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message 1: by Charissa, That's Ms. Obnoxious Twat to You. (new)

Charissa (dakinigrl) | 3620 comments Mod
I had a dream the other night that I was looking at a series of figures in a grid. The ones at the bottom of the grid were symbols of the masculine. The ones at the top of the grid were symbols of the feminine. A voice was telling me that we were transitioning from the bottom symbols to the top symbols, but the world wasn't yet ready for the top most symbol, and that I had to use one from the middle. I reached down and picked up a figure of a black bird, much like a raven or crow, but stylized to look something like an Egyptian artifact. I awoke as soon as I touched it.

I have been drawn recently to images of birds. The indie scene is peppered with bird art. My mom is a birder. Yesterday I saw a dead hummingbird.

I don't know what it all means... but it's almost as if there is something just at the edge of my attention, waiting for me to turn the page and read it.

message 2: by Shelly (last edited Feb 19, 2008 08:21PM) (new)

Shelly Hey Charissa! Thanks for the invite. The other night I had my millionth (not really, but it seems like it) dream where I see a plane crash. Not that I necessarily believe in dream interpretation, but I decided to look it up and see what it's said to mean.

Anyway, found some stuff on birds in dreams too and while generally birds represent a desire to move beyond this realm etc, ravens in particular symbolize intelligence and "can indicate the knowledge of things we would prefer not to know"

At least that's one interpretation.

message 3: by Charissa, That's Ms. Obnoxious Twat to You. (new)

Charissa (dakinigrl) | 3620 comments Mod
King... I like your interpretation the bestest!

Shelly... wow... "knowledge of things we would prefer not to know"... that pretty much sums up about half of my life experiences. LOL Damn Eve anyway... who likes apples? Not me. :::crunch crunch crunch:::

message 4: by Paul (new)

Paul Bryant Dreams don't mean anything. They seem like they do, but they don't. It's like automatic writing. (Didn't Yeats publish a whole book of that, called A Vision?) Surrealism is the last refuge of the artistic scoundrel and in our sleep it seems we are all scoundrels.

message 5: by Karen (new)

Karen About Charissa's first thought was that you've been watching a lot of politics. Then I see King's comment and realize maybe I wasn't so far off. My complete thought was that you were watching the recent election results and maybe switched over to the E channel's showing of The Godfather last night. :-) Maybe you should write to Obama's camp and tell them you've predicted his win. We can only hope...and vote!

message 6: by Shelly (new)

Shelly yeah, i funny comprehend a lot of things but not everything. it's funny.

message 7: by Shelly (new)

Shelly oh! you fixed it before i could post! bastard!

message 8: by Charissa, That's Ms. Obnoxious Twat to You. (new)

Charissa (dakinigrl) | 3620 comments Mod
dreams mean a lot of things very often... at least mine do. I've had dreams that came true, precognition. I don't know how that works, but I've experienced it enough times to know it's real. Very often my dreams are a coded insight into my psyche, like King said above. Sometimes it's just a circus in my head, with nothing discernable... but this dream was so clearly weighted with meaning. Some day it will hit me I'm sure.

Get yer freak on, Paul. I know you dance naked under the old growth oaks there in the land of faeres and sprites. Admit it!!!

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