Small Wars (Jack Reacher, #19.5) Small Wars question

New Book Due September 2015?
Olga Morselli Olga Aug 05, 2015 02:30AM
I had not heard of this title and thought that the next Lee Child book was called "Make Me" and which was to be released September 2015! Does anyone know? Thank you.

This is an in-between short story, #19.5 to be exact.
All the info can be found in the description and title.

Olga Morselli Thank you, Sandra. Now I see what I missed the first time.
Aug 18, 2015 02:53AM

Just finished reading this...its really a good read. Contains all of the "STUFF" that makes a Child's Jack Reacher novel exciting and interesting, albeit short. Jack as always figures out what is going on and includes the normal characters. it's a WINNER!

I like to read the novellas while i am waiting for the next full length book.

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