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Sirherbertsneakies Hebert (mrsneakies) | 16 comments Mod
Top 100 Best children's books of all time. Enjoy.
What's your favorite childhood reading book?
What is your favorite book from childhood?
What are some new favorite books for children?

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Sirherbertsneakies Hebert (mrsneakies) | 16 comments Mod
A great children's book. 5 stars by a top selling book author on Amazon :)
Jack The Bear And Golden Hair
A fairy tale about a royal bear who helps her to find her destiny. Let your soul shine bright. A classic fairy tale with funny animals, mean Queen, curses & stinky wolves.

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E.C. Kraeft (goodreadscomeckraeft) | 1 comments Hi! I am E.C. Kraeft. I write first chapter books for ages 6-9. Elf Kingdoms: White Castle is the first of a series where a little girl finds a magical elf kingdom tucked about in her attic.

White Castle (Elf Kingdoms #1) by E.C. Kraeft

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Tori Gollihugh (toriforrealgollihugh) | 1 comments Hi. I'm called Tori. Off-grid homesteading homeschooling Mama of six amazing little humans and writer in various genres. Children's picture book among my faves.

If you have or know any children who enjoy drawing or painting, please consider sharing with them the opportunity to submit illustrations for this search. We are currently seeking illustrations by youth (20 and younger).

Guidelines for the search/contest are in the description for the YouTube:

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Andrea Almering | 1 comments Hello everybody at Goodreads!

My name is Andrea Almering and I am an Illustrator and Graphic designer. I don't have any book to show but I do draw children's illustrations. Please check out my work at :
I am very flexible in what I can create so anything is possible!

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Rhonda Patton | 1 comments Hello everyone. My name is Rhonda Patton. Self-published author and "Inspiring Kids to be Better". One of my 10 books have been featured on MOMTASTIC by actress Kristin Davis who played in "Sex and the City". Find out more on my work at

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John Hasse (johnhasse) | 1 comments Hi, my name is John Hasse. Self-published author and illustrator.

I became writer after read a little passage in book of Matthew "Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven." Immediatly this verse gave me inspiration to write to kids.

My recent book is "Folks, Where's My Fish":

See ya.

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