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What was the 'glaring' plot hole? [NB Likely SPOILER alert!]
Di S Di Aug 05, 2015 01:07AM
I've just finished this book and reviewed it, and seen that several reviewers have mentioned a glaring 'plot hole' concerning the point at which Julia discussed the Encounterz site with Anna.
I've returned this book to the library, so can't go back to check what his might be - can someone elaborate, please.....

Cindy has it in a nutshell! Remember that Julia showed Anna Lucas's online profile and picture - and then remember her reaction when Lucas turns up on the doorstep. From that point on it just does not make sense at all.

Not finished with the book yet, but it's bothering me that I thought Anna looked up Lucas's profile on Encouterz

I noticed that plot hole as well and I also thought that since Julia and Anna were Facebook friends, wouldn't Anna have pictures of her fiancee on her FB account? It seems like the women would have both seen his face on one or another of the accounts.

Jess (last edited Feb 11, 2016 02:00AM ) Feb 11, 2016 01:57AM   0 votes
I thought she asked her to look at his profile and then said 'never mind' when she saw the Australia picture. Its still unlikely though that Julia wouldn't expect Anna to be curious about Lukas or seek her friend's opinion. I don't remember her ever following up whether Anna had viewed the profile.

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