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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) (Continued from Courtyard posts 2-34)

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kim had opened her mouth to speak, but a door near them opened.

"Ah! Miss Grayson! Miss Quinzell!" A tall woman wearing glasses looked them up and down. "We have been expecting you. Come in please." The way she wore her grey hair made it look like she had cat ears

Kim glanced to Jo a bit hesitant, but followed the woman.

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Violet Petunia (violetpetunia) | 38 comments Joanna looked back at Kim, shrugging but following the strange woman anyway. She walked silently behind the woman, wondering if this was related to the schedules at all.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) "Miss Grayson how is your fathers school?"

Kim started. "Uh...f-fine." She swallowed. Why did this woman seem familiar?

The wan continued leading them into an office. "Have a seat. We will just need to print out our dorm informations, schedules and a map of the grounds." She walked toward a closed door leading to the back room and not stopping simply walked through it.

Kim jumped a foot her eyes bulging from her skull. "Did... Did you just see...?" She looked a Jo hopping she hadn't lost it.

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Violet Petunia (violetpetunia) | 38 comments Joanna started at the woman, well, where she used to be. She had no idea who the mysterious lady was, but whoever it may be, she was really unsettling her. She turned to Kim, giving her a look indicating that she saw the whole thing, her shocked look staying in her face for a minute or two.

"Do you know who she is?! 'Cause I don't, and she's kinda creeping me out." Joanna admitted, now more nervous than ever. She tried to breathe slowly and get over her little fears but for some reason, she was rather uncomfortable.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kim shuddered. "I thought I recognized her... But maybe not..." She looked at the desk and saw the name. 'Tinya Wazzo' written there and once again nearly jumped from her seat.

She was Phantom Girl! That's why she looked familiar. That's why she was able to walk through walls so easily, but a heroes identity was supposed to be secret... Maybe she shouldn't say that she knew.

The woman reemerged by passing through the wall of the office this time and not just the door. "Alright." She said looking at the papers. "This is for you miss Quinzell. If you are choosing any electives in addition to your already set classes there turn in the last piece of paperwork before the week is up."

She then turned to Kim. "Miss Grayson... I like your enthusiasm, but the amount of classes you chose are more than we believe is healthy. So your electives will be scattered more. Depending on how well you do in each class you may be able to move on." She held out the documents for them. "I suggest you two get settled in your dorms, just go to the third floor and you'll see a sign that says 'girls dorm' once you're there I suggest reading the rules...thoroughly." She said this while looking at Kim intently.

Kim's mouth suddenly went dry. "Uh...y-yes ma'am."

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Violet Petunia (violetpetunia) | 38 comments Joanna glanced at the name plaque as well, but hadn't recognized the name itself. She made a mental reminder to do her research on the staff of the school as well, even if it were top secret information. If she was going to stay in the institution for a long time, then she had to know more about the people attending here as well.

She was surprised at the reentry of the woman, not having expecting her return so soon. She straitened up from her seat when she heard her name called. Nodding at was told, Joanna took the paper and looked over it. She had some electives in mind she was interested in taking in addition to the already required classes, glancing at the last paper, hoping she didn't forget to turn it in before the deadline.

Joanna lifted a brow at the woman's intense stare, wondering what Kim had done to receive that amount of suspicion. She shrugged it off, looking forward to checking out their dorms.

"Thanks m'am, we'll go now." Slightly nudging Kim, Joanna got up, not wanting to be in the office a minute longer, as the tension greatly unsettled her.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kim nodded and quickly vacated the room. Once they were in the hall and a few doors down she breathes heavily. "Man... What was her problem?" She shook her head. "If she was talking about that fight... I think she would have said so..." She furrowed her brow.

Then she looked at the papers "wow, there really are a lot of rules..." She looked at small writing. "No powers outside the classes, no fighting outside the classes, no eating in the halls. No loitering in the Range..." She sighed and turned to her dorm "room... 328. Cool it's ok the third floor close to the elevator too! What about you what room did you get?" She tried to peer over her shoulder.

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Violet Petunia (violetpetunia) | 38 comments Joanna scoffed, "If that fight was the issue, then they're stricter than I thought, jeez! Besides, that guy deserved it, I'd have done the same thing if I were you."

She looked at the ruled and couldn't resist rolling her eyes. "I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to break a rule or two every once in a while... when it's necessary, of course." Joanna knew sticking to the rules wasn't exactly her thing, but if she wanted to graduate, she'd gave to conform to their rigid list.

