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Welcome to the Gallagher Academy. This os our second year with both boys and girls. And we are vary happy to see so many of you applied. Now as all of you know only the best can get into this academy. So all of you should be vary proud of yourselfs. Hope to see all of you at our welcome dinner of the first day back at the academy. Please be in full uniforms.
Thank you,

Rachel Morgan

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Please students, remember that the welcome dinner is tonight at 5:00 pm, in the Grand Hall. We expect to see you all there. Remember full uniforms!
Thank you,

Rachel Morgan.

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Our yearly Summer Formal is comming up really soon. Next month actually. So we are giveing you permission to go out into town every weekend. But you MUST not go alone. There will be staff with you. And you must go in groups and keep tabs on the staff thet is with you at the time.
Thank you, and have fun,

Rachel Morgan.

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Classes will be posted shortly. Rught now just get comfortable in your dorms and go exploreing (the places your aloud to be, Camron, Zackary) But just jave fun meet your class mates and your teachers. And a reminder again. Welcome dinner tonight at 5 pm in the Grand Hall.
Thank you again,

Rachel Morgan.

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