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Morgan | 889 comments Hellooo ^-^

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Morgan | 889 comments forgot to turn on notifications >.< goodness.

Haha okie so what are the plans character wise?

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Morgan | 889 comments I'm fine with either of the teacher/student one. Julian's older brother would sort of have to be a bully towards Julain and ignore his feelings for the student. And the student would maybe be a little bit of a flirt with just about everyone.

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Morgan | 889 comments Alrighty. Should the student be related to Romeo or maybe they're close friends?

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Morgan | 889 comments that works ^^ I'll post my characters now

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Morgan | 889 comments well same =P but I just found the images and have to figure out a name for guy two

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Morgan | 889 comments
[Julian Caylen]
Nickname: Jules

age: 18
d.o.b.: April 6th


FC: Robert Sheehan

[Beckett Sage Montgomery]
Nickname: Sage

age: 17
d.o.b. October 14th

complicated- between boyfriends

FC: Ash Stymest

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Morgan | 889 comments maybe for the teacher Nick Bateman? I've developed a recent obsession with him <.<

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Morgan | 889 comments he's gorgeous- a face chiseled by the gods XD

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Morgan | 889 comments yesss

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Morgan | 889 comments Ahhh, they've got a similar look that makes them both really good looking. maybe Gen though?

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Morgan | 889 comments the struggling choice is yours =P nick tho

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Morgan | 889 comments Beautiful!

Montague <.< ah flashback to freshman year and my teacher reading the entire play 'cause she has problems

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Morgan | 889 comments I would've done Capulet's XD

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Morgan | 889 comments Oops ^-^
I'll start us off I guess.

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Morgan | 889 comments
It was six am; far too early for any teenager to be awake, anywhere across this godforsaken earth. In fact eighteen year old Julian would've gone on ignoring the alarm clock beside his bed if it weren't for his mother hollering to him from downstairs. But the laziness consumed him, and it wasn't until thirty minutes had passed that he dragged himself away from the comfort of his covers. The prospect of going to a new school wasn't all that exciting, but he'd put on a face for everyone if that's what he had to do. His outfit for the day was already set out so there was no extra trouble of stumbling around to find something decent to wear. Buttoning up his shirt he ran his fingers absentmindedly through his hair before forcing a smile onto his face and descending the stairs.

Julian didn't bother with a backpack figuring not much would happen on his first day of the last year of hell. His parents drastic measures to take him away from his past wasn't too surprising, but his grandfather that loomed in the corner sent a blush of embarrassment to his cheeks. Apparently escaping problems wasn't such an easy thing when the two people that had almost put him into a coma still lived under the same roof as him. Quickly he placed a kiss on his mother's cheek before reaching for the lunch she'd made for him.
"Thanks." He said, trying to make his voice as loud as possible.
"No problem. Have fun at school; be good." With that she seemed to send him a warning and he got the double meaning. Pretend you aren't the raging homosexual that we all know you are. Hell, maybe she'd even want him to go so far as to flirt with every girl in a twelve mile radius, which would be just about add up to every single one in this small town. But small towns always had a way of getting things out.

Pressing his lips together he nodded his head in a hollow manner. He barely kept from slamming the door behind him before he slipped into his 1960's mustang. Sally was her name. His parents had gone on about how she was a deathtrap and they could buy him something more modern, but he always managed to hold the same argument that she was barely forty years old. Contentedly he ran his fingers over her leather clad wheel before shoving the keys into the ignition and spinning backwards out of the driveway. As soon as he was on the road he reached for the pack of cigarettes in his pocket before lighting one of them up. It was a horrible habit, but it eased his stress, and slowly the tremor in his fingers, and his entire body, faded away through the burning head.

Julian pushed down on the brakes harshly as a red Acura came out of no where, almost running him off the road. Cursing softly he looked at the cigarette that was making a mess of his passenger seat. Right then and there he put the car in park, refusing to make a mess of Sally's beautiful leather seats, but there was no point. There was already a burn mark settled right there on the edge of her threshold. Threading his fingers through his hair he had to ignore the instant impulse to scream at the top of his lungs in frustration. This was not his day, and he'd had few like it before. After a while of obsessing over the state of his mustang he finally managed to turn his attention back towards the road, and the angry drivers who honked at him as they passed into the other lane. The young curly haired boy wanted to flip them the bird, but he wasn't sure what type of people they were. They might just be the confrontational ones after all. Gathering himself together he started up the car once more before driving slowly on the road, a little nervous of any more jack asses pulling up like that and taking off with his fender or his bumper. Not to say his family didn't have the money to replace it, but often times he hated asking for money, especially when his grandfather always felt like he had the final say in what could and could not happen.