Her eyes scanned over the paper, gleaming with joy when she saw the number. "328! Looks like you're my official roommate! Man, this is better than I thought." Joanna smiled brightly, now having another thing to look forward to.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kim laughed "what are the odds of that? That's awesome!" Her eyes gleamed and she looked at the paper. (OK maybe this won't be so bad after all the shit already made a friend and her friend very first friend in fact was a roommate can't beat that and she knew that have a lot of the same classes because most of them are mandatory would be only the electives that were questionable this is going to be amazing!)

Kim pointed toward the staircase "I don't know about you but I would prefer to take the elevator." She said with a smirk is the stair seem to go up and then wind around and then go up again you could see all the floors just from that center area oh my gosh that was a lot of stairs or the elevator was text meet me to the side of the stairs they could easily go up and not have to deal with that and probably less of a risk of running and other teachers are going to be weird like that lady.

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Violet Petunia (violetpetunia) | 38 comments Joanna laughed too, excited that she was going to spend a lot of time with Kim. This was certainly not what she was expecting but was enjoying it all she could, even when there might be weird people like that woman in the office. Whatever came her way, she'd be prepared! (Well, sort of)

Nodding in response, Joanna faced the elevator. "Definitely the elevator, there's no way I'd go up the stairs. Unless if the elevator broke down, of course." She laughed, although hoping it seriously wouldn't malfunction. If anything, she'd rather avoid the stairs as well.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kim strode with her over to the stairs and then passing them continued around he corner to the elevator or more accurately elevators. There were six total all of which looked like they could hold about 20-30 people. "Wow..." She said as the doors opened shaping a very spacious inside.

She didn't care for the mirrored walls, but other than that it was nice. She spent so much time starring and not getting on the doors started to shut again.

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Violet Petunia (violetpetunia) | 38 comments Joanna stared as well, surprised at the luxurious elevators. She looked at her reflection on the mirrored walls until she saw the doors begin to close. Grabbing Kim's arm, she pulled both of them inside before the doors closed all the way. It was only until they were inside when she remembered that the doors could simply be pushed back open without having to risk stumbling in. Oh well.

"That was a close one!" Joanna giggled nervously, leaning on one of the walls. She pressed the "3" button to go to the third floor.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) "Thanks." Kim chuckled, it was silly of her to be put in such a daze. "This place sure is something..." She looked around the elevator. Even with all she had found out she was still surprised at seemingly every turn. "I'm a little
scared what the barrooms will look like." She joked with a crooked grin.

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Violet Petunia (violetpetunia) | 38 comments Joanna laughed. "By the looks of everything we passed so far, I'm pretty sure they'd be top notch. At the very least I hope they have enough stalls available and working showers. It would suck if I gotta go do my business and there's a line with a million people!" Laughing once again, Joanna tried to imagine such a situation. Of course, she wouldn't be laughing if it actually did happen.

((Funny story, one time I was staying over at a college dorm for a week and the showers on our floor flooded, so we had to go up to the 3rd floor. Ugh.))

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kim's smile faltered. She forgot that sharing a bathroom would be more than work just one person. This would be with dozens. She was an only child and homeschooled. This was becoming more terrifying by the moment. "Oh...yeah." Mumbled unevenly.

Their room was to their left open for them. To had an electronic card lock. "Ah. I bet that where we slide our ID'a." She was glad for a new direction of thought. She looked I tot he papers and spotted an envelope with a card inside. Opening it she noticed it already had her picture on it. (Did dad send them this? So that's why he said he wanted a goodbye picture, that sneak!) he knew she hatted to get her picture taken.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) ((Oh man. Was it on the 1st floor? Cause I would imagine wouldn't the flooded water run down to the floor below it?))

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Violet Petunia (violetpetunia) | 38 comments Joanna looked around the moderately-sized room before flopping on one of the two beds present. "Hey, this isn't too bad! I was hoping we wouldn't get some old moldy cramped up room, but this is way better than I thought." She checked through the documents as well before tossing it on a wooden desk nearby. She stared at the desk, getting the feeling that something may have been missing.

"Oh!" She exclaimed, fishing a small slip of paper from her pocket. It turned out to be a handwritten note from her mother along with a photo of them with goofy faces. Joanna read the note, containing words of encouragement and ending with her mother's usual signature. "Miss you too mom," she whispered.

((We were on the 2nd floor, but I have no idea how the people on the 1st floor were doing. All I know was that the 3rd floor bathrooms were crowded haha))

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kim waltzed in and glanced around, a window, two closets, 2 desks, 2 beds, both sides of
The room perfectly mirrored each other. "Very nice." She walked over to the tall curtained window and her eyes widened. "No way!" She flung open the door. "It's not a window, but a door to a balcony!" She said rushing out. With the way she acted she couldn't have been happier had she won the lottery.

The view of the grounds was gorgeous. Long spanning grassy fields with trees at the far outskirts. The trees hiding outside eyes and their view of the tall electrified fences. Using nature gifted individuals to grow those trees tall fast was a brilliant strike on their behalf.

