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caden. | 867 comments Aight, any ideas?

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Best friends fall in love maybe?

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caden. | 867 comments Sure, maybe the two families could go on a cruise or something where they initially recognize their love for each other?

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Sure :)

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caden. | 867 comments Alright, simple characters?

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I guess so

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caden. | 867 comments Name: Chandler Valentine
Age: 17 years old.

Appearance: http://api.viglink.com/api/click?form...

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Name: Jamie Brooke
Age: 16

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caden. | 867 comments Alright it's 5 am and I need to sleep. Mind if we start when I get up?

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Sure :)

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caden. | 867 comments Ah, Im here o.o

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Yay! So can you start us off?

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caden. | 867 comments Sure.

Chandler sits in his family's room, his body swaying to the rocking of the cruise ship. Holding a barf bag in his hand he attempts to stand up. Just as he stands the big ship crashes into a wave jolting Chandler forward. Letting out a deep groan and soft chuckle he looks up towards Jamie and gives her a dim smile. Embarrassed, he stands up and sits back down on the bed attempting to keep his dinner from flying out of his mouth.

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Jamie watched Chandler, " Dude, sit down before you barf, and please sit down before I barf, and watching you walk around with that bag is making me want to barf," Jamie says, she gave him a small smile, but her face was super pale, she didn't like cruise ships, but she sucked it up for her fathers.

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caden. | 867 comments "Shut up." He whined punching her lightly on the shoulder. "Where did those doughnuts go?" He questioned turning his head side to side looking for them, "Did you eat the rest of them? I swear if you did I'll beat you myself." Chandler spatted out rushing to find his favorite sweet.

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Jamie shook her head, " Dude I didn't eat them, if I would've they would've already spewn out, I think they're somewhere over by the book case," Jamie says, she groans and holds her stomach as the ship rocks to the side.

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caden. | 867 comments Chandler lied down across his bed letting out constant groans of stomach pain and bordem. "Why does the first day have to be stormy." He questioned starring at the ceiling. Chandler couldn't help but take often glances at Jamie, butterflies tingling in his stomach at certain thoughts. Ew cooties He thought pushing all of the thoughts away and out of his head.

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" Don't ask me, I'm not God or posideon," Jamie muttered as she curled up on the chair she was on, she groans as the ship rocked again, she almost fell out of the chair, but she didn't.

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caden. | 867 comments Eventually Chandler drifted off into a deep sleep, a drip of drool ran down his face as he let out a soft snore. Tossing and turning in his bed he managed to shove the covers off of the bed.

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Jamie watched Chandler for a few minutes, she then drifted off to sleep, she groans softly in her sleep.

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caden. | 867 comments For what seemed a quick moment Chandler had woken up. He rubbed his eyes and searched for some sort of clock. "Where.." His vision was blurred and couldn't find any hint of his glasses. Chandler then noticed the sunlight beaming through the small window in the room.l and smiled, ready to start his first day on the ship.

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Jamie had already awoken many hours and she had gone back to her families cabin, she sighed as she woke up to her two brothers who looked a lot like her, leaning over her trying to wake her. " What time is it?" Jamie groaned, her brothers grinned, " It's like nine in the morning doofus," One of Jamie's brothers says.

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caden. | 867 comments Chandler pushed his fingers through his brown hair, and eyed his sleeping parents. Being the only child, he didn't have to worry about sharing the bathroom with many other people. So, he quickly stripped down and slipped into the shower feeling the warm water run down his back.

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Jamie got yo completely and she went to the bathroom, she turned the shower, stripping she then got into the shower, she sighed as she showered.

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caden. | 867 comments As he finished showering, he stepped out and wrapped a towel around his waist. Chandler starred into the mirror while quickly blow drying his hair. "Chandler dear, we're going to get breakfast. Meet us up there as quickly as possible please." "Alright." He responded, finishing up his hair.

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Jamie sighed she got out and got dressed, she was then pulled out of the bathroom by her father, " Sweetie, hurry up, it's breakfast time and we're all hungry," Jamie's father says. Jamie groans, " Alright Daddy," Jamie says.

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caden. | 867 comments Chandler scurried around the room gathering his clothes . He took his time to get dressed, not really wanting to eat breakfast with his parents. Chandler slipped his phone into his shorts and fixed up his hair one more time before heading out of his room. He walked down the hall and pressed the button for the elevator, impatiently he waited tapping his fingers on the wall.

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Jamie grabbed her phone and she grabbed her headphones, she sighed and she headed out of her room, her brothers and dads already left, she decided to take the elevator outside the room, she grabbed her keycard,

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caden. | 867 comments Chandler heard the elevator ding as the doors opened. He stepped inside and pressed button number 2, hopefully sending him to the upper deck where breakfast was being served this morning.

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Jamie headed out of the room, she closed the door and she headed to the elevator, when it came she walked in and she pressed the number two button, she then plugged her headphones in and she put on some music,

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