Sage hummed softly under his breath, enjoying the small breeze that fanned across his face while. Internally he was trying not to stress that this was the first of over two hundred days of school. God, this institution was horrible. If it wasn't for his aunt he was sure he could've just gotten by with simply skipping the first day and the rest that followed. School wasn't his thing, but he knew if he was going to be a high school drop out he likely would end up at the same factory his dead-beat dad was working at now. He shifted slightly against the tree he was leaning against before he let out a small grown. Running on barely three hours of sleep he was likely going to pass out during one of his many classes. For some reason he'd been placed into an AP English class. He loved writing, but not so avidly. An essay a week was bound to kill him. Once more he tried to distract himself from such thoughts as he got up before pacing around the tree with his hands shoved into his pockets and his gaze on the ground.

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Morgan | 889 comments
Jules muttered shortly under his breath when he saw the motorcycle trying to make it's way around his car. Rolling his eyes he revved the engine slightly, figuring the school was just a few blocks away and he could wait until later to make sure the seat was perfectly fine. Already he was fighting down a small panic attack. His mom could be quite the yeller, and his recent habit of smoking topped the list of things for her to complain about. He'd certainly have to fix it up before going home. Quickly he continued on his way, quickly managing to flip the dude off before he could make any grounds in front of him. "Nice try jack ass." He called over his shoulder with a shake of his head before continuing. With a one way street he did his best to drive slowly as possible to get on his nerves. After a minute of that he got tired of it thought and continued. Didn't want to be late for his first day of school after all.

Despite his original thoughts on school he couldn't help but to sigh in relief once he was safely tucked away in a parking spot. Groaning miserably he threw his head back before looking back to the passenger side- it was defintely a bigger mess then he had hoped for. Right now he had to worry about his biggest problem, though, which was school. Julian mentally cringed as he thought about the last report card that had been sent home. Of course he'd managed to intercept it, but that didn't stop the noisy principal from having her final words as she emailed his parental unit. His mother went ballistic, and he was sat down for one of her many famous lectures. It wasn't soon later that he came out of the closet and didn't receive the warmest of welcomes, which just shoved him in deeper. Shrugging he tried not to dwell on it. That was 1989, it was the nineties now, and he was planning to make it the best ever... without being who he actually was that is.

The only thing that managed to make his life more of a living nightmare was the fact that his father would be principal at his new school- Belmont High. The old man blamed himself saying it was because of the distance between them during the day that his son had strayed so far. So now he'd be on watch twenty four seven and he better not have any wandering eyes or hands. To top it off his older brother Percy was also teaching here. It was like the whole staff was related to him in some mannerism, and he was sure his father would tell the rest of the teachers to watch out for his son Julian. He was surprised he'd been able to get to school all on his own without his father demanding he drove him himself. Nonetheless he couldn't stop now, he had to get out of the car and face life head on.

As soon as he cracked open his door a flurry of blond hair pounced on him. Gluing a smile to his face he wrapped his arms around Kaley. Due to their height difference her feet left the ground as he practically picked her up in his arms before setting her back down on the school parking lot and ruffling his fingers through her hair.
"How are you 'cus?" He asked as he rose an eyebrow and rested his arms around her shoulders. Luckily he'd have her here to guide him throughout the day as he'd be ghosting her through all of her classes. The only thing he'd have to hide about himself was what he hid from everyone, but his cousin was a rather perceptive girl and he figured she'd catch on eventually.
"Just fine, Jules. And where are your things?" He ignored the horribly annoying ways he said his nickname as they began to fall into an easy banter and she led him into the building.

Sage grew tired of pacing around the tree as he wondered when exactly Romeo was going to get here. It's not that he was worried about being late to classes, but he really didn't enjoy being alone- and if he was caught by his ex again he was likely going to pull out his own hair. Sure he'd slept with him and the guy had immediately assumed he loved him? People could be a bit crazy and that's why he had quickly moved on from that relationship into a new one. Staying in one place at any given time just wasn't his thing- whether it was in relationships or otherwise. Actually when he was a kid he'd made a run for it, his mom was going wild and he really preferred not to deal with it- and that's how his face ended up the local town milk carton. It was a big deal to have a lost five year old in Harrison, but somehow Sage only managed to run to his grandparents who were understanding of the situation. While they told his mother of his whereabouts she didn't stop the search. She loved the spotlight and that was one of her greatest flaws. If the attention wasn't on her she was likely to throw a fit of some sort. Raking his fingers through his hair he looked upwards just in time to see Romeo's motorcycle pulling in behind a new looking Mustang.

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