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Violet Petunia (violetpetunia) | 38 comments As soon as she heard Kim run out, Joanna got up and did the same, eager to see the view. Once outside, she widened her eyes, amazed at the amazing view. She was accustomed to living in the city where her mother assured her they would stay well hidden, lost among the crowd. Even though they were never caught, the place where they were staying was filthy and the only view she got was that of run down buildings through the smog. Compared to this, the view she was seeing right now was absolute paradise.

Joanna leaned on the rail, gazing down upon the school grounds. She turned to Kim eagerly, "Ya know, I'm really gonna love staying here! If only I could fly too-- oh wait, I forgot, 'no powers outside of class'." Right after she recited the rule, she burst out laughing. "If I had the power to fly, I'd do it anyway! Just gotta make sure there's no teachers around."

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kim whether wanting to answer her spoken wish or the fact that she had the same temptation found herself forgoing the knowledge of a headache and used her X-ray vision on the grounds. (No cameras pointing here... Most Cameras are inside or on the exterior walls... And if I go that way.) she smirked and jumped up and before she landed she hovered. "Actually, the rules are no powers on the grounds outside of class. As long as we don't touch the ground." She smirked offering her a hand. "Want an aerial view? I can carry my dad so I won't drop you."

She knew the loop holes if she was called to
The carpet. She jumped, which is not a power and while technically off the grounds she used her power. So as long as she did the same when landing. She didn't break any rules.

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Violet Petunia (violetpetunia) | 38 comments "Ohhh!" Joanna replied, now understanding the full context of the rule. She watched as Kim jumped and hovered, realizing a moment later that she was using a loophole. She hadn't thought of that! Usually not thinking things through, Joanna would've simply flown off, uncaring if she broke a rule as long as she wasn't caught.

"That's smart--" she began to say until Kim offered to fly her around. "Wait, really? Wow you're the best, Kim!" She grinned widely, taking her hand. Joanna noticed how worried Kim was that she'd get in trouble for the fight and thought she was a stickler for the rules, never going through what she had in mind. Seeing her do this made Joanna see her in a new light, glad that they were going to have a lot of fun together.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kim took Jo's left and right hands. "Think of it like a swing." She said pulling her new friend off the balcony. She rose slowly at first and the picked up some speed taking into account her friend probably wouldn't be able to take the wind too high up on her first time.

She started in a wide circle around the campus then took off in a straight line over the back end of the property. Flying her over the three floor gym building, the pool, football and soccer fields, to name a few things. She continued on toward the outskirts of the land. Flying over trees in winding circles watching the sky for birds as well as continually looking to see how Jo liked it.

((Yep Jo, the reason she got the look she had is because she is Dick Grayson notorious trouble maker and rule breakers daughter. But she's smart like him too. ))

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Violet Petunia (violetpetunia) | 38 comments Joanna followed Kim's steps, admittedly a bit nervous at having to step off the balcony; however, she trusted her friend, holding her hands a bit tighter to make sure she wouldn't accidentally fall.

She widened her eyes once she was finally in the air, zooming past the several structures and fields. Joanna's legs dangled, barely brushing one of the branches of the trees. She couldn't help but laugh as she felt the breeze through her hair, exhilarated at their flight.

((Exactly, Jo's learning this as she gets to know Kim more haha))

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kim giggled at her enjoyment. "Hey let me show you a great spot" she shouted down to her. As they started to lower in a small clearing that looked like nothing special from the air but as they lowered and she gently sat her on the ground Jo would see a miniature waterfall and a small pond from the right entering a pool that was large enough for five people to swim in comfortably without violating personal bubbles.

Kim floated above the water and moved her hand along it caressing the surface. "My favorite spot." She said before realizing it was her first time here and she shouldn't have a favorite spot.

((Yeah at this rate Kim is in danger of becoming an anti hero))

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Violet Petunia (violetpetunia) | 38 comments As she was set down, Joanna gazed at her surroundings in wonder, intrigued by the waterfall. She looked up at Kim and grinned. "We should come by here often; I thought the pool was cool, but this is the best!" She walked over to the side of the waterfall and crouched to touch the water. She briefly looked up to try to remember the location; she definitely didn't want to forget a cool spot as this.

Joanna noticed what Kim said, which confused her. "Your favorite spot? I thought you weren't here before." She could certainly tell it would be a potential favorite spot for her too, but she hadn't seen the entire school grounds yet in order to confidentially decide.

((I could tell, she's quite a risk taker))

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kim hovered above the grass about a foot then dropped as she quit using her powers. (Longest jump ever) she mentally joked, but was shaken from her thoughts. "Oh... I uh..." She but her bottom lip.

Then with resignation she shrugged "okay... First I'm not a bad person, I just... If I don't think it will hurt I do things that aren't... Seen as proper." She chewed on her next words. "I hacked the school database and got copies of the floor plans... Among other things..."
She looked away at a pair of squirrels.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) ((She gets bored easy and if there are no risks she so bored she crossed lines. Even though she really is a good person she struggles with patience and restraint))

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Violet Petunia (violetpetunia) | 38 comments "You what?!" Joanna exclaimed as Kim admitted what she had done, although not in a disappointed tone. "That's so awesome! I wish I had the knowledge to do that." She was astounded that Kim was able to acquire such secret information. She began to think what other things she may have found out when an idea popped in her head.

"Wait a minute... that means you know where all the cameras are, right?" Joanna asked with a grin on her face. "That's a relief! It's enough having to worry about teachers, especially with powers, but it's more pressuring knowing that there's cameras all over the building. I just hope they don't have thermal cameras either; those can catch me even when I'm invisible."

She stopped her babbling for a moment to get serious, seeing Kim's concern. "Hey, it's alright, you're not a bad person at all. You were just doing your research, it's not like you're gonna give the plans away to the public."

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Violet Petunia (violetpetunia) | 38 comments ((I see, so she's eager to get into action, even if she has to do something that's against what her dad taught her. In Jo's case, since her mom is a villain, she's already used to doing troublesome things))

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kim couldn't believe how cool Jo was. She expected a lecture and instead she was again being hailed as an astounding success. "You're right, not like I'm going to send it to the joker or someone who might try to hurt us. Besides it was my dad that taught me to hack so he couldn't get really upset anyway."

She looked around as what else she had said sunk in. "And cameras go night visions and regular from the schematics I saw. No thermal, but inside the school there are tons, outside mostly along the fence and pointed at building entrances and storages."

((Yeah pretty much, that and the fact that despite being good guys her dad did his share of rules breaking so she comes by it honestly. Basically the typical 'if I don't understand why shouldn't I follow' kids argument. Kim is growing to like the praise. Now she's gonna be more likely to do this stuff more. She will be a bad influence on Jo for staying out of trouble ;) ))

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Violet Petunia (violetpetunia) | 38 comments "Your dad taught you to hack?" Joanna asked, tilting her head in curiosity, "That's interesting; as you said, he can't really blame you for it." Her mother had taught her about weapons but nothing really as technologically advanced as hacking into systems.

"Yikes, guess I can't sneak around as easily inside," she thought out loud, "However, outside is an entirely different case..." Joanna trailed off until she realized she came off more malicious than she intended. "Not that I'm planning anything of course, it's just useful information to remember!" She held her hands up in defense.

((Oh true, that's a good point. And yeah, with this kind of influence, they'll be doing riskier things in the near future!))

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kim shook her head. "No worries. I like wondering around, so I know what you mean." She smiled. "And yeah, my dad wanted to try and teach me a little of everything, not being bulletproof like my mom may have influenced that."

She squatted at the water and stared below the surface. No fish were in it, but the ripples made it look alive or like something was breathing under there. She had to come back and swim under and see what caverns and stuff there was.

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Violet Petunia (violetpetunia) | 38 comments Joanna nodded, taking in everything Kim was telling her. "It's good to know about a bunch of stuff, even if it's just a little information each. It makes you more adaptable to whatever happens, well, I least it think it does." She shrugged.

Idly swirling her hand in the water as she felt the ripples, Joanna thought the same as well. Excited with the new idea, she turned to face Kim. "Hey, do ya think there's some cool stuff down there? Secret passages, hidden treasures... oh man, I'm getting ahead of myself."

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kim chuckled. "We'll have to go explore some time then. Though we should see if we can get some kind of rebreather. Who knows how long we'll have to hold our breath down there."

Already she was trying to plan for the expedition that may not ever happen. Especially if they got in trouble.

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Violet Petunia (violetpetunia) | 38 comments "A rebreather, huh?" Joanna mused out loud, wondering where she could find one in the school building. She thought about the pools, where there was a slim chance of one being stored with other equiptment. Perhaps they had one at the training grounds, if there were underwater exercises planned. At the end, she shrugged. "We'll have to see later, it'd be pretty bad if we get caught since we're not prepared at all. Would suck to get in trouble before school begins!"

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kim smiled. "Good point! I'm not really looking to set any records in getting in trouble. Since I've already had my first fight, had my first teacher threat and made my first friend... I think I should slow down for at least the first week of school." She cleared her throat. "So ready to
Head back?" She leapt up and then hovered in the air with an extended hand to her grounded friend. School wasn't going to be so bad after all!

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