her bedroom. "Special delivery." She announced as she walked in, smirking. Ajax handed him his plate then produced a fork and a knife from her back pocket. "I can go back and get water for you if you want." She said, perching on the edge of her bed.

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((I do if you do ))

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((Yeah sure. Idk did you want to skip to the fair? I was thinking she could have her brain attack thing there))

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Xavier | 3154 comments Nixon slid out of his truck after parking in the driveway of Ajax's parents house. He knocked on the front door and waited for someone to answer. Nix still knocked even though he was there nearly every day. Ajax had said that she would be able to come to the fair that day. Everyone was allowed to go but students got in for free. Shame they had already graduated. Nix smiled when Ajax's mom opened the door. "Hello, Nixon! Ajax is upstairs," she told him and Nix nodded. "Thanks," he replied before going inside and up to Ajax's room.

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Ajax was sitting on her bed, pulling on her brown lace up boots. She tied them on then stood in front of her full length mirror, examining her outfit. She was wearing dark wash skinny jeans and flowy maroon top. For over top since it was a little chilly outside, she pulled on her cargo green jacket. her hair was pulled half up and her makeup was simple but pretty. She grabbed her over-the-shoulder-bag and opened her bedroom door, only to be startled by Nix. She squeaked in surprise then laughed, shaking her head. "You're like a mouse!"

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Xavier | 3154 comments Nix laughed at her and grinned. "Only when I want to be," he said and gave her a hug. "You ready to go?" Nix asked her, cocking a brow. "I brought money to get us in and do some stuff so you don't have to worry about that," Nix told her as he went downstairs with her. He knew she didn't get to work because of her headaches and had made the habit of paying for things so she didn't have to.

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Ajax hugged him back and smiled, nodding and batting her lashes bashfully. "Thaks." SHe giggled and followed him downstairs, She always felt a little bad that he had spending money, or at least more than she did but there was nothing she could really do about it. She was grateful that he was so nice about it. As they walked out to his truck, Ajax doubled checked her bag for her medication, just in case.

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Xavier | 3154 comments Nix led her outside and said goodbye to her parents as they passed by them. He unlocked his truck and got in front. "Got your medicines, Aj?" he asked her, just to make sure. Nix always did it because he didn't want her to ever be in a position without when she needed it. When Aj was in the front seat and buckled up, he pulled out of the driveway and towards the fair. They hadn't gone before but he didn't expect it to be spectacular. It was funded by the school anyways. "What would you like to do when we get there?" Nix asked Ajax. Everyday he tried to make good for her for the days she was stuck in bed and in immense pain.

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Ajax nodded at his question and buckled up. She sat her bag in her lap and smiled over at him. "Yup. I'm all set." She said. She hoped she didn't have to use any of the meds, but she had to take at least one of them a day when her eyes would be sore. That's also why she had a pair of glasses. She took them out of her bag and slid them over he eyes, adjusting them on her nose. "I think we should play some games first before we jump onto any of the rides." She said, only because a lot of head movement so soon might cause a headache, so she wanted to take it easy first to see how she would feel.

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Xavier | 3154 comments Nix nodded and made a face as he pulled on the grass lawn designated as the parking lot for the fair. "Sounds good," he said then got out of his truck after parking. Nix helped her out of his vehicle then wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "Let's go support those seniors," he said with a chuckle as they walked to the fair's entrance. "Remember what we did on Senior Day? Sneaking out and eating too many donuts?" Nix inquired, looking down at her with a grin on his face.

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Ajax hopped out and leaned against him as they walked with a small smile. She nodded and sighed with content before she laughed at the memory. "We ditched everyone and safe on the roof of your truck and ate the crap out of those donuts." She giggled. "It was a great night despite the simplicity of it." She said, then paused when they approached the ticket booth.
"How many?" The lady asked.

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Xavier | 3154 comments "Of course it was, Aj. You were with me," Nix teased as they reached the booth. With a grin still on his face, he lifted up two fingers. "Two, please," he told her as he grabbed his wallet and pulled out the twenty required to pay for those tickets. Nixon led her into the fair, pocketing the tickets. "I think this whole thing is made for extortion. Those tickets should've been like, 3 bucks a pop, not 20," he whispered to her as they walked away.

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She nodded and followed him past the booth and into The loud and busy fair. "Right? Back when our parents were young tickets were like, a dollar." She laughed. She looped her arm through his when she saw all the people. "Try not to lose me please." She teased, but was slightly serious.

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Xavier | 3154 comments Nix nodded seriously. "Alright. I won't lose you," he said to her. He walked with her for a while. "What game do you want to play first?" Nix asked her, leaning down a bit so she could hear him better. There was more people there than he had expected. He didn't think it would be too lively but he had been proven wrong. And in quite a fashion. Nix slowed down so that they could better look at the games as they passed them.

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Not only was she worried to lose him, she was also not a big fan of crowds. She also thought she was being judged, like they all knew about her headache problems. "The shooting game with the water." She said with a small smile, and pointed forward towards where she saw the booth. "Oh my god look at that giant panda!" She squealed. "I want it!"

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Xavier | 3154 comments Nix laughed and nodded, going over towards it with her. "Well, I suppose if you want the panda that bad," he said, handing the guy controlling the booth 6 dollars to pay for a chance at it. "Do you want to try your hand at it?" Nix asked Aj, not really sure if she wanted to do it. If she didn't, Nix would do it without a fuss.

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Ajax bit her lip and studied the game. It was easy enough but he was always so much better at them than her. Focusing was hard even with her glasses. "You could try," she said, and batted her eyelashes playfully again. She took a seat on one of the stools beside the machine he'd use and kissed him on the cheek quickly. "For luck." She winked

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Xavier | 3154 comments Nix nodded and returned her wink playfully. From the corner of his eye, he saw the kid rolls his eyes and chuckled. He must not have a girlfriend himself. Nix turned his attention to the game and played to win. After three tries he finally got the panda bear for her. Nix took it from the kid and handed it to Aj. "Here you are. A giant panda bear," he said, smiling at her. Nix took a dramatic deep breath and wiped his forehead as if he had been exerting himself.

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"Yay!" She cheered and shot up to her feet when he won the panda. She giggled like a little girl and hugged it right around its middle, peaking around it to look at Nix. "Thanks. I knew you'd get it." She smiled. "You can pick what we do next." She told him. She then got bumped from someone walking by. Ajax gasped a little and stumbled forward into Nix.

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