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I Smell Books - Join Our Newsletter (i_smell_books) | 1 comments Mod
Welcome. I'm just waiting for this group to build. I hate for my discussions and posts to fall on deaf ears. So, my hope for this group is for it be a place dedicated to reading and discussing books in the dystopian, apocalyptic, post apocalyptic and sic-fi genre. I think we can expand the genres if the need arises. I want this group to be very successful so invite your friends and spread the word about the group. I'm hoping to start monthly group reads and quarterly series reads for you to get involved in. I also hope to have many book discussions. I'm very glad to have you with us and once there is approximately a dozen members I'll get the ball rolling!! If you have any questions, just contact me.

message 2: by Rachel (Royal_Reading_Company) (last edited Sep 10, 2015 04:17PM) (new)

Rachel (Royal_Reading_Company) I'm Rachel!!! I loved this book so much. I tried to read is as slow as possible to draw it out, but it didn't work out. I haven't read the second book yet, because then I'd be dying inside waiting for so long for the 3rd one to be released... so I'll wait a little longer on the Invasion. I'm not a super avid sci-fi reader, but the ones I have read I love, so if you guys suggest group reads for other sci-fi novels, then I think I will get more excited about the genre.

message 3: by JO (new)

JO I just finished this book this am and want to read the next one, but I also want to hold off as the third will take forever to come out. I ran into this with The Name of the Wind. I read the second and have been waiting for the third and have fogotten much of the story. Anyhoo here is my review of this book. It doesn't give anything away but would love your thoughts on my questions. Hope this is not against the group rules, haven't really participated in many of these. I enjoyed this book. I thought it was a YA book so the gore and violence and language surprised me. I am fine with the language. Then I read something that called it 'teen friendly' thats a new marketing term huh? I know the young are mostly immune to the language and violence, but I hope some would not be. I don't like the overly graphic scenes, but who would. There are allot of young children getting raped, tortured and murdered in this book is it all really necessary? The rape scenes are not described thankfully. Some of the deaths do show motivation for other characters, but geeze there is so much of it in this book. There are of course, political themes at work here. I liked that the heroine is not a perfectly pretty girl, but I still sense the love triangle theme will emerge, but there are more powerful important themes in the forefront. Items I have read on this book say it takes place in the 24st century, but there are only hints of that in this book. That alone would make me keep reading the next books to find out what happened there, nuclear holocaust or just a search for another way of life? Is tearling on another planet and what exactly is the crossing all about? I am also interested in many of the characters now and I hope they don't get tortured and raped to death? What is the Fetch is he somehow related to the thing in the Red Queens bedroom? That was a gross scary scene for sure. Who is Kelsea's father is it the Mace, who I really like, but I am not sure how old he is? So I am hooked.

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Mary-Ann | 1 comments After finishing the series, I really want someone to make a family tree for Kelsea.

message 5: by Sydney (new)

Sydney Peacock | 1 comments Hi I am Sydney, and I have to say, this was my favorite series by far. I am really excited to discuss the book since the very ending of the third book left me with many questions. Can't wait!

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Megan Wouters | 1 comments I love this series so much. Does anyone know any free audiobook sights I could use through my phone?

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Lucie | 1 comments Hi everyone, My name's Lucie (Lucy). I've never been hooked up so much on some book since Harry Potter, Tearling got me the minute I opened the book. I couldn't put the bloody thing down. I hope this group will build up :)

Given how little this fandom is (it seems so at least) I am glad we have this place here, to rant :)

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Tracy | 1 comments I binge read the series in a week. The last chapter of Fate nearly did me in. She saved the world, and lost everyone and everything. And no one knows it. Kept wondering if Finn's crown would be in the museum and it wasn't. So is it still under the oak tree?